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I have to piss like a racehorse!! she said.

Dear Readers,
a surprising 6 more sightings last weekend as the ladies just keep peeing! 13 sightings for October in this marvellous bounce-back year, bettering the 10 I got in October last year. 113 sightings for the year, which makes this my best sightings year since 2006 when I got 127. How could I get just 75 sightings last year, the way things are going this year?
All 6 sightings came in the now cop-free busy area, an amazing 58 in that area this year after just 7 there last year when cops were still blanketing the area: that's the difference between this year and last year! Ladies like to pee in this 2 square block area, no question about it...this is their favorite part of all of the sightings area to pee! 3 more sightings in active alley to stretch it's leading top pee spot total to 30 sightings, all since just July. The 2nd best spot, a parking lot in the middle part of the area, has 17 sightings and 10 of those came before July - just 7 sightings since peeing in active alley has gone crazy. Even more amazing is that active alley didn't have a sighting at all last year, no top pee spot in my sightings area has had no sightings at all the year before - the rise to prominence has always been gradual and I could see it coming. But with winners there are also losers, in this case the RTD block. Since last being the top pee spot with 38 sightings in 2007, it's sightings have dropped to just 11 this year. Most of it's sightings in the big years came from this busy area that's thriving now, the heavy police presence back then making desperate ladies have to hold their pee and keep walking. Most found the RTD block 3 blocks south to be a good place to pee because of it's many dark secluded spots. Now most of those ladies are peeing again near the bars they are at on the busy blocks, when they pass the RTD block later their bladders are empty.
Other surprising trends this year are how lopsided the sightings patterns have been, 73 sightings on Saturday to just 40 on Friday. 68 of the sightings have come during the 2 a.m. hour (60%), with the Sunday 2 a.m. hour (Saturday night) having 52 of those: 30 more sightings than the next closest hour, 22 during the Saturday 1 a.m. hour (Friday night). This weekend was a perfect example of this, as all 3 Friday night sightings came during the 1 a.m. hour and all 3 Saturday night sightings came during the 2 a.m. hour. Fascinating how all the random factors come together to form clear peeing patterns, isn't it? Stories:
Saturday, 1:42 a.m.- A group of 2 guys and a black lady walking in front of me went into the big active parking lot. I was on my way over to watch the busy block end of active alley on the next block when I noticed the black lady going into the alley while the guys went to their car in the lot. She went up into that lighted driveway across the alley, passing by the dumpsters to go to the other side where she'd be clearly visible with nothing there. I entered the lot and walked by the first row of cars, looking into the driveway saw her in the back corner. She was about 5' 6" and slim with short hair and black horn-rimmed glasses wearing jeans and a short black coat, was peeing in a bent-over position with her butt pressed against the corner walls and jeans pushed down to mid-thigh. She was moaning softly as I heard splattering, she was in bad shape but never showed any signs of needing to pee when they walked in front of me! After about 20 seconds she finished and went to the car and waiting guys.
1:55 a.m.- On the busy block outside active alley, from the thinning crowds outside the bars 2 ladies sprinted around the corner heading towards me with a guy following. He slowed them down and they started walking, as they got to me one of the ladies - a petite blonde wearing jeans - turned to the guy and said, "You can wait, you don't have to watch us pee." That's why they were running, the guy was trying to talk them out of peeing! As expected the blonde turned into active alley, the other lady and guy following. The nearby dumpsters they would normally use were occupied by about 4 bar employees from 2 bars on the busy block emptying trash cans into the dumpsters, the group went past the bar employees further down the alley - but those guys were blocking my view of where the group went. I had to go up to the guys to see down the alley, didn't see the group anywhere. About a minute later the blonde came out from about 2 buildings down, smiling as she was zipping up her jeans with the other 2 following. As they walked by me the blonde said to the other lady "It's not so bad peeing outside, is it?" so I counted 2 sightings here.
Sunday, 2:01 a.m.- Making my walk through active alley at the other end a couple walked by, early 20's with the lady having long black hair wearing tight jeans and high heels. They were speaking a foreign language (not Spanish) as I passed them and crossed the street to the big active parking lot. I turned around to see the lady running back into the alley with the guy following, she went up between 2 dumpsters behind the corner warehouse music hall while the guy stood guard in the gap. She finished peeing and stood up about 15 seconds later, the couple walked out of the alley and down the sidewalk.
2:05 a.m.- At the parking lot east of the big active parking lot, where an RTD Supervisor used to park during this late time years ago, 2 ladies left a group on the sidewalk outside the lot and were walking back towards the alley. I had a feeling they weren't going to their car and watched as they went all the way back to the alley, crossing it where lady 1 ran up behind a generator behind the apartment building there. Lady 2 momentarily stood guard in front of the generator before going back there with lady 1, both coming out about 40 seconds later. The ladies were mid 20's, lady 1 long brown hair with wide hips wearing black leggings and high heels while lady 2 was taller and slimmer with short brown hair zipping up the front of her jeans.
The weekend's favorite story actually didn't produce a sighting. After these last sightings I went to the RTD block and was on my way back to the (now-empty) busy area to leave. 2 ladies and a guy were walking up to the corner as I crossed the street from the RTD block and passed them. They were trying to flag down a cab, lady 2 was bitchy and annoying. "We're not going to get a cab, there are no cabs this late!", she said sounding angry at the others. They were late 20's early 30's, the bitchy lady chubby wearing olive denim pants and a short jacket. She started bitching at them again as they stood on the corner waiting for a cab to ride by, when suddenly she interrupted herself. "I have to piss like a racehorse!!" she said angrily, "I'm gonna piss by that post in front of the building" she said, referring to a tall concrete post in front of the corner bank building behind them. Suddenly I got interested! She started up towards the building but saw me and turned around and went back to the others. They asked her why she didn't pee and she said, "There are people nearby." I waited them out, but unfortunately a car stopped about 5 minutes later and she got in and it drove off.
I love to hear ladies expressing desperation. I guess there's only so many things one can say, the "I've gotta piss like a racehorse" I've heard many times over the years. But it's only women I hear say that, I've never heard a guy say that. And it reveals something about the lady, the ones who say that have big bladders and take long hard pisses. The small-bladdered ladies don't use the racehorse comparison when they express their desperation.
Halloween weekend next week. It's on Monday a week from today, the big party night in the sightings area will be next Saturday but I expect some will be on Friday night too. It's forecast to be cold those nights (30's), we are forecast to get snow mid-week but no snow or rain on the weekend so crowds should be big. This night has been a bigger deal than I thought since I started doing my late hour lady counts in in 2008, it's produced the year's biggest crowd in 2 of the 3 years - even bigger than New Years' Eve crowds. Last year when Halloween night didn't have the biggest crowd, it had the 2nd biggest crowd. It's a much more active night from start to finish and warmer than New Years' Eve, it will be a longer night next Saturday as we fall back an hour to standard time making the night an hour longer.

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