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She pulled up her jeans after 10 seconds peeing

Her piss was 10 seconds long, she stood up and pulled up her jeans.

Dear Readers,
another surprisingly good weekend with 6 sightings, giving me 13 for May and exceeding it's monthly average (10.7) in just the 2nd weekend - my sightings year is finally coming alive! 34 sightings for the year now, just 4 off last year's pace on this date - but with 2 shots this year compared to none a year ago on this date, this is now a better year. Speaking of shots, I had another lady peeing right in front of me that could have been another shot for the 2nd straight week .... but I passed on it, which would have been my 3rd shot of the year making up for last week's blunder. There was no camera malfunction this time, I had the camera out and ready in the right shooting mode - it was my choice not to snap this lady (more on that in her story).
But it looks like I will be getting more shot opportunities this year as a very favorable pattern is forming again: 4 of this weekend's 6 ladies peed in parking lots, I see that 16 of this year's 34 sightings have been in parking lots (47%).
My big picture years were when lots of ladies peed in parking lots, I've snapped the most shots there by far - 91, 47% of my shots and they're the easiest place to snap my shots. Ladies peeing by buildings are a distant 2nd with 36 shots, less than half of the parking lot production and just 18.8% of my shots - so you can see what a big boost it will be for my shots if ladies return to peeing in parking lots! I will have lots of good picture stories for you this summer if this trend continues, parking lots were the dominant top spot for ladies in my early sightings years (with a high of 78) until '98, when alleys passed them (72 sightings to 71) and have had more sightings every year until a tie last year (44 sightings each). Parking lot sightings bottomed out at 26 2 years ago before rebounding to 44 last year, 1 of last year's 8 shots was in a parking lot. The weather was warmer this weekend (night temps near 60) but the crowds were again small with (as usual) a little bigger crowd Saturday night. The busiest bar on the busy block was shut down last weekend (a sign on the door said a liquor license violation), but was open again this weekend as a country-western bar with a new name. A small crowd was there, among them some of the usual 20-something partiers who came down and were surprised to find the change and looked bored. Next door is the dance bar recently changed to the jazz bar with its small crowd and with the popular pool hall bar also on that block closed in March they've really changed the mix on there.
Of course, it's to run off the younger crowd that likes to drink, party, pee and bring along other undesired behavior, so they can have a calmer summer there this year. There were actually a lot fewer cops there this weekend as they expect fewer problems from this new mix of people, already the country bar is starting to attract a biker crowd. This is probably the most dramatic change in the dynamics of that busy block in my sightings area since it was built, while the country women don't tend to act as stupid as the 20-something party-girl bimbo types that the area has been known for they pee outside too, so there will still be some sightings from that crowd. This is quite fascinating, watching how this area evolves as the money people try to manipulate the sociological factors to try and control what kind of people go there. With all the different dynamics at work in the area, I still find the dynamics of female desperation and outdoor peeing behaviour among the pretty ladies there to be the most interesting!
As is the typical unpredictable nature of my sightings 4 of the 6 came on the smaller Friday night crowd, the 2 Saturday sightings were just-missed sightings.
On to the stories:
Saturday, 2:02 a.m.
- At the RTD station a group of people were at the shuttle bus stop which included 4 ladies, so I didn't stray too far. Finally a couple from the group goes to the back sidewalk by the garden area, both early 20's. They were looking around and finally the girl climbs up into the garden area, she was petite with shoulder length dark blonde hair wearing jeans and a pullover sweat top. She ran between the cropped bushes and pushed down her jeans and squatted, I was by the terminal building and because of the low height of the trimmed bushes, I could see her. The boyfriend stood guard on the sidewalk by there, another quick piss as she was up and pulling up her jeans in about 10 seconds before jumping back down to the sidewalk. She then waited while the guy climbed up into the garden and peed.
2:06 a.m. - A shuttle bus from the downtown mall pulled up at the shuttle stop and several people got off, they are now running the shuttle buses past 2 a.m. (they used to stop running at 1 a.m.). As the people walked off in all directions 2 X 20's couples walked up to the locked terminal doors and stared inside the closed building before standing there talking for awhile. They then walked past me, the 2 guys stopping while the 2 ladies crossed the street (east) to the block of bars there. I noticed the ladies going directly into the corner parking lot and over to a car parked in the row by the building, both ladies on the slim side with long black hair wearing jeans and carrying small purses. One of the ladies went between the front of the car and building wall and turned her back to the wall unsnapping the front of her jeans, then squatted down to a sitting position with her butt against the building wall and knees against the front grille of the car, and started peeing. There were no cars between where she was and the street so she was clearly visible, lady 2 for some reason was behind her and providing no protection! The 2 guys, standing a few feet from me, started roaring in laughter and pointing at her .... she had apparently told them she was going to do this and they didn't believe her. Their loud laughing made people walking by notice, finally lady 2 comes running around and stands guard in front of her to block the view. This lady peed a long time, nearly 2 minutes! I could have crossed the street and gone into the parking lot and come up on her back (unguarded) side and snapped a shot when she finally finished. Lady 2 went next to her spot, still between the front of the car and building wall and pushed down her jeans and squatted. She too didn't hesitate, her piss was about 10 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans. Both ladies crossed the street and walked over to the guys, carrying their purses and trying to look dignified like they didn't just pee in a parking lot as the guys were still laughing at them - it was so sexy!! The ladies took it all in jest as the group walked off.
2:12 a.m. - Almost my 3rd shot of the year - again! The people in the lot near where these ladies just peed had finally left and I was about to cross the street to look for the puddles when 3 ladies and 2 guys came out of the bar and turned into the lot. They all walked back towards the alley, an indicator someone was going to pee, so I crossed the street and went into the lot. The 2 guys went to the dumpsters while one of the ladies went to her car parked in the space near there, learning my lesson from last week I had already taken the camera out. "Where are you going?" I heard the girl who was getting in the car ask as I saw one of the ladies walking towards 2 cars in the next row. "I have to pee!" the 2nd lady replied as I turned on the camera and put it in the flash mode I wanted. She went between 2 cars I was about to pass, not seeing me as her head went down between the cars. I stopped in the gap between the cars and looked, there she was squatted in a side view to me looking down at the ground. She was slim with black hair up in a bun wearing black pants, behind her I saw lady 3 who had come over there and saw me. One of the guys peeing at the dumpster was also looking over there and saw me, the shot was there if I wanted it. The lady was squatted low to the ground and I heard no splattering, this would have been another unrevealing shot and with her friends aware of me I decided to pass on it. I stopped behind the car where I had watched her and started putting the camera away, just like the almost-shot last week because these digital cameras are so small nobody knew I had one!
I heard the lady stand up and pull up her pants after finishing, another quick piss of about 10 seconds. "I just peed in front of about 16 million people!" the thin lady said glancing at me as she got in the car with her friends. They drove off, I found her small splatter spot by the car and was surprised to find 2 thin streams running from it that made it to the next 2 car spaces! There was a newspaper page lying on the pavement that she had peed on, even with that it was such a quiet piss that I couldn't hear it from a few feet away. The car parked in the spot the earlier 2 ladies peed in front of had left so I got a good look at those puddles on my way out of the lot. Lady 1 left a big pool of pee between the building wall and concrete stop-block for that parking space, no streams ran from the pool. Next to it was the tiny splatter spot from lady 2, no streams running from it either. I was ready for the shot this time, even with it being another quick piss - the answer is to get out the camera and get it ready earlier, before the lady starts to pee. It was my choice not to snap this one, so I'm not upset about not getting this shot. Looking at last year's stats I see that while I snapped just 8 shots there were 15 I passed on that I could have snapped, so I could have had 23 last year. What's up with that? The story of this shot explains it very well, I am much more picky about what I shoot now than I've ever been. I don't want any more 'ordinary' or unrevealing shots, I've got plenty of those and am looking for scenes that are memorable in some way - something about the lady or piss that is sexy, revealing, or unusual - like I look for in my puddle shots. That's a contrast to my earlier years when I snapped every lady who peed that I could, when I see a lady who gives me that "rush" when she expresses desperation and the thought of her peeing is exciting, that's what tells me to snap her shot.
Saturday night's just-missed sightings:
Sunday, 1:30 a.m.
- Staying where the crowds were I was near the big Irish bar as the crowds were spilling out onto the sidewalk. As I walked by the alley behind that corner bar I heard laughing, saw 2 guys standing just inside the alley laughing at a lady who just came out from beside a dumpster behind the 2nd building. She had just snapped up her jeans and stopped in the middle of the alley to zip them up, she was laughing too as she walked over to the guys talking about how she thinks she peed on her legs a little 'doing it outside like this'. She was average height and slim with long brown hair, early 20's and an innocent-looking face. "It smelled like mayonnaise over there, it was hard to pee with that smell!" she said as the group walked past me. I went into the alley and found her small puddle beside the dumpster, 2 thin streams running from it that didn't even make it to the middle of the alley.
2:26 a.m. - Walking by the RTD station a last time before leaving, at the northeast corner of the block I saw 2 guys standing by the stairway across the street by that corner office building where a lady went down and peed last month. One of the guys was holding a sweater and short-strapped purse, a lady must be down there peeing. I stopped and waited, sure enough about 10 seconds later a lady comes up the steps snapping up the front waist of her jeans. The guy handed her the sweater and she put it on, almost falling trying to do it as she was drunk as the other guy grabbed her to keep her from falling. They stood there a moment before the guy gave her the purse and they crossed the street and passed me, she looked a lot like the earlier innocent lady - average height and thin, long brown hair and a young face. Crossing the street and looking over the railing down to the patio for her puddle (again the same place where desp158 in my website sample album peed), and surprise: the area was completely dark as the lights that are usually on in that basement patio area were not on. A sign on the building wall above me was offering the space for lease, the company who was down there has apparently left since the last lady peed here last month, so with it dark down there, more people will probably be going down there to pee now, bad for me because it's too dark to see them or their puddles down there at night. I'll count any lady I see go down there as a sighting if she doesn't come right back up, probably by the time they get a new tenant in that space it will have a strong piss odor outside the window! Looks like the decision to run these downtown mall shuttle buses past the usual 1 a.m. this year is going to be great for my sightings. For the 2nd straight week there were ladies getting off at the RTD station with full bladders bursting to pee, only to find the terminal building closed and they had to pee outside! They are coming from the upper downtown area nearly a mile away, from other nightspots there.

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