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Lady Takes a Really Long Piss

Probably the longest piss I've seen a lady take!

Dear Readers,
an absolutely heavenly weekend, 13 sightings in the first Oktoberfest weekend to give me 17 for September and 96 for the year: I will get 100 sightings again, probably next weekend, for the 16th time in my 19 years of sightings!
What a great bounce-back year this has been after last year's record low 75 sightings, totally unexpected and just what I needed this year in particular to give me some enjoyment in an otherwise horrible time for me.
Absolutely amazing, how I continue to be destined to find ladies so desperate they pee outside in front of me!
Only 3 of the sightings came at Oktoberfest, I actually ended up shooting video of 2 of them because that was actually easier to do than snapping shots. They will count as 2 pictures, they are the 6th and 7th sightings videos I've shot since getting this camera in 2007. They are better than the earlier ones as I get better at it (although still not as good as I want) and I have to admit it's even more stunning watching the ladies I describe in my stories squat and push down their panties and pee on video: it is more powerful than the shots. It was one of those rare weekends when ladies were getting desperate everywhere and taking sexy outdoor pisses, I only get these every few years.
The 13 sightings were my 2nd best on an Oktoberfest weekend and tie for my 3rd best weekend, 16 sightings on the 2nd Oktoberfest weekend of 2001 were my best ever and I snapped 2 shots that weekend. That year was my best September ever with 29 sightings and the year's top month, it was also my best sightings year with a record 181 sightings. I got my 100th sighting that year on July 29, about 2 months before I'll get it this year.
Active alley continued its amazing luck with 3 of the sightings, it's 25 sightings are now 9 more than the next busiest spot.
Weather was cooler, temps in the low 60's Friday night and upper 50's Saturday night. 9 of the sightings came on a magical Friday night, 4 Saturday night.
At Oktoberfest the crowd was huge as I expected, lots of people chugging that beer. Some of the boarded up buildings along the Oktoberfest blocks have been redeveloped into bars, all of them plus the ones from last year who let people in to use the bathrooms were again letting people in, some guys were peeing outside or using the potties and a lot of ladies went into the bars; thought that would completely kill my sightings but it didn't on Friday night because so many ladies had to pee!
Long report today, stories:
Saturday, 12:01 a.m.- I walked to the middle block where the porta potties were, watching a corner parking lot by the side street where the potty station was. Suddenly 2 ladies emerge from the crowds on the street into the parking lot, walking towards the alley behind the lot and not noticing the potties on the side street behind the lot. One of them, a tall blonde with her hair in pigtails wearing a yellow German Oktoberfest short dress with white knee socks, was carrying an empty beer mug and was visibly distressed, couldn't even make it to the alley and went up between 2 cars parked in the row by the corner building next to that lot. Lights near the top of the building lit the area clearly, she turned her back to the wall and hiked up her dress and squatted down by the front of the car in a clear front view to me near the outside of the lot by the street and immediately let loose a hard stream - I don't think she could have made it to the alley! Her friend, petite with long brown hair wearing jeans, stood near her watching her pee but did not guard her as I had a clear view. A shot was out with so many people nearby, with her well-lit I pulled out the camera and shifted it into video mode and started shooting video.
Since I hadn't planned on this I didn't have the camera ready until about 10 seconds into her piss, then I noticed 4 security guards nearby who were looking at me. So I pointed the camera in her direction and walked over to where I had a clear view of her, about 50 feet away - facing the street and holding the camera at my side so nobody thought I was staring at her. She peed about 45 seconds before standing up and pulling up her panties and walking out, she and the other lady stood there talking and I stopped the video.
12:08 a.m.- A long-haired blonde in a long blue dress entered the parking lot from the crowds on the street, also carrying an empty beer mug and in a hurry as she was holding up the bottom of her ankle-length blue dress practically running. But instead of going to the potty station she turned into the alley, going about 2 buildings down before turning up by a dumpster yanking up her dress and squatting down on the far side of it out of my view. About 25 seconds later she popped up and walked out the other end of the alley, noticeably more relaxed.
12:22 a.m.- The lady in the Oktoberfest dress who peed earlier and her friend were still by those cars talking, when her friend started unsnapping the front of her jeans and went over by the wall where the Oktoberfest lady peed. The security guards were now gone and I knew I would video this one so I was ready quicker, got more of this piss. But I still had to turn so I wasn't facing them and hold the camera to my side in their direction so people didn't think I was watching them, making the videos a little bouncy and at times the ladies move off the screen before I get them back in the video. After about 30 seconds she finishes and stands up and pulls up her jeans, I stop the video.

How did these 2 videos come out? I couldn't find them when I tried to play them back so I thought I didn't get them, trying again after I got home I found both - I'll summarize at the end of this night's stories.

I left there after 1 a.m., going into my regular sightings area (the busy area just a block away). I stopped by active alley for awhile and of course it produced another sighting!
1:43 a.m.- A 20's couple went into active alley, but stood by the back of the corner building next to the parking lot talking. Ladies don't go into alleys unless they're going to pee so I waited them out, finally after a few minutes the lady - average height and slim with shoulder length brown hair wearing short blue-jean shorts, crossed her thighs and pressed her hand into her crotch and started whining. The boyfriend grabbed her arm and they went into the alley, pushing a dumpster away from the next building where she ran behind it and squatted. She came out about 15 seconds later and then he peed, they walked back out of the alley past me with her being much more relaxed.
2:21 a.m.- On the RTD block now I was on the north west end by the employee parking lot since I've not had much luck at the pee sidewalk area on the south end of the block. Among the people walking by 2 20's ladies in jeans and a guy turned into the parking lot, walking back towards a loading dock area behind the administration building. A dumpster was by the loading dock, the ladies went behind it and peed while the guy stood guard. I believe this group was probably at Oktoberfest, the club ladies are usually dressed sexier.
2:26 a.m.- I saw 2 other ladies go up to the terminal building, which fortunately I saw the security guard inside lock up a few minutes earlier. They went back out to the street to flag down a cab, both early 20's; lady 1 tall and slim with long brown hair wearing a short white sheer dress and lady 2 petite with black hair wearing black jeans. I was going up on the patio area to go to the south end of the block when lady 1 suddenly turned from the sidewalk and walked up on the patio area, walking quickly by the locked terminal building. I knew immediately she was going to pee, walking with her arms folded and her sexy dress flying up with each step as she was walking quickly. She went across the grass towards the steps leading down to the employee parking lot, lady 2 following some 20 feet behind her. She went down the steps and lady 2 followed, I went over there and instead of looking down over the top of the wall I went down the sidewalk by the administration building and looked back where I could see down there if they were at that wall near the steps. I saw lady 2 squatted by the wall and heard her splattering but couldn't see lady 1, she was done quickly and walking back up the steps. I heard loud splattering from lady 1 who was still peeing but couldn't see her, it was coming from a corner I couldn't see from where I was. As I started walking back towards there lady 1 was now coming up the steps, walked across the grass back towards the street making a call on her cell phone: it was really sexy seeing her so desperate and hearing her loud splattering! When they got to the sidewalk a cab quickly stops for them, I went down the steps to where they were and found both puddles among a pee-soaked area where others had peed before them.
2:43 a.m.- On my way back to my car I left the busy block when I saw 3 ladies bunched up by a dumpster in the alley across the street, which is the alley behind one of the Oktoberfest blocks. Was somebody peeing? After about 15 seconds the group moved and a lady stands up behind them, pretty with long reddish-brown hair zipping up her tight jeans. These were definitely club ladies, all of them dressed tight and sexy.

Videos: A bit out of practice, I had inadvertently filmed additional short videos after each of the 2 peeing ladies. After deleting those I found what I wanted, got both of them! Lady 1, I started late and she is squatted for just a few seconds before standing up and pulling up her panties under her dress in the first 40 second video. Of course the images are small since I'm far away and can't use zoom when shooting video with my camera, but the video is amazingly clear with the light from the building above them with noises of Oktoberfest revelers heard in the background. I like watching her stand up and pull up her panties and flip up her dress pulling everything back into place, it's sexy!
Video 2 of her friend is 32 seconds, got more of her piss but more bouncing as I walked more to get closer since the security guards were gone then. The ladies are more clearly visible in both videos than I expected, the bouncing isn't too bad all things considered: I just don't have the luxury of being able to stand facing the ladies and hold the camera still from start to finish: can't stare at them through the LCD window indefinitely and make it obvious what I'm doing! Still these are the best sightings videos I've shot so far, these were shot at the 320 x 240 setting I have the camera's video at, since I've got a bigger memory card now (2 gigs) I've set it to 640 x 480 to try the bigger format since I'm so far away from the ladies.
I'd like people to see these if they want them but have still not figured out how I want to do it, there are so many more things to consider than my caught-in-the-act still photos of sightings.

It rained earlier Saturday evening and it was cooler that night. The late Oktoberfest crowd was smaller than Friday but still pretty big, but no energy in this crowd at all and no sightings there: I left at 1 a.m. and worked my normal sightings area, where I got 4 sightings.
Sunday, 1:53 a.m.- outside active alley on the busy block end I noticed 2 ladies on the corner of the busy block talking to other people among the crowds leaving the bars. Both were petite wearing jeans, one of them pretty animated and impatient. Finally she ended the conversation and started jogging down the sidewalk towards me by the alley, a pained look on her face as her friend chased after her. She pressed her hand into her crotch before turning into the alley, running to dumpsters about 2 buildings down and stopping to wait for her friend. She then unsnapped her jeans and squatted down beside the dumpster as her friend stood guard, about a 40 second piss before she stood up and stepped out snapping up the front of her jeans. Then her friend went beside the dumpster while she stood guard, I started walking through the alley to the other end, when I passed them lady 2 was still squatted and had just finished and was pulling up her black panties.
1:59 a.m.- coming out of active alley and crossing the street to the big parking lot a couple had just got to their car. About to open the door the lady turned and started heading straight back to the alley, she was mid 20's average height with below shoulder black hair wearing jeans. She was already unsnapping the front waist of her jeans as she ran across the alley into that popular driveway near my end of the block, the boyfriend running after her. He helped her pull 2 dumpsters on one side of the driveway apart and she went between them and frantically pushed her jeans down and squatted, I had a front view of her from outside the lot on the sidewalk near the alley until the boyfriend stepped in front of her and stood guard. But she took so long he lost interest, finally after about a minute walking back into the lot to their car to wait for her. I watched her pee for about another minute, was she taking a dump? Finally she stood up and pulled up her panties and jeans, snapped everything up and walked out and back to her waiting boyfriend. I went over to look at the puddle since this driveway is lighted, a big wet area where she squatted with pee running under the dumpsters on each side. Probably the longest piss I've seen a lady take, about 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
2:22 a.m.- At the RTD block a group who had been sitting on a ledge by the sidewalk for awhile got up and started walking back across the patio towards the pee areas. It was 2 fat, dumpy, petite white ladies and 2 thug-type black boyfriends, one of the ladies was holding the crotch of her black sweatpants - no, I didn't want to see her! They went back to the grassy area where she pushed down her sweatpants and squatted and peed in the grass, they were in a mostly dark area as I watched from the sidewalk.
Next weekend is supposed to be warm and dry both nights, looking forward to getting my 100th sighting then!

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