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She HAD to Pee in the Dark Car Park!!

Two ladies peeing in a dark car-park corner get caught!

Dear Readers,
2 more November sightings last weekend to give me 6 for the month and 125 for the year, making November a better sightings month than October was (4 sightings). This is my best November since 2003 (11 sightings that year), but the month won't be special until I snap a shot - which I haven't done since 2002. Another puddle shot makes this another web page report, I really didn't plan on so many of these as this week's shot was actually taken for another reason: to see a lady's puddle, she peed in a spot where it was too dark to see it. The shot revealed 2 puddles instead of 1 as another lady peed with her, so I decided to include that shot this week - my 3 rd straight week sending you a web page report with a puddle shot. Too bad I haven't been able to snap any shots of the ladies making these puddles!

We had another mild weekend, the night temps are still not as cold as usual for November but they're getting close to my cut-off point at the mid-30's (just above freezing). I go out later this time of year because of the colder weather, with a slight wind it was cold enough to bundle up with the ski cap to keep my head warm. The streets were mostly deserted with Friday night having a seasonally small crowd and Saturday night surprised me with how many people came spilling out of the bars at closing time, and how many ladies were walking around in skimpy outfits without coats like it was a summer night. Even on a cold night it's worthwhile to come out when the crowds are this big, and both of the sightings came late Saturday night. No ladies had to pee all weekend until then, the closest before that being a group of 20's ladies who passed me holding up one of them who was drunk, a pretty blonde wearing jeans and a short white coat who I heard say she had to pee. "You guys, my bladder is SOO full!" she said as the group walked by me. Don't hear too many ladies put it like that! Unfortunately the group took her and her aching bladder into a bar to use it's bathroom, about a half-hour later would come the weekend's only sightings:

Sunday, 2:16 a.m.- I was at the north end of the RTD station block watching all the people walking by, guys coming up on the block to pee but no ladies. Looking over to the south end of the block by the pee sidewalk, I saw 3 ladies who passed the locked terminal building walk past the pee sidewalk down the back sidewalk towards the next block. I just had a feeling somebody was going to pee and walked across the patio area to that south end of the block, walking slowly down the back sidewalk seeing and hearing nobody. As I passed by an equipment storage area the building jutted over to a dark corner where people sometimes peed, it was the only place where the ladies could be if they were still there. As I walked past the storage area and looked into that corner I could see 2 of the ladies in the dark, 1 squatted with her back to the wall in a side view to me with lady 2 standing in front of her watching her pee. They saw me immediately, one of them saying, "OHH!!.." before I turned and went back towards the terminal building. If I'd been closer and seen them go there I would have had the camera out and ready for a shot, too late now - another example of why seeing ladies early as they go to a spot is a must to snap good pee shots!

They came walking out a few seconds later, all 3 ladies...where was lady 3 when I looked into that corner? All 3 were early 20's and about 5' 6", 2 with shoulder length dark hair and lady 1 who I saw squatted with short blonde hair. She was walking barefoot and carrying her high-heeled shoes as they walked past me, she and lady 3 who I didn't see were noticeably drunk as they were staggering a bit. So now I had to go back to that corner and see who peed, since all 3 ladies were there! I got out the camera and decided to snap a shot since it was too dark there to see much, when I walked back to that corner I could see what looked like 2 puddles and snapping this shot verified it.
shot of 2 ladies pee puddles
The blonde's puddle is on the right, I was off to the right of this shot and saw her - for the moment I was able to look before they saw me - squatted with her back to the wall over the puddle she was making. Lady 3 was squatted next to her in the corner where I couldn't see her, making the puddle on the left. Both puddles are bigger than they look in this shot because I shot at a wide angle to get them both in, both ladies were desperate with bladders about the same size holding about the same amount of pee. Lady 2 was standing by the point of the dark gray square in the dry area to the right of lady 1's stream, facing her and talking to both ladies while they peed. Peeing is such a social experience for ladies, the way they like to talk while they pee is so strange to me!

This shot highlights the biggest difference between male and female pee puddles, since they're in a corner by a wall. There would be pee on the bottom part of the wall just above the puddles if men had peed here, since they stand they would aim their streams at the wall while standing facing it. Squatted ladies can only wet the ground below their butts, getting anything on the walls behind them is impossible unless they stand. Female puddles are usually smaller than men's because their streams travel just a few inches to the ground instead of the long journey men's streams make to the ground from their standing position.

Ladiesroom survey news : I have to mention the early returns on my new question recently added to this survey, asking ladies how long can they go without peeing before their bladder is so full they burst. They are answering this question too, I laugh when I read these answers because it's so amazing to me that so many ladies will answer such absurd personal questions that they've probably never been asked before! I think the main reason why they do is because I post answer totals of all the ladies who answer these questions so nobody feels embarrassed or picked on. 10 ladies have responded to the survey since this new question, the early results have me understanding why there are so many of those 'overactive bladder' commercials! The medical community defines overactive bladder as peeing 8 or more times in 24 hours, or having to pee every 3 hours or more often than that. So what are ladies saying on my survey about their pee-holding abilities?

Half of them, 5 of the 10, say they can hold it just 2 to 4 hours - the overactive bladders! All these are teenagers and 1 lady in her 20's, among the 5 older ladies 1 each said they could hold it for the following times: 4 to 6 hours, 7 to 8 hours, 8 to 9 hours, 9 to 10 hours, and a 50 year old woman wrote that she can hold her pee for 18 hours - really seeming proud of her ability to do this. It will be fascinating to see the patterns these numbers reveal about female bladder strength and capacity as more ladies answer this question, and I'm sure I will find more health and medical sites linking to desperatewomen.com because of this added information!

Another parking lot in my sightings area is slated for redevelopment into an office complex, this one the parking lot across the street from the big Irish bar in the middle part of my sightings area. This lot still produces sightings and I've snapped several shots there including 1 this year, what impact will losing this lot have on my sightings possibilities? I have lost so many productive lots to development over the 14 years of my sightings work, yet somehow my overall sightings numbers have not suffered and continue to be more than they were in the years before the developments. Ladies here have been amazing in their determination to pee no matter how difficult it might be to find suitable spots, I have no reason to believe that won't continue. Construction is slated to start on this one sometime next spring, but it could go away by then too as several other construction projects I dreaded in years past got called off at the last minute and some of my parking lots were saved.

November's final weekend next week also looks like it's going to be mild, so I will likely be out again making it every weekend in the month I've been able to get out for sightings. Can't remember when was the last time I did that in November, it's usually too cold for part of the month. I'm already thinking ahead to New Years' Eve, I'd like the weather to be like this that night!

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