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Dear Readers,
after last weekend's "goose eggs", I get back on track this weekend with 7 sightings and 1 new shot. The sightings get me to 118 for the year, and an amazing 20 for August considering I got nothing last weekend. The new shot is my 2nd for August, 16th this year and 155th overall, and it's story is hilarious - probably my most enjoyable ever.
Friday: The crowds were definitely smaller, but that wonderful "bladder energy" was definitely there. Walking by the new dance club, a lady in the line of people waiting to get in suddenly blurted out, "I gotta PISS!!!" and started shoving people aside to get to the door. Unfortunately they let her in, but she would be an example of how desperate the ladies were tonight.
12:47 a.m .- Walking down a sidewalk 2 ladies in their 20's were coming from the adjacent block. I wanted to slow up and let them pass me, but they were walking too slow. Now walking by a parking lot, they were about 20 feet behind me. They turned into the lot, one of them went over and unlocked the driver's door of her car. Looking over as she was getting in the car, lady 2 wasn't there. I stopped and looked at the cars around there, and after about 5 seconds lady 2 stands up from between 2 cars in the row behind them and pulls up her jeans. She walks over to their car and gets in, she left a small puddle.
1:20 a.m. - 4 ladies in their late 20's left a dance club and were walking down the sidewalk arm-in-arm with each other. They turned into an alley heading towards a parking garage and one of the ladies, slim with short blonde hair, broke from the group and went up by a dumpster behind a building unbuckling the belt on her jeans. The others stood in the alley and waited for her, another lady starting to go up behind the building across the alley but changing her mind. The blonde took about 3 minutes, the other ladies saying, What are you doing back there?" I watched from across the street as the other ladies were looking at me. The blonde finally came out and they walked off, but it was too dark by that dumpster to see her puddle.
2:11 a.m .- Lovely!! I saw a group of 4 ladies in their late 20's coming from a busy bar area that I'd seen earlier in the night. One of them, a thin blonde in tight black jeans, turned into an alley. I started over there but she changed her mind and came out and the ladies walked off. Knowing she had to pee, I followed them from across the street. They went several blocks before crossing over to where I was as we approached a corner, a guy walking to his car trying to talk to them. We were all together crossing the street as the blonde had her arms folded and suddenly yelled out, "Where's a fucking BATHROOM??" She looked a bit like Madonna, her face and hair. They crossed the street back to the other side as there were 3 porta potties sitting by a building under construction, but they were (thankfully!) behind a fence. "AWWW!!....", the blonde moaned when she saw the fence, grabbing her crotch with both hands. She ran to a building doorway, but one of the other ladies grabbed her arm. "Don't!", she said angrily. "Wait until we get to the car and go in the parking lot!" They walked on, their car was in the lot at the end of that block. "Hey wait!", the guy said as he stopped by his truck parked on the street near where the porta-potties were. The blonde and 2 others stopped to talk to him while the 4th lady went into the parking lot to their car. I was ready for the blonde to go in the parking lot and pee, wishing the guy would go away. While they were all talking, the blonde's bladder started giving out. She suddenly bent over at the waist and pressed her hands into her crotch again, and started running down the sidewalk. "Ohhh!!!", she moaned as she quickly unsnapped the front of her jeans and yanked them down to expose her bare butt as she ran into a hotel doorway. As she turned and squatted facing the street, her pee started shooting out before she squatted all the way down! I was across the street and could hear the loud splattering as the other 2 ladies came over and stood guard in front of her. "Is she pissin' in the doorway?" the guy asked as her stream ran past her friends out across the sidewalk to the curb. "I want her phone number!" She peed about 40 seconds before standing up and they all went to the parking lot and the other lady waiting for them. She left a big puddle in the doorway, 2 streams running from it across the sidewalk and over the curb into the street where it went about another foot before pooling up. This is the way I like to see them!
2:17 a.m. - I just left there and was walking up the next street when I saw a lady about halfway down the alley standing by a dumpster looking at it. Probably standing guard for someone, so I stopped by the end of the alley and waited. Soon I could see a stream running towards the lady standing in the alley, somebody else was peeing there. About 30 seconds later a sexy blonde stands up by the building wall, pulling up her red tight pants. She had long curly blonde hair and model-type looks, wearing a halter top and buttoning up the side waist button of her very tight pants. They walked over to guys waiting at a car in the parking lot near them, I was waiting for them to leave to look at her puddle when...@
2:21 a.m. (8-19-00, Desp 155) - I was standing on the sidewalk outside that alley as their car drove by and as I was about to turn in, a fat lady in her 20's came walking towards me on the sidewalk before turning in the alley. She had long curly brown hair, dark brown jeans and a tan sweater. She was carrying something in one hand, grabbed the front waist button of her jeans. You gotta be kidding, did she have to pee? She glanced at me and turned into the alley, but the parking lot was virtually empty. With nothing nearby she could hide behind she didn't want to walk any further. Her bladder bursting, she stopped and unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down and sat down on the ledge of a big window on the back of the corner building, just about 30 feet from me! I turned away to make her think I wasn't interested and immediately heard her pee splattering in the alley - she couldn't wait another second either! I turned back around and looked at her, I could see a puddle between her spread feet in the alley with a thin stream running towards the middle of the alley and into a big drain cover. She sat calmly on the edge of the window ledge, looking over at me. "Hi!", she said smiling. "Sorry, I'm peeing!" Then she saw me unzipping my camera bag. "Oh, no!!" she said as she dropped what she was holding. "I just dropped my napkin!" she said as I saw it lying in her puddle quickly getting soaked by her pee. "You shouldn't do that!" she said as I was pulling out the camera. She was making me laugh the way she was acting and she didn't seem upset. I decided to have fun with this, walking into the alley zooming out the camera lens. "Should I do it?" I said, holding the camera up to my face. "No, you shouldn't!" she said over the sound of her splattering pee. We both started laughing as I pointed the camera at her and pushed the shutter button, but the shutter locked. What? I wasn't too close this time, I pushed it again but again the shutter locked. I pulled the camera away from my eye and zoomed out the lens a little more, as she was still peeing and trying to talk me out of taking her picture. I held it up to my eye again as she said, "Don't do that!" and started laughing again. Her splattering had almost stopped as I pushed the shutter again and this time the flash fired and I got the shot - a mostly front view of her sitting on the window ledge, looking at me with legs spread and her puddle between her feet. I turned and started to walk off as she stood up and was pulling up her jeans. "You're going to go to hell for doing that!" she said. I turned to look at her, feeling no danger at all. "I've already been there!", I said. "Are you from the east coast?" she asked. I started laughing as I walked off, she was hilarious! I'm going to really enjoy her shot, even though she's probably the least attractive lady I've ever snapped. She was so much fun! Her puddle was a little bigger than average sized and I'm glad she peed long enough (about 35 seconds) for me to finally snap her on my 3rd try. How amazing is it to have something like this come right up to me!
I went down the alley after she left and found the sexy blonde's puddle by the dumpster and building she peed by.
A big one!
2:29 a.m .- Leaving there I saw a group of about 7 people on a street corner by the RTD building trying to flag down a cab. A 20's lady was standing in the small employee parking lot by the street, waiting for someone. A minute or so later a guy comes out and I start to walk off when I see a slim blonde in black pants emerge from behind a dumpster by a loading dock further behind the building. I found her puddle back there after they left, this is the other side of the building than where most of the peeing happens - although I've gotten 2 pictures on this side of the building too.
Saturday: Huge crowds again, as Saturday is definitely the night they come out. But again the peeing energy wasn't there, Saturdays have been hard to figure this year - definitely the "underachieving" night. But 7 of my shots have come on Saturday night, so the potential is always there. Only 1 pee sighting tonight:
1:38 a.m. - I was across the street from a group of 3 guys and 2 ladies, all in their mid to late 20's. They crossed the street and both ladies - one a slim blonde in a sleeveless yellow dress and the other thin with black hair and wearing tight designer jeans - went down the stairway beside the corner building leading to a basement door. I knew it was to pee, as the guys huddled around the street corner to block anyone from those stairs. I crossed the street and walked over from behind and looked over the railing. There was a swamp cooler down there, in the back corner right below me, supported on legs about 3 feet above the ground. The blonde in the dress was standing guard in front of it facing the stairs, and the lady in the jeans was squatted under the cooler peeing as I could see a puddle underneath her. I backed away before the guys turned around and saw me, the lady peed for almost a minute before they came back up the steps and everyone walked off. Her pee ran into a drain right by where she had squatted.

A good weekend, hopefully more of the same next week. 3 shots now for the next album 8!

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