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She squatted down to piss between the dumpsters!

Dear Readers,
after all the hoopla of the political convention I had an unexpected police encounter myself today (Monday)!
More on that after this week's sightings report. After the long and exciting historical week I was back to another weekend of sightings work, getting 3 sightings in the final weekend of August to finish the month with a respectable 18 sightings and make it the year's best sightings month. 63 sightings for the year, now ahead of the 55 I had last year on this date: 100 sightings is again possible this year, if I have a good September - more on September in it's monthly preview later in this report.
Again the only negative to the month was that I couldn't get any shots, even though the numbers were up this month there still isn't any real consistency to the way the sightings are happening and they aren't producing any shot opportunities. Now that I have this fabulous new camera that can do more with these sightings shots than I've ever had, it's not brought me any luck in producing shot opportunities as I've got just 1! My shot ratio this year of 63 to 1 is my worst ever, the picture part of my sightings work is definitely on life support this year. Was this a good enough month for August to overtake July for my top sightings month? August was 15 sightings behind July starting this year (318 to 333, the only 2 months to have over 300 sightings), another sub-par July (5 sightings) and the 18 this month have cut the deficit to practically a dead heat: 338 to 336 now, July still is my top sightings month but by only 2 sightings now. August will pass July next year the way things have gone the last few years, that will be a big change as July has been my top sightings month for all 16 years I've been counting my sightings. But I got a sighting every weekend this month, which I didn't do last August. It's only the 2nd month this year that's produced a sighting every weekend, June was the other and it was also a 5-weekend month.

The weekend produced nice sized crowds in the sightings area, particularly Saturday night when lots of college kids were flooding the area for the start of the college football season. I was surprised when my lady counting revealed Saturday night had only 9 more ladies than Friday night and the weekend crowd was nearly 100 ladies less than the biggest weekend (in mid July) since I started doing my lady-counting. That's really helped keep my interest this year, it is otherwise a boring sightings year compared to what I'm used to with smaller crowds and both fewer and less powerful sightings. 1 sighting Friday night and 2 Saturday, as usual all coming late. Stories, followed by my September preview:

Saturday, 2:09 a.m .- At the north end of the RTD block I saw 2 ladies turn into that alley across the street. They stopped by the corner building for awhile before meandering into the parking lot by that building, I decided to go around to the corner and come up on the parking lot side to see what they were up to. Both were late 20's, lady 1 wearing a black short dress and lady 2 tight jeans. They walked to lady 1's car which was just 3 spaces from me on the sidewalk outside the lot where I heard lady 2 passionately say, "I gotta pee!" She went up by the passenger side front fender of the car by the building wall, between it and the car next to them while lady 1 opened the front passenger door to shield her from view in the gap between cars. She then went over and got in the driver's seat (that side of the car facing me), sitting there with the door open while lady 1 squatted down to piss by the fender on the other side. I could hear loud splattering, her head and part of her back was exposed as she was looking down at her work - too bad, I would have liked to get this shot! She stood up and pulled up her jeans about 15 seconds later, turns out that 2nd car was hers and each lady drove out of the lot in her car. Unfortunately somebody had peed in that spot earlier and lady 2 peed over that puddle, I couldn't tell how big her puddle was.

Sunday, 1:59 a.m. - On the block east of the big active parking lot, 3 tall foreign ladies wearing sexy dresses was walking towards me. I was on my way towards the busy area but changed plans to follow them when I discovered they were drunk and having to hold each other up to walk, just the kind of ladies who pee! All had long dark hair and skin and spoke with accents I didn't recognize, they turned the corner and were walking towards the RTD block. All were late 20's, lady 1 who was wearing a green tight minidress and talking on a cell phone, walked off ahead of the others seeming in a hurry - ladies 2 and 3 were more drunk and stumbling slowly behind. Lady 1 ended her call and put the phone in her purse, folded her arms and started walking even faster - did she have to pee? My money still was on the other 2 more drunk ladies, but getting to the end of that block lady 1 quickly turned up into that same parking lot of last night's sighting. The other 2 ladies called out to her and asked her where she was going, lady 1 waited for them - and me - to get to the lot. "I gotta PEE!" she said with her legs pressed tightly together and arms still folded, before running up between 2 parked cars in the mostly full row by the building. I saw her squat down to piss by the front fenders of 2 cars by the building wall, I thought about going over for a shot but the 2 drunk ladies went over and stood guard in the gap between cars - and lady 1 was finished and standing up in barely 10 seconds. Turns out their car was right there too, they got in and drove off to reveal a much bigger piss puddle than I expected for such a quick piss! Her pee stream ran diagonally under the next car, was making it's way out into the middle of the lot.

2:24 a.m. - At the parking lot across the street from the south end of the RTD block, 2 ladies among the crowd at the corner food cart went into the parking lot and started heading back towards the alley. I crossed the street and entered the lot following them, they were early 20's. Both were about 5'6", lady 1 had shoulder length brown hair wearing jeans while lady 2 had long blonde hair and was slim wearing a dark miniskirt and long blouse over it. They went to the 2 dumpsters by the alley, lady 1 pulling down her jeans while lady 2 stood guard - on the alley side! This made no sense as I had a clear view of lady 1's naked butt as she squatted down to piss between the dumpsters and peed. I was too far away to see or hear her pee stream but watched the whole piss, about a 12 second piss before she stood up and pulled up her jeans. I was hoping lady 2 would pee too, I wanted her shot - but she didn't, the 2 walked back over to the crowd by the food cart and their waiting boyfriends. Too dark where lady 1 peed to see her piss puddle.

Pee percentages: Friday night, 1 lady peed out of 467 (2.1 tenths of 1 percent), Saturday 2 ladies out of 476 (4.2 tenths of 1 percent). Overall for the weekend the 3 ladies were 3.2 tenths of 1 percent of the weekend's late-hour ladies. Overall pee percentage since July: 4.4 tenths of 1 percent of all the late-hour ladies.

These numbers make me think of the protest coverage at the DNC last week. The conflicts that actually happened between protestors and police are comparable to the percentages of ladies that produce my sightings. By focusing on just the ladies who pee, I've painted a good picture of my area being a haven for outdoor-peeing ladies, but the pee percentages show the reality of how few actually do it and how dedicated I have to be to keep finding them! Exactly how I would describe all the national media that was here last week looking for protestor conflicts.

September preview: It's 266 sightings and 31 shots in it's previous 15 years rank it my 4th best month in both categories, averages of 17.7 sightings and 2 shots. Bests for the month are 29 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 10 sightings and no shots, last year I had 22 sightings and 2 shots.
September has been my 1st or 2nd most productive month each of the last 3 years, producing 60 sightings and 5 shots over that span. Oktoberfest used to be the big producer for the month in my early sightings years as it brought thousands more beer-drinking ladies to the area on it's 2 weekends, last year it moved from the south end of my sightings area - to just north of the busy area some 8 blocks away. The new area produced just 1 sighting from Oktoberfest last year, but a lot of bars on the new block were letting people in to use bathrooms that they won't be doing this year - just like bars did in the old area. They did a pretty good job of pee-proofing the new Oktoberfest area last year to prevent outdoor peeing, so I won't be expecting much from it this year. But if the weather is warm and dry, it still brings huge beer-drinking crowds to the area which will always represent sightings possibilities.

Police encounter: I was at the final downtown outdoor festival of the summer this weekend and today, snapping shots of things I find interesting as I always do, when I was approached by a cop. Someone who saw me taking pictures didn't like it and called cops and reported me as a "suspicious person", so the cop detained me to question me about why I was there and what I was doing. He called in reinforcements and searched through all the pictures on my camera looking for something illegal, the whole thing went on for about 25 minutes because they had trouble accessing their database to see if I had any warrants they could arrest me for. When that finally came back clean they gave me back my driver's license and told me I could go and the cop who first approached me tried to give me some "advice" about how not to bring attention to myself by taking pictures. I interrupted him, saying, "It doesn't matter what I do, if someone is paranoid and wants to report me as suspicious that's what they will do. I've been through this before, several have tried (to get me arrested) but none have succeeded - because I actually have to do something illegal to get arrested."
The cop nodded in agreement, but my rant seemed to anger the 2nd of the 4 cops. He said they had collected my information and "We'll get you on the sex offender list if we find you've committed any sex crimes."
I told him I'd give him a call myself if I commit any sex offenses, this is a society of cameras and I've had my own picture taken before when I wasn't crazy about it, but never felt the need to call the police on the photographer. He nodded as that quietened him down, I scolded them all a little more about the difference between doing something illegal vs. something people don't like you doing and think they can call the police. All 4 cops were speechless as they listened, by the time I finished with them and said, "Have a nice day guys!" and walked off, they all rolled their eyes at me.
Dressing cops down, isn't that great? When I got home I thought, I should have asked them if I can file a harassment complaint against the person who called them saying I was "suspicious", since I wasn't doing anything illegal, them calling cops on me amounts to harassment. I'll certainly remember that for next time, this has happened to me before and I'm sure it will again. The cops probably would lie and tell me I can't file a complaint against the people who call them on me, in which case I'd make fools out of the cops because I know that's not true: if I'm not doing anything illegal, calling cops on me is blatant civil harassment!
Boy, cops sure get tongue-tied when they encounter someone who isn't an ignorant dumb-ass with a criminal record who is intimidated by them! I have zero tolerance for police harassment and mistakes, I'm one of the few citizens who demonstrates to them I know where the legal boundaries are and everything they do by me better be 100% correct or I'm going to make them all look like fools - I've done it before and now I will add paranoid assholes who call cops on me just because they don't like me being somewhere or something I'm doing, I'll make sure harassment complaints are filed against them. Things like this are always annoying, but I like how I turned it around. This is how every citizen should deal with police, then innocent people wouldn't have the problems with them we do now!

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