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She Was Pulling Up Her Jeans

The group cheered while she was pulling up her jeans!

Dear Readers,
another lackluster weekend of piss sightings produces just 2 as I have a paltry 4 for August and just 49 for the year midway through August - I can remember years when I was getting my 100th sighting of a woman pissing during August. I'm 6 piss sightings behind last year's then record-low pace on this date, but should do better than the pitiful 6 sightings of women pissing I got last year in August.
But it's very apparent now that the piss sightings culture has changed in this sightings area, it's not the good old days of plentiful sightings of women pissing like it used to be - a time I always knew was coming at some point. Fair to good piss sightings potential still remains every night I'm there, but more ladies are making themselves hold it and just aren't peeing like they used to. Those few that do are very good and worth waiting to see though, like this week's 2 sightings.
There was a hint of the summer bladder energy I've not seen much of for the last 2 years as I almost had 4 sightings of women pissing Saturday night - almost. 2 different ladies going to the RTD block at different times headed to the pee area, where they were greeted by the Saturday night security guard - a new guy - standing right by the entrance to the pee sidewalk. He's apparently been tipped by previous guards about the late-night peeing there and decided to keep people from peeing, he definitely cost me those 2 piss sightings because it was apparent the ladies went there to pee - they immediately turned and walked away when they saw him by the pee sidewalk. Both ladies ended up going in the terminal building and to it's toilet to confirm it, one of them (with her boyfriend) didn't appear to know the building was open and the 2nd lady knew the building was open but wanted to pee outside instead. There were a couple of other ladies who hurriedly ran into the terminal building and straight to the toilet because they knew the building was open, so I lost at least 4 sightings of women pissing there Saturday night.
Crowds were again small this weekend. Friday night was the 2nd smallest crowd since I started lady-counting, Saturday night had about 180 more late-night ladies and produced both piss sightings but it was a smaller crowd than last Saturday as the crowds continue to get smaller during what should be the best part of my piss sightings year and to make it even more painful, I was realizing how no summer nights have been lost to rain as we've been having a very dry summer that's allowed me to get out every weekend this summer (I usually lose 3 or 4 summer nights to rain each year).
I varied my coverage patterns this weekend to try and find more sightings of women pissing and I got a sighting of a woman pissing in a parking lot that used to be productive but hadn't produced anything this year until now - one of the only 20 of 100-some pee spots throughout the piss sightings area where I've gotten sightings of women pissing before. Some of those spots have been lost to construction and development which happens every year, but the vast majority of the spots are still available - this year's ladies just aren't going to them and peeing. On to the stories:

Sunday, 1:38 a.m .- On the block of the 1-level parking garage, a parking lot on the corner next to that garage is one of the unproductive spots. A group of 7 people were walking by the lot, mostly empty with just 2 cars parked in it. One of the guys turned up into the lot heading back to a corner near a building wall where 1 of the cars was parked, making no secret of his intentions with his pants zipper already down and reaching inside it. His girlfriend went into the lot after him, a petite early 20's lady wearing jeans. She went over and it appeared to me from across the street, squatted down in front of him in the path of his stream while he was peeing - what?? I had to walk further down the sidewalk to get an angle that wasn't directly behind him so I could see what she was doing, her jeans were down and she was squatted about 2 feet from him. She was staring at his pee stream whizzing right by her and hitting the base of the building wall just behind her, what a crazy sight! The rest of the group, waiting on the sidewalk outside the lot, was now whooping and hollering at the 2. The guy finished first, walking out zipping up his pants while the lady peed for about 8 more seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans. The group cheered while she was pulling up her jeans so she pushed them back down to her ankles and turned around and bent over, her butt mooning the group, before pulling her jeans back up and going out to the group. It was a few minutes before the group left, I went over and found both puddles of piss by the building wall. Hers was much bigger than I expected, a big splatter spot with no streams running from it. This was definitely an August kind of piss, reckless and uninhibited!

1:53 a.m. - At the RTD block a group of people were walking in front of me as we were passing the patio area of the block. I was looking at 2 of the ladies in the group, petite ladies with one wearing black pants and lady 2 a denim miniskirt and flip flops. Suddenly the ladies turned and started walking back towards me, as they got to me lady 2 was pointing towards the pee area. "Let's go there!" she said as the 2 turned in front of me and went up the steps to the patio area and walked past the terminal building towards the pee area. The security guard had been outside but went back in the building about 5 minutes earlier, I watched as the ladies went over to the drinking fountain just off the grass by one of the benches there, where a lady peed just 2 weeks ago. I knew they didn't want water either as they both walked past the fountain onto the grass, lady 2 reaching under the sides of her skirt and going behind the trashcan/flower pot sitting in the grass near the fountain where the lady peed 2 weeks ago. Lady 1 stood on the other side of it looking around, glancing at me as lady 2 looked over at me too. She then yanked up her skirt and squatted down behind the trashcan where I could see only the top of her head, peeing quietly in the grass while lady 1 stared at me to make sure I didn't try to go over there. They knew the building was open but didn't want to go in, these ladies must not think there's an open toilet in the building! She stood up from behind the trash can about 15 seconds later and came out pulling her skirt back into place, the 2 went back to their waiting friends.
Again, I hate the grass pisses because I can't see the puddles of piss, but as frustrating as this year has been I realized here how much I still love watching ladies pee in unusual places! With this being sighting number 2145 since I started keeping track of my piss sightings, it's just as fascinating to see as it was for that first sighting of a woman pissing years ago. With sightings of women pissing so few and far between there are no picture opportunities to be had, I'm not even thinking about pictures when I go out these days. I just have to make sure I don't fall "asleep at the wheel" and not react in time if something happens right in front of me that I can shoot, which I know is how it will happen when I do get another picture opportunity.

Lady-count: 340 late-hour ladies Friday night and 517 Saturday night, with altered patterns and me not spending as much time in the same spots as I have been. Another '0' pee percentage Friday night and 3.9 tenths of 1 percent pee percentage from Saturday night's 2 piss sightings, overall about 2 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies have peed.
My piss sightings ratio from the counts on the nights I get sightings of women pissing is 1 sighting of a woman pissing every 344.4 ladies, with the crowd sizes being a little smaller or bigger than that each night you can see why I'm getting just 1 or 2 piss sightings. Too bad I wasn't doing this during my big piss sightings years, the numbers would have been fascinating!
But with so many sightings of women pissing in those days I probably couldn't have remembered the lady-count numbers along with all the details of my sightings, I got a lot more distracted in those days than I do now which would have had me forgetting some of the numbers.

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