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The ladies were peeing one-at-a-time

I suspected the ladies were peeing one-at-a-time & guarding each other.

Dear Readers,
Web page report with 3 shots this week, a fun weekend of sightings.
The most active weekend of the year closes out June, 7 sightings which will end the month with 15 and stop the slide of sub-par Junes since 2007. My 32 sightings for the year are 10 more than the end of June last year, this less-is-more sightings thing continues to produce more than I expected. But summer looks like it will be normal for me, I want to get out every weekend like I have in June - where I was rewarded with sightings every weekend like back in the good old days.

This weekend's crowds were slightly bigger than last weekend, more to see every night now. The big sightings were on Friday night this week instead of Saturday, 4 sightings to Saturday's 3 - as usual Friday night's crowd being smaller. The crowds were slightly larger than June last year by a little over 200 (about 20 ladies per night), the 3 rd month this year to produce larger crowds. The 2 a.m. hour continues to produce the sightings, particularly on Saturday night as it had 5 of the 7 sightings and all 3 of Saturday night's sightings. That frustrates me, the crowds are so much bigger on Saturday nights there should be a lot more peeing before the last hour - like I said earlier the ladies just aren't peeing like they used to. Perhaps a bigger story remains the absence of cops in the busy area, none at all this weekend on either night so I can work the area more aggressively.

Night temps were in the upper 70's Friday night and lower 70's Saturday, stories:

Saturday, 1:03 a.m.- Just getting to the south end of the sightings area 2 ladies were walking down the street leaving the busy block in that area. I watched as they walked by an alley, and they went into it! I was across the street from there and watched them turn up behind a corner of the 1st building, by a small staircase. Both were pretty wearing nice dresses, lady 1 a black print short dress and lady 2 a violet print long dress. I could see part of lady 2 by the corner wall with her back to the alley, was lady 1 peeing? Again I looked at the ground and shortly saw a thin stream running from that corner to the middle of the alley and pooling up, then lady 2 disappeared out of my view. I could have crossed the street and went over there and snapped a shot, but didn't: I suspected they were peeing one-at-a-time and guarding each other.

The stream was still flowing out to the middle of the alley, I think lady 2 was now peeing but I still never saw lady 1. After nearly 2 minutes both ladies came out and walked out of the alley, leaving a growing small pool of pee in the gutter in the middle of the alley.

two ladies just peed in an alley I walked up behind them as they walked off and snapped this shot of them. It is such a huge turn-on to see dignified looking ladies like this so desperate to pee they can't ignore it any more, and I catch them taking emergency pisses outside - the types you'd never think would be in that situation doing something like that! I then went back to the alley to look for their puddles.
These ladies just peed in an alley!

pee puddle left by peeing ladies I snapped this huge combined puddle of their fresh pee standing by the corner wall in front of the steps, the puddle was so big I couldn't get the end of the combined stream that pooled up in the alley in the shot - couldn't get far enough behind the puddle and had to stand over it. They squatted by where the date is in this shot, the ladies left 2 napkins in the puddle as they wiped themselves - which of course I'd expect classy looking ladies like this to do! This is why I keep coming here for sightings, seeing ladies like them so desperate they pee outside really fascinates me. I am so lucky to be able to see ladies like this pee on a regular basis! Many of the ladies walking around the area need to pee even if they don't do it outside, they are making themselves hold it and trying to ignore it.

2:13 a.m.- On the RTD block I was watching the crowds leaving the bars across the street when I noticed 2 ladies stop at a stairway to basement-level places below the bars and start talking. I've seen ladies go down there before to pee so I watched them, both were early 20's and slightly chubby. Lady 1, long brown hair wearing black leggings, went down the steps. She was shouting up to lady 2 to come down, who had shoulder length blonde hair wearing an aqua sleeveless flared short dress and flip-flops. After hesitating she quickly went down the steps too, I knew they were going to pee and tried to cross the street but so much traffic was passing I had to wait nearly a minute before the street cleared. Going over and looking over the railing down there I saw lady 1 in the corner directly underneath the steps, in a bent-over position with her leggings pulled down and her naked butt pointing out at me. Didn't see lady 2, where was she? As I looked further down the sidewalk towards the middle of the block I could see a stream running down the seam between concrete blocks about 2 buildings down. I walked down towards there, suddenly she appeared out of nowhere walking down the sidewalk to the steps where she came back up to the street level as lady 1 pulled up her leggings and ran up the steps behind her: that long delay waiting for traffic to clear cost me the chance to catch lady 2! As they walked past me lady 2 was boasting about how she just peed in the middle of the sidewalk, telling me where to look for her puddle. They met up with a guy and went back into one of the bars, which apparently they left because they couldn't get in the bathroom there.

Looking over the railing I couldn't see anything, so I went down the steps and walked down there. About 2 buildings down was an open gate, right below a sidewalk entrance to a building above at street level that you couldn't see from up there. The gates were open and on the sidewalk right there was a violent splatter spot, thin streams running from it to the seams in the concrete blocks I saw earlier down towards the stairs at the other end. As I left and went back up the steps to the street level, in the warm dry air I could smell that piss odor I love so much during this time of year from the ladies' puddles. Nope, I still haven't gotten bored with any of this and still find it fascinating - as disgusting as it is!

Sunday, 2:16 a.m.- I was again at the RTD block watching that parking lot across the street from the south end. A guy and 2 ladies, mid 20's, coming from the bars in the middle of the block turned into the lot and started walking through it back towards the alley, the indicator somebody has to pee. I crossed the street and went into the lot, watching the group turn into the alley behind the lot. Lady 1, average height with short blonde hair wearing white shorts, went around a dumpster and disappeared in the area of the back doorway of that first building while lady 2, average height with long blonde hair wearing a flimsy aqua flared short dress and flip flops, stood by the dumpster loosely standing guard for her friend and looking around. The guy stepped to the next dumpster and started pissing as I went outside the lot near the alley where I could watch the group. It was over a minute before lady 1 came out from the back doorway of the building, the guy finishing shortly after that. Then lady 2 scampered past the dumpster and disappeared into the dark doorway, the guy standing guard in the alley to thwart any ideas I had of walking by there. Lady 2 came out about 40 seconds later, walking around the dumpsters with lady 1 back into the parking lot having pulled up her panties and pulling her dress back down into place. The 3 walked back through the parking lot to the street and walked off, I went back to the doorway where I found the big fresh pool of pee where the 2 ladies just peed. Again I continue to be amazed by how many ladies come out of these bars bursting to pee and head straight for an outdoor spot!

2:29 a.m.- Staying there because of lingering crowds I was starting to leave the block when 2 couples passed me coming from the busy area (north). They crossed the street and went into the same corner parking lot, both ladies seemed a little tipsy and animated so I decided to watch them to their car as my last act before leaving. They went to a black SUV near the middle of the lot, everybody got in but they sat there for several minutes. Then the passenger side doors open and lady 2 gets out, a tall slim blonde (late 20's) wearing a blue jean denim miniskirt. Her guy gets out of the back seat and they walk around to the other side of the SUV, another car parked next to it on that side. When her guy came around to the back of the SUV and waited I figured something was up, crossed the street and walked outside the lot to where I could see in the gap between theirs and the next car. Both driver's side doors were open and I could see squatted lower legs underneath the open front driver's side door, somebody was peeing! And she peed for over a minute, finally the legs started straightening up and the driver's door closed to reveal lady 2 standing there pulling her miniskirt back down. I could see lady 1 in the driver's seat as the guys walked around and got in on the passenger side (the other guy had gotten out just before lady 2 peed). I wanted them to leave so I could see the puddle, but they just sat there in the SUV. Then I noticed a stream running out from under the SUV, from lady 2's puddle, that made it's way through 3 parking spaces to the empty attendant's booth in the middle of the lot.

piss puddle from sexy lady Finally after nearly 10 minutes they drive out of the lot and I go over to look at the puddle. It was huge, I snapped this shot of it leaning against the car still parked next to there. But the puddle was too big to get all of it in the shot, I probably could have if that car wasn't there and I could get further away from the puddle and maybe have gotten the end of the stream and attendant's booth in the shot. The amazing thing here is that this huge puddle was made by a thin lady, another example of a skinny lady having a huge bladder that is much bigger than bigger ladies and probably a lot of men. Yes 1 lady did this, how can a lady have such a huge bladder? I'd love to have seen the accident if she peed on herself, how bad would the wetness have been?

I haven't done my monthly previews this year, I will do an abbreviated one for July since I expect to be out every weekend like I was this month. July this year is my 2 nd best month for the first time ever, dropping behind August after 17 years because of 3 sub-par years with a low of just 5 sightings in 2008. It has 358 sightings to Augusts' 359, a 19.89 monthly average to Augusts' 19.94. 9 sightings and no shots last year, it's last good year was in 2006 when I got 19 sightings and snapped 5 shots. It still has the overall lead in shots, 49 to 46 over August (2.8 shots per year average). Indications are it will have somewhat of a bounce-back year too, based on June. I sure hope so, then a possible 100 sightings for this year might begin to enter the conversation again after not getting there the last 2 years. I haven't really missed getting shots of ladies as much as I thought I would, that's nice and I'm always ready but the main enjoyment is from seeing them so desperate they go to an outdoor spot and pee.

With this June momentum I'm actually looking forward to July, it would be great if it returned to being my top sightings month!

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