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Dear Readers,

The top finally blows off for June in it's last weekend, as I get 10 sightings and 1 new shot - and barely missed getting 2 others. The strong finish means I'll end June with 19 sightings and 1 shot - right about it's average in sightings, but below average in pictures - but better than last June, when I got 12 sightings and no shots at all. This shot will be a good one, unbelievably the lady actually came TO ME and peed! You'll read her story in a bit.

The theme of this weekend was ladies who were going to explode if they didn't pee immediately. I rarely see as many as I did this weekend who have to pee so badly after leaving bars, and it was wonderful! They were in such visible discomfort from the pressure in their bladders, I did not have to guess at all who had to pee - just stay close enough to see the pee sighting. And the pisses reflected the desperation, as almost all of the ladies peed longer than usual and the puddles were bigger than usual.
These were the warmest nights of the year so far (night temps in the 70's), and I'm guessing the ladies probably drank more. The mood of the big crowds was definitely summer, very sexy! 7 of the sightings and the new shot came on Friday night, but both nights started out very passionately. The picture story, as always, will be preceded by parenthesis which include (date of shot, desp jpg number it will be in the next album 7).

Shortly after getting into the sightings area Friday night, I saw a limousine parked on a corner with 7 beautiful ladies standing around it talking. A few minutes later the ladies started walking off, and with this many I had to follow them. Just a block later 2 of them seemed to be in visible discomfort: a sexy lady with big hair in a bare-shoulders short print dress and heeled sandals, and a petite pretty lady with brown hair in tight capri pants. Both would occasionally stop on the sidewalk and bend over at the waist and moan, once even squatting down on the sidewalk like they were going to pee. Walking a few more blocks, they stopped on the sidewalk and were talking. "Damn you guys, I gotta pee!", the sexy lady in the capri pants said as she grabbed her crotch tightly and crossed her legs. She started looking around, started walking around in a circle while continuing to squeeze her aching crotch tightly. Finally the group went to cross the street, this lady still squeezing her crotch as they waited for cars to pass. They crossed the street and unfortunately went into an all-night restaurant that was open. Watching them go in everyone went to a table except the capri pants lady, who went straight to the back where the bathrooms were. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to grab her and not let her go in that restaurant, not let her get to it's bathroom to pee! I wanted to make her pee in her pants or squat in front of me on the sidewalk, which I think would have happened if she had been delayed one more minute!

This would be the kind of desperation I would see all weekend:

1:17 a.m.- Walking by a parking lot 3 ladies and a guy leaving a dance club passed me and went into that lot. One of the ladies caught my attention: Big black hair, skimpy halter top and a tight black micro-mini skirt and open toe high heels. She had square hips, not much shape but still looked very sexy in that outfit. I walked around the lot on the sidewalk as they went into the lot, they went to their cars in the row by the alley - but I noticed this lady walking across it to a car behind a building there! Knowing she was going to pee I started walking down the alley. The other lady was standing by their car in the parking lot, glancing at me as I approached the area. I had to wait until I passed her to get out the camera, and looked into the area where the sexy lady was as I walked by. I heard nothing but saw her, standing underneath some stairs there. She was in a bent-over position facing me, legs spread and already starting to pull her tight miniskirt back down from up around her waist. A big puddle was on the ground between her feet, this was a quick but big desperate piss. How could she do this in less than 10 seconds? She walked out, pulling her skirt back down into place as she glanced at me. Her puddle was big, cloudy residue at the head of it. Damn this would have been a sexy shot, she just didn't pee long enough for me to get it!

2:14 a.m.- Walking by the big warehouse/concert hall as a big crowd of people were standing out in front of the building, I was looking at the alley behind it. It had been awhile since I've seen any ladies go into that alley, but suddenly a couple in their 20's walking by turned in there at the lady's insistence. She went to a dumpster behind the 2nd building, unsnapping her jeans and squatting down on the far side of it as the boyfriend stood guard in front of it. I had to watch from the sidewalk, the dumpster was pushed about 3 feet from the wall and I had a clear view of her squatted butt. I couldn't see or hear her stream from where I was, but saw a growing dark area underneath her butt on the pavement which was reflecting in the light from a nearby light pole. She finished and stood up about 40 seconds later, pulled up her jeans and they walked out of the alley and past me. I was about to go in to look at her puddle when a group of 4 20's ladies were coming down the sidewalk behind me, who had left a bar on the next block. "I gotta use the BATHROOM!!", I heard one of them say in a panicky tone. One of the girls in the group ran past me into the alley, a petite short haired blonde wearing a white sleeveless top with maroon shiny pants and clunky sandals. She had a small backpack on her back as she ran to the same dumpster, one hand squeezing her crotch as she disappeared behind the building wall next to the dumpster. Waiting out at the end of the alley, one of the other girls shouted, "C'mon hot pants, hurry up!" to her. I started over there, but suddenly a guy who had been with them ran over where she was and stood guard for her so I had to stay out on the sidewalk. She finished and came out in about 30 seconds, stood guard for him as he peed back there. Then they came out, walking past me as the girl was rubbing her crotch like she was playing with herself. "I'm checkin' to see if I wet my pants!", she said to the other girls who were laughing at her. I was about to go back and look at the now 2 puddles, when...

2:24 a.m.- 3 20's ladies on the next block turned up towards the alley there. I ran up and went into the alley after them, they went down to the back of one of the bars and talked to one of the employees emptying trash for a few minutes (that they apparently knew). Then they started walking back towards me, but one of them stopped by the next building. "C'mere you guys," she said as she pushed her jeans down and squatted with her back to the building wall. She took a short desperate piss, pulling up her jeans about 10 seconds later and they walked past me out of the alley. She left a small little stream, running off of the crumpled up papers there that she peed on.

2:27 a.m. (6-28-00, Desp 149): I went back to the other block to go and look at the 2 earlier puddles before they evaporated on this warm night. 4 more ladies were going to a car on the street there, talking to a guy. I decided to quickly go in and look at the puddles, since nobody here indicated she had to pee. I went into the alley and found both, one by the dumpster and the hot pants lady's near the back of the building a few feet away. Both were pretty big, the one by the dumpster the biggest. Just as I turned to walk out, one of the ladies from the group on the street came walking back there. She was chubby, short hair, an unfeminine tomboy/lesbian type, unbuckling the belt of her jeans when she saw me. "Oh!", she said as she looked at me, ready to leave but I smiled and walked out. Convinced she had privacy she unbuckled her belt as I stepped past the dumpster out of her view. Nobody had come back here with her, finally some good luck! I pulled out the camera and zoomed out the lens, listening for the sound of her splattering pee so I could get this easy shot. I heard violent splattering, stepped out where I could see her pointing the camera. She was leaned against the building wall in a sitting position, side view to me, a thick yellow waterfall gushing out of her and splattering loudly in the already big puddle under her. She would have splashed herself pretty bad if she'd squatted all the way down! I centered her in the viewfinder, easy to do with the light from a nearby light pole in the alley shining on her. She looked up at me as I snapped the shot. "Thank you very much!", she said sarcastically as the flash went off. No problems with the camera this time, as I got this one! I walked out of the alley and around the block, coming back after they were gone. Her puddle made the other 2 look small, even though those were bigger than average sized puddles for women. These unfeminine tomboy types pee like men, their bladders are much bigger than most feminine women's! Nothing appealing at all (to me) about this lady, except the way she peed. But according to comments I've gotten from guys lately, my shots of ladies who are "less-than-perfect" and not so pretty are gaining in popularity because guys see them as being more real and natural. Well guys, here's one for you to look forward to - it should be a good one!
I've wanted to get a shot of some of the ladies I've seen pee back here
before, but every one of them had someone standing guard - until now!

Walking to my car I went through a big parking lot where I had seen a group of people talking and drinking earlier. There was a slim blonde in a short black dress and a petite lady in jeans in the group, who I thought might pee but I left to cover the other ladies on the next block. The group was gone now, but by one of the parking stop blocks in the space across from where they had been I saw 2 women's puddles next to each other. These were pretty big too, these 2 ladies had peed behind the car parked here during the 20 or so minutes I was gone getting the other sightings. While I didn't actually see them pee I know who made these puddles and about when, so I counted them as sightings.

Saturday: Highly charged again, starting as soon as I got into the sightings area:

12:29 a.m.- I was walking by a big parking lot when I saw a couple across the street walking the other way. As they passed the alley behind a parking garage, the lady ran into the alley. She was beautiful, model type beautiful: shoulder length blonde hair curled under at the bottom, wearing a green halter top and tight black knit pants with black clunky sandals. She was frantically running around a couple of cars parked behind the building there, her hands on the side waist of her pants so I knew she was bursting to pee! The guy stood calmly on the sidewalk waiting, she couldn't find a place she liked and they went into the parking garage. She ran towards 2 parked cars grabbing the side waist of her pants again, but saw something that stopped her. They started walking off into the garage as I followed in the alley, looking over and seeing a security guard sitting in the small office by the driveway entrance. He would have seen her, that's why she stopped! They were walking over to a stairway door to the upper levels, which had an entrance to the alley where I was. Her hands were trembling and she was a wreck, it was really driving me crazy to see such a beautiful woman in such dire straits from the pressure in her bladder! They went into the stairway doors and I went in from the alley door. I went up to the 2nd level and opened the door, no sign of them. I went up to the 3rd level and opened the door, I heard a lady's voice laughing nervously. Looking over, there she was by a car just about 20 feet to the right of the door where I was. She was sitting on the edge of a curb there, mostly side view to me with her bare butt exposed. There was already a huge dark area on the ground around her feet, the boyfriend standing by the car but with his back to me. She saw me, stood up and pulled up her pants - turning towards me and giving me a view of her brown pussy hairs before she got them up. No natural blonde here, she looked to be in her early 30's. She and the guy walked off to their car around the corner, and I looked at her huge puddle. My god, no wonder she was in such agony - this puddle was huge, her bladder must have been screaming! I wish I could have snapped this one.

12:59 a.m.- I was walking by the big parking lot across the street from there, which was full, when a group of 5 20's ladies entered from the other end of the block. They were laughing and talking loudly, I entered the lot in case something happened here. Sure enough they migrated towards the row of cars by the alley, where one of them went up between 2 cars towards the alley as the others were laughing. I was out by the street a long ways away, started hurrying to get there - but I couldn't run or they'd notice me. The girl between the cars turned so she was facing her friends and squatted down. I hurried, finally getting to the alley and walking down it getting out the camera. I wasn't sure which cars she was between, heard no splattering and thought I'd be too late anyway. Walking past a couple of cars, I saw her. Her back was to me, she had finished peeing and just stood up. She had short dark blonde hair, blue sweater blouse, and had just pulled her black short skirt back down after pulling up her panties. A huge puddle was behind her feet, running underneath the car on her right. 5 or 10 seconds earlier I'd have had a great mid-pee shot, but I was just too far away to get here in time even though she peed about 30 seconds. This is a 'summer casualty': because there are so many women everywhere I sometimes will be out of position when somebody pees and unable to get to her in time. Nothing I can do about these, but enjoy them - although I really wanted this shot of her! I walked on down the alley as she went out to her friends, and they walked off.

2:10 a.m.- I was walking by this lot again when I saw 3 Hispanic ladies in their 20's walking through the lot. One of them suddenly turned and started running back to the alley, the other 2 laughing hard at her. She had long black hair, red short sleeve sweater top, black short skirt and black clunky sandals, and ran across the alley to a space behind a building where a guy was peeing. I entered the lot and was walking through to the alley, as she turned so she was facing the lot and hiked her skirt up to her waist and grabbed her panties. But suddenly a car parked near there started backing out towards her, she stopped and pulled her skirt back down and waited for the car to leave. This gave me time to get there, of course being turned on looking at her because I knew she was just about to pee! Stopping by a car about 20 feet away in the row by the alley, I watched her hike up her skirt again and push down her panties and squat down. I was too far away to hear splattering, but had a side/front view of her and could see between her legs - although I couldn't stare as she might see me. The ground was getting dark under her feet, so she was definitely peeing. She took about 40 seconds before standing up and pulling up her panties, and the guy there was apparently with them as they came out together. "I think I peed on my foot!", she said as they walked by me. She had a strange shape - high butt, square hips - but just witnessing what she did made her very sexy right now! The whole area where she peed was soaked, I don't think she was the only one who peed here. This is the same spot where I snapped a picture before - Desp 111 (8-15-98) in album 4.
Let the fun begin, and may there be some exciting reports from me over the next month!

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