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She had to pee and her friend stood in front shielding her.

Dear Readers,
no sightings to report this week, snow all weekend kept me from going out for sightings. 2 weekends ago was the one to get my 100th sighting, mild night temps both nights (in the 40's) for probably the last time this year and decent crowds in the sightings area both nights. But the ladies didn't pee, I didn't see hardly anyone who was even desperate that weekend and now snow this weekend, just like the snow on this weekend the last 2 years that started the run of bad-weather weekends the rest of the year that ended my sightings years early.
Hope it doesn't happen again this year!
2 reasons I write today:
First, I still find when I don't write for a few weeks I get e-mails asking where is the report that week, have I stopped doing my sightings. I like that, after so many years people still enjoy hearing about my sightings! We're now into the time of year I hate, the cold-weather months that are basically my sightings off-season so there will be clusters of weeks where I don't go out because of winter weather. January (after New Years' Eve) through March/early April are the slowest times of the year, I write maybe once during those months most years with fresh sightings and primarily do special feature stuff during that time - memorable sightings, picture stories and such. So yes I'm still doing my sightings work, just less of it during this time of year.

The other reason I write is about my last report, the 2 Halloween night ladies featured in the pictures in that report. The puddle shot of the pig-tailed blonde in the green tooth-fairy dress who peed in a building front doorway just off a sidewalk, there was pee on the base of the wall above her puddle on the rug that I wondered how she did that since she squatted all the way down. Answer: after remembering the details of that scene, she was standing in the doorway and said she had to pee and her friend stood in front of her as she squatted down and I couldn't see most of her after that. She had her hands under the sides of her short dress reaching for her panties while still standing, when her friend moved in front of her and she squatted down her stream must have started coming out before she squatted all the way down. Yes, that would explain the pee on the wall above her puddle, in a bent-over position going down to a squat her stream would have flowed back behind her slightly and likely hit the base of the wall before she squatted all the way down. The lady in the denim miniskirt with what looked like a pee spot on the back of it, was that actually what it was? I concluded that it was, thinking about it I could have easily found out by just walking up and asking the lady. Gutsy or embarrassing? Guys and ladies talk to me just about every night when I'm there (usually asking for directions to a particular bar) and the ladies have always been open about peeing matters: they often express desperation openly and don't mind people knowing they have to pee, or seeing them go off to an outdoor spot to do it - like the first story of that Halloween report, the lady who bragged about her "pee ticket" after she got caught peeing outside - although most don't want to actually be seen peeing outside. If this lady peed on herself she probably would have admitted it if I asked her, if she wasn't aware she wet herself she would have gotten embarrassed by me pointing it out to her - either way I would get my answer. I'll do that from now on, ask ladies in wet skirts or pants what happened. The question is, if a lady in wet clothes tells me it is because she did pee on herself, should I count it as a sighting if I didn't actually see her have her accident?
The 2 ladies I snapped shots of who peed in their pants, I saw both of them do it and a 3rd lady I saw this summer who unknowingly peed on the back of her dress when she squatted between cars in a parking lot and peed, I saw that whole sighting so I knew that wet spot on her dress was from her own pee.
Such fun situations to ponder! No, this is still too much fun to give up as I never know when I'm going to see that next lady in wet clothes. But it's 99% more likely I'll see a lady pee outside somewhere, win-win I call that! Cold and possible snow next weekend, I might be able to get out 1 of the 2 nights - we'll see. But the weekend after Thanksgiving is the one I'm focusing on, traditionally the best November sightings weekend that bad weather has taken away the last 2 years.