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Women caught peeing. Amazing ladies piss sightings.

Dear Readers,
I'm stunned!
Despite another bad weather weekend which had me expecting nothing woman caught peeing -wise, I got 3 piss sightings and another new women caught peeing shot. One of the woman caught peeing was my most enjoyable one ever, how do you figure that happening on a night when the temperature is around freezing? The picture is just as improbable, it's of a black lady - only the 2nd time I've snapped one and this should be a very good shot. Of course, it didn't come without some stressful excitement!

I've now passed last year's piss sightings total, have 151 for the year and 9 for October. The picture is my 2nd for October, 22nd this year and 163rd overall. I'm feeling like a well-fed hog with the pictures, I've done much better this year than I expected. I've been able to release all of my women caught peeing shots this year, haven't had even a few bad weeing shots like in past years as I've gotten noticeably better at the photography. Any more peeing shots I get from now to the end of the year is 'gravy', but of course if the opportunities continue to present themselves.....

There was a constant drizzle with temps in the 30's most of the day on Friday. It stopped raining late and I went out for a short while, seeing nothing among the small crowd. Saturday was a few degrees better (still in the 30's) but no rain, dry all day. Cold temperatures by themselves don't stop ladies from peeing like rain or snow does, so I bundled up in my coat and knit hat and went out again - and was immediately rewarded. I noticed big crowds out and mostly full parking lots everywhere. I saw lots of the usual ladies dressed in skimpy clothes with no coats, complaining about the cold as they were hurrying to their cars or other bars. The great pee stories (picture date and Desp album number in parenthesis):

1:16 a.m.(10-8-00, Desp 162)- I was walking through a not-so-active part of the pee woman caught peeing area, by a parking lot next to a bar that had been good to me in the past (3 peeing pictures in this lot and 1 in the alley behind it).
2 ladies came out of the bar next to it and entered the parking lot, walking over to a van parked by the building wall in the middle of the lot. They were late 20ish, one of the ladies a tall blonde and the other a slim black lady with long curly black hair. As they squeezed between the building wall and driver's side of the van, the black lady took her long- strapped purse off her shoulder and gave it to the blonde who was opening the driver's door. She put her hands on the side waist of her black pants like she was ready to push them down, hiking up her black waist length jacket in the process. She just came out of the bar and it was cold, why didn't she use the bathroom before she left? That's the most fascinating thing about this to me, why some ladies consistently don't! She disappeared beside the van as I entered the lot, getting out the camera as I walked over there. I heard her piss splattering as I got near the van, she was peeing good and hard. I stepped over where I could see her between the van and building wall, camera pointed. She was in a high sitting position, pants down to mid thigh in a front view to me. The blonde was standing behind her with the van door open, totally useless in shielding her. The black lady was looking down at her work as I pushed the shutter button, but it locked and didn't fire. Now she looked up at me, saw the camera and quickly got upset. Since she was going to be mad anyway, I might as well get a picture out of this! I pushed the shutter again and this time the flash fired. "Oh, OK!!" she said as I turned and started walking off. I quickly heard footsteps, looked back to see her walking towards me tucking her reddish sweater back into her pants. "Why don't you come back here so I can beat your butt?" she said angrily and started running towards me. I jogged off, her chasing me for a few feet cussing at me. I kinda expected this, I mentioned in a report in August how different the reactions of black and Hispanic women can sometimes be when I catch them, compared to white women's reactions. They are much more likely to be very angry and intense and ready to get violent, like this lady was. She was pretty and squatted in a very sexy position, this should be a wonderful shot - it better be, for what I had to endure! The cold was the reason for the camera's shutter delay, it took the battery longer to activate the flash. Fortunately it wasn't too cold for it to work, I'll have to find a way to keep this camera warmer if I go out on winter nights.

2:10 a.m.- Walking by the big active parking lot I saw a car back in the alley sitting in a driveway behind a parking garage near one end of the block. It's back was facing the alley, lights on and I could see someone in the driver's seat. The passenger door was open, I was out on the sidewalk outside the lot so I was pretty far away. Walking over to where I could see by the open passenger door, a short haired blonde was squatted facing me inside the open door, she was pissing a flood in the driveway. The piss puddle around her boots was huge, I stopped where I was to watch because she'd be finished by the time I got there. She peed another 5 seconds before wiping herself with something and throwing it down, then stood up and pulled up her jeans and got in the car. It backed out into the alley and drove off before I could get there, I didn't get a good look at her. Going over to the driveway she left a man sized piss puddle, there was a big ball of wadded up pee-stained toilet paper in the piss puddle that she had wiped herself with. Some guys like this, but I think it's a nasty and disrespectful thing to do!

2:15 a.m.- Best ever! Walking down the street just outside this alley a group of 2 guys and 3 ladies in their 20's were walking down the sidewalk on the other side. 2 of the ladies stopped to cross over to my side, waiting for cars to pass - but one of them seemed anxious to cross, stepping out and holding up her arm at the honking cars and making them stop as she crossed the street, not wanting to wait for the cars. She was either very drunk, or very something - did she have to pee? She was about 5' 8" and slim, long brown hair and wearing a black sweater with a tan suede below knee length skirt and long brown heeled boots, carrying a long-strapped purse over one shoulder. She was cute, I liked her a lot! Her nor any of the ladies were wearing coats. She stopped on the corner as she got to my side of the street. I passed her as the others crossed and went over to her. I stopped to wait for cars to pass at the street corner, looked at her as they walked off. One of the other ladies was with her, a pretty blonde in tight black pants as the others stood at the corner by me talking. She went into the building doorway of the corner building just a few feet away, grabbed the lower sides of her skirt and started pulling it up as she turned around to face the street. The blonde stood in front of her, she did have to pee! But she changed her mind, came out and they walked off down the sidewalk. Now I had to follow them, I sure wanted to see her pee! She was looking around very intently at every building for a place to go, running up the steps to the doorway of the very next building. The blonde followed, turning around to stand guard at the top of the steps so I knew the cute lady was right behind her. A valet parking garage is right next to this doorway (I snapped a lady peeing on it's driveway last January: Desp 142 [1-23-00] in album 7). One of the valet guys was getting a car parked on the street and saw them. He walked over, pointing at her. "Don't do that!" he said. "There's a bathroom in the club on the corner across the street, you can still go in there." By now I was walking past the doorway, looked up to the top of the steps (about 6) at her. She was standing behind the blonde, behind a railing next to the building wall right by the top of the steps. Light from a light on the wall was lighting her clearly, she was again holding the lower sides of her skirt with it partially pulled up where I could see above her knees and part of her thighs above the top of her boots. There was a pretty long sidewalk back to the front doors of the building, an office building.
"I'm gonna pee without pulling my clothes down and showing anything!", she said to the valet guy as though this should impress him. I was loving this, but hoping the valet guy would make her leave so she'd go to a place more private to pee where I had a better chance to snap her. Everyone stood silent for a moment, then she started puling her skirt up to her hips and squatted down next to the building wall. The valet guy surprisingly just walked off, I was on the other side of the stairway with a clear front / side view of her. The blonde didn't move over to block my view, other people were on the sidewalk in front of them that she didn't want to see her friend. The squatted lady had her thighs together and feet spread, was looking down at the ground as her gold pee stream started shooting forward between her boots and hitting the pavement in front of her feet, making a gentle piss splattering noise. She looked up at me and smiled, I wanted so badly to take out my camera and snap her but too many people were there! Suddenly the 3rd lady and the 2 guys walked up to me, the lady saying, "Don't watch her! That's my friend!" She then reached her hand up and put it over my eyes, seeming more embarrassed for her friend than angry at me. "She's peeing by a public building!" I said smiling as I moved my face away from her hand. The lady was still peeing hard, her stream clearly visible still shooting forward to the ground. The piss puddle in front of her boots was getting big and about to run over the top step. "Don't look!" the other lady said as she put her hand over my eyes again. By now people on the street were looking over there and she yelled out, "Don't any of you look at my friend!" Everybody started laughing, I moved my face away from her hand again to see the cute lady's pee stream slowing to a trickle. She quickly stood up as the other lady got in my face again, I saw her pull up her panties and quickly pull her skirt back down. She came down the steps, her purse dangling on it's long strap still over her shoulder. She was looking right at me as she came down, walked up to me. "Sorry you had to see that!" she said. Damn, that got to me! I wanted to grab her and kiss her, this whole scene was a huge turn-on the way it unfolded! Certainly no need for her to apologize, it's so cute how ladies will do that!
The group went halfway down the block and tried to flag down a cab as I went up the steps and looked at her piss puddle. It was big, wrapping around the concrete pillar that was in front of where she squatted and pooling up right at the top of the steps. I came back out to the sidewalk as they were walking off, giving up on trying to get a cab. A couple of guys in a pickup truck stopped and offered the group a ride, the 2 guys and blonde in pants jumping into the back. This lady pulled her skirt up to where I could see her panties, trying to get it out of the way so she could spread her legs wide enough to climb up into the back of the truck. But she still couldn't do it, finally saying "I can't do this in a skirt!" "Neither can I!" said the lady who had put her hand over my eyes, who was wearing a long blue print dress. The guys pulled them both into the back of the truck, the lady who peed pulling her skirt up again with her legs spread as she tried to sit down. "I have to hike up my skirt just to sit down back here!" she said as the truck sped off. Damn, what a sexy lady she was! Walking back to the car to leave it didn't seem cold any more. Are these cold nights worth it to go out on? No question, yes!
Why is this the best pee sighting I've ever had?
Aside from being attracted to this lady and how she was dressed, I was able to enjoy this one from the very beginning when she gave the indication she had to pee through it's conclusion. I've never seen a lady pee somewhere after being told not to and I can't describe how exciting it was watching her stand at the top of the steps holding her skirt after being told not to pee there. She didn't leave so I knew she was going to pee and boy was my heart racing when she started pulling up her skirt and squatting down - despite being told not to and seeing me standing about 8 feet away! Because she was at the top of the steps her lower body and feet were at about shoulder to face level for me and with the building light shining on her I could clearly see and hear every drop of her flowing stream. It was so sexy the way she kept looking at me and smiling while she was peeing, then standing up and pulling up her panties and pushing her skirt down as I continued to watch. Then she walks up to me and is so sweet in apologizing for her behavior!
Other than being peed on, how does it get better than this?
As wonderful as a shot of her pissing would have been, I couldn't have gotten one without disturbing the 'naturalness' of her piss since she saw me early and other people were there. A must for my shots is to catch the ladies in completely natural behavior, unchanged by the presence of me and my camera. That's what makes the shots so enjoyable!

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