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Ladies Pee in Car Lots

Pee Sightings of Ladys Peeing in a Car Lot.

Dear Readers,

An 11 sightings weekend ends September with a new monthly record 34 sightings. I have 82 for the year now, rushing past my all-time low of 75 so this won't be my worst sightings year despite going out much less for sightings than I ever have. This weekend was only my 18th and 19th outings for the year, less than half of how much I've normally gone out by this date. By comparison I had gone out 44 times by this date last year, had 100 sightings. Even in the record low year of 75 sightings (2010) I had gone out 50 times by this date, getting just 65 sightings. This has been my most productive sightings year ever, an amazing 4.56 sightings per night average with just 1 night where I didn't get a sighting. Last year's 124 sightings had a 2.8 sightings per night average, with 7 nights where I didn't get a sighting. This would have been a record year if I'd gone out as much as I normally do, it projects to 200 sightings by now! Realistically I probably wouldn't have that many, but would be on pace to beat my best year total of 181 sightings  . . . .

. . . . and the records don't stop there. September's 34 sightings break my old September record of 29, and it's my 2nd highest monthly total ever behind only the 37 sightings I got in July '93, my first full year of sightings. September is my 3rd best sightings month and climbing fast, now 44 sightings ahead of 4th place June and closing to just 15 sightings behind 2nd place July, 33 sightings behind top month August which just took the top spot from July this year. The last 2 Oktoberfest weekends produced 10 and 11 sightings, the first time ever I've had 2 weekends of 10 or more sightings in the same month.

Crowd-wise it was a little smaller this weekend than the last Oktoberfest weekend last year, but just 4 ladies in last year's bigger crowd peed while 11 from this year's smaller crowds did. 13 more sightings than September last year on 1 fewer outing and slightly smaller crowds, just amazing....there continues to be a 'destiny' about my sightings, I still am supposed to be getting them as ladies continue to pee in front of me!!

The only area that hasn't benefited is my pictures. I passed up 2 more shots this weekend I could have snapped, I'm enjoying the calm of just watching the sightings this year without the drama that goes with snapping my shots. The really great scenes that I would go after the ladies have been guarded, including another one this weekend. I've probably had more hall-of-fame sightings this year than I've had since my big picture years in the 90's, that's how good some of them have been this year. The ladies have definitely come through and been great to me this year, when so many other things have gone bad. They want me to keep going out for sightings, how can I refuse after the way they've been peeing this year?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: there are 11 sightings stories today! Only 1 sighting came in the Oktoberfest area so that's 3 in the 2 weekends, but 1 lady I saw at Oktoberfest peed in the sightings area later - as probably many of the 18 other sightings the last 2 weekends were ladies who were at Oktoberfest because the event brings so many people to the area. 3 of the sightings were on Friday night and 8 Saturday night, this is how lucky I've been: I fell asleep Saturday night and was late leaving, didn't get to the Oktoberfest area until almost 1 a.m. which cost me sightings there that probably happened earlier. But still I get 8 sightings after getting there, I am blessed! Night temps mid 50's and clear both nights, a little warmer Saturday night. On to the stories:

Saturday, 12:30 a.m.- At Oktoberfest I went to the end of the 2nd block where a band was playing on a stage at the corner of the block. A parking lot next to the corner building on my side of the street that was barricaded off last week, the barricade had been pushed open in the middle allowing entrance into the lot so I stayed near there for awhile. 2 ladies went past the barricades into the lot and started walking back towards the alley, I watched them but it didn't seem like anybody had to pee - they went to the alley and went through it to the middle block to avoid the crowds on the street.

About 10 minutes later a lady came from the small crowd in front of the band and pushed through the barricades into the lot. She was early 20's above average height and slim with blonde hair in a bun, wearing a black minidress and boots and tan jacket carrying a half-full cup of beer. I watched her milling around in the mostly empty lot for a few minutes before going up to a truck parked near the middle of the lot in the row by the building. She went to the far side of the truck and turned her back to the wall, was about to hike up her dress and squat when she saw me outside the lot. She walked away from the truck, trying to act dignified like she wasn't going to pee: stop it girl, I know you're in that lot because you have to pee! Soon she went back over there, glanced at me and when I didn't appear to be interested she squatted down by the truck tire on the far side. Looking over there I could see her squatted butt beside the tire, I could have walked into the lot and snapped a front shot of her if I wanted it. Instead I stayed where I was, about 25 seconds later she stood up beside the truck and walked out carrying her beer cup. I went into the lot and found her puddle by the back tire of the truck by the wall, above average sized with a thick stream running under the truck.

1:22 a.m.- Making rounds through the rest of the area I was across the street south of the RTD block when I passed a couple standing on the corner talking. They were mid 20's, the lady slim with shoulder length black hair wearing hip-hugger jeans and a wide belt with boots and a short tan jacket. He hugged her as I walked by, she clamored "I have to pee SO bad, I need to find an alley!" I looked at her as she pulled herself away from him, crossed her legs and grabbed her crotch. I went up to the shuttle stop area of the RTD block to wait her out, they talked for about 5 minutes before she started walking up the street with him following. Suddenly she took off running, turning into the alleyway behind a fast food building squeezing her crotch as she ran to the area behind the building and turned up to where the dumpsters were out of my view with him going up there after her. They came out about 40 seconds later, her much calmer and in better shape. After they left I went back there and found her puddle by the dumpster and his on a sidewalk a few feet away as he peed too. His was a big splatter spot while hers was a small puddle with the stream running from it as thick as the puddle, both streams running diagonally towards each other a few feet before merging into 1 stream (like a letter 'Y') and the combined stream running out to the middle of the alley. She was one of 3 ladies I saw tonight so desperate they were clutching themselves in public, was the only one of them who actually peed outside.

2:15 a.m.- Passing the former big active parking lot 2 ladies went through it's alley and crossed the street to the alley on the next block south (behind a parking garage). Just playing a hunch I went over to the alley and looked, they went almost halfway down before lady 1 - an early 20's Latina wearing jeans, went up between cars parallel-parked in spaces behind loft buildings there. She squatted down by the front of the cars with lady 2 standing guard in the gap between cars by the alley side.

Sunday, 1:52 a.m.- I left Oktoberfest and went to my customary area outside the busy block end of active alley. In front of me were 2 ladies and a guy, early 20's, who also left Oktoberfest, when we got to the busy block they went into that corner parking lot by active alley to their car in the middle of the lot parked in the row by the building. As the guy unlocked the car doors one of the ladies went straight up to the building wall and squeezed herself between the wall and front of the car, she was petite and thin with black hair in a bun wearing a black short dress. She turned around to face me outside the lot, hiked up her dress and squatted down. The other lady with them stood guard in the gap between cars nearest her, I could hear her splattering outside the lot. The splattering stopped about 20 seconds later and she stood up and pulled her dress back down and walked out, got in the passenger side of the car and went right to sleep as the guy stood by the car talking on his cell phone for awhile before they left. Poor lady, she was exhausted from walking around with a full bladder and holding it since she'd been at Oktoberfest - one of those who didn't want to use porta-potties.

2:03 a.m.- 2 ladies came out of the bar next to that parking lot and walked through the lot and turned into active alley. Lady 1 was a tall blonde in jeans, lady 2 an Asian lady in a tight black clingy short dress and black high heels both were mid to late 20's. The blonde went right behind the bar, despite employees coming out the back door dumping trash into the dumpsters she squatted by the back wall and peed with her stream running out into the alley. The Asian lady stood there and stared at her, not standing guard. The blonde finished in about 15 seconds, stood up and pulled up her jeans. They started to walk out of the alley but the Asian lady stopped her, she wanted to pee too. The bar employees had emptied the trash cans and went back in the bar, she went over to the last dumpster and quickly hiked up her dress and squatted beside it, a clear side view to me outside the alley. The blonde stood in the middle of the alley watching her and didn't stand guard for her either, she took a long 35 second piss before standing up and pulling her dress back down. I was surprised nobody walking by the alley saw her, but she was wearing all black and there were no lights there.

2:12 a.m.- Over on the next block outside the former big active parking lot 2 petite thin early 20's ladies in tight jeans ran into the lot heading towards the alley. They went into the popular driveway behind the 2nd building with several dumpsters in it, going over to the other side of the driveway where they were unguarded. I had to walk into the lot to see that side, one of the ladies - a blonde - had squatted and was peeing with lady 2 standing in front of her talking to her while she peed. A 15 second piss before she stood up, the other lady didn't pee.

2:14 a.m.- Walking back outside the lot 3 late 20's-early 30's ladies were entering the lot. All were about 5' 5" with medium builds, lady 1 with black shoulder length hair wearing a light blue shirt dress, lady 2 had long black hair wearing a gold glitter short skirt and high heels, lady 3 blonde hair in a ponytail wearing black shorts. I was thinking how perfect it would make the night if the 2 ladies in skirts peed, they went over to that driveway where the other lady just peed! The shirt-dress lady went to 2 of the dumpsters and started pushing one of them away so she could fit between them, then went between them.

2:16 a.m.- Lady 2 took off her high heels and started looking around, settled on the corner of the driveway by the alley outside the dumpster because she didn't want to get her clothes dirty going between dumpsters. The area was dirty so she put her heels down and stepped back into them, by this time lady 1 was coming out from between the dumpsters pulling her dress back down. Lady 2 went beside the 1st dumpster where I could see her from the lot, turned around with her back to it and pulled her skirt up to just below her butt as she spread her legs and squatted down to a high sitting position being careful not to let her butt touch the wall behind her. It looked awkward and uncomfortable as she lowered herself to a lower squat, then pulled her skirt up above her butt so it was out of the way - damn, another heart-racing sexy sighting! Lady 3, the blonde in shorts, moved over in front of her so I couldn't see most of her pee but it was still incredible knowing how she was doing it. About 20 seconds later the blonde moved and lady 2 stood up carefully behind her trying not to fall backward in her high heels, slowly lowering her skirt back down that she held up with one hand between her thighs. The group was about to step out of there into the alley when...

2:19 a.m.- A 20's lady in a car parked in the lot gets out and runs over to the group of ladies. She was average height and on the slim side with shoulder length brown hair wearing a purple miniskirt, she talked to the group for a few seconds before going up to and between the dumpsters where the short dress lady just peed. The whole group stood guard in front of the dumpster for her, guys in a car nearby in the row by the alley saw the earlier ladies and were teasing them. She came out about 15 seconds later.

2:20 a.m.- A 2nd lady from the car the purple skirt lady was in came over there, petite with shoulder length brown hair wearing a gray knit flared miniskirt and gray leggings. Her friend who had just peed went over and stood guard for her as she went up between the same dumpsters, the 3rd lady to pee there in 10 minutes!

Hard to believe but I still have a shot at 100 sightings because of the record September. I'm just 18 sightings away, certainly reachable in October: the month averages 13 sightings and I got 24 last year, which would put me over 100 easily if I did that again. Not sure how much I'll be out as next weekend will be cooler and much less active as it usually is after Oktoberfest. The weather would have to cooperate during the month to produce consistent crowds, one thing I know is that I will be out on Halloween Saturday at month's end (if the weather isn't horrible) because that night has become the biggest night of the year in the sightings area, bigger now than New Years' Eve. It will be Saturday the 27th next month, the actual night of Halloween the following Wednesday the 31st.

*********** And finally, another plug for the E-book club I wrote most of you about last week that I'm involved in. I'd like some of you to get involved, I won't say much other than to include a link to it where you can check it out if you haven't and get all the details: www.pennymatrix.com/kevinnoles

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