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She quickly pushed down her jeans to pee, exposing her bare butt.

Dear Readers,
a dual report this week, my new sightings and a summary of my Octoberfest sightings since this year probably was the last Oktoberfest.
This week's sightings are the shortest part of today's report, I got just 1 sighting last weekend to start October. 89 sightings for the year now which ties last year's total, for the first time in 3 years I will get more sightings than the previous year. A 1-night weekend of work this week, just Saturday night because Friday night temps dropped below freezing and I'm not ready for that kind of cold yet so I stayed home.
Saturday night temps were around 50, typical October as it's warm some days and winter some days. But with days continuing to get shorter it will get a little colder each weekend, the best of the year is now behind us. This week's story, followed by my Oktoberfest summary:
Sunday, 1:39 a.m .- leaving the RTD block heading towards the busy area I was among lots of people walking down that street. I just happened to look at a group of people walking by a parking garage driveway across the street (2 ladies and a guy) when one of the ladies suddenly ran in the driveway and around the 3-feet high brick wall bordering the sidewalk, an early 20's blonde in jeans. She quickly pushed down her jeans, exposing her bare butt before squatting down with her back to the wall right by the driveway entrance. People were walking by on the sidewalk just behind her, nobody seeming to notice her as the other lady and guy tried to stand guard in the driveway to protect their friend with both of them seeming embarrassed. The blonde stood up about 15 seconds later and pulled up her jeans, the group stepped back out to the sidewalk and walked off. I crossed the street and went into the garage to look at her puddle, it was a pool of pee sitting right by the base of the wall with the ground being level and no streams running from the puddle. Quite a few foamy spots were scattered throughout the puddle, beer foam from a big beer piss. The blonde seemed like she had a sudden bladder spasm, lost control and was starting to pee on herself she stepped around the wall just off the sidewalk and ripped open her jeans and squatted just before she would have had the peeing accident. I wanted to snap a shot of her beer-foam puddle but noticed a van sitting near another driveway just around the corner of the block from there, the security guard who usually works there was sitting in it staring at me standing over the puddle. He had seen the whole sighting, just sat in the van and watched this desperate lady pee in his garage and made no effort to do anything about it. After that I saw a few ladies who acted like they were going to pee but none did, very frustrating as I wanted to get another sighting and pass last year's total this night!
It's like pulling teeth getting these sightings, such a slow pace! Can I get just 11 more?
Oktoberfest summary: I've kept track of sightings at a few yearly special-event nights over the years, Oktoberfest and New Years' Eve being the major ones.
With Oktoberfest gone probably for good, I looked at my sightings and shots there over the 17 years I worked it to recall the most memorable ones:
I got 46 sightings and 10 shots on Oktoberfest grounds over those years, which are 15% of my September sightings and 32% of my September shots.
Best Oktoberfests were in 2001 (11 sightings and 2 shots) and 2002 (6 sightings 3 shots), there have been 2 Oktoberfests where I got no sightings at all:
My first one back in '93, I got 3 sightings and snapped shots of 2 of them. These numbers don't include the sightings of ladies who were at Oktoberfest and peed elsewhere in the sightings area later, I kept track of them some years but not every year so I don't know exactly how many of them there were - although some years (like this year) I kept track of them.
My 4 sightings on Oktoberfest's first weekend this year were from ladies who drank their bladders full at Oktoberfest and peed elsewhere in the sightings area and I can remember occasional ladies scattered over the years who did the same thing. I'd say for each of the 46 sightings I got on the Oktoberfest grounds, 4 other ladies drank their bladders full there and left and peed outside somewhere else in the sightings area (about 284 other ladies).
So 230 sightings has been the 'approximate sightings impact' of Oktoberfest in my 17 years working it, an average of 13.5 sightings each year between the Oktoberfest grounds and the rest of my sightings area those nights. 6 of the 10 shots were ladies on the Oktoberfest grounds, 2 were ladies I saw at Oktoberfest who peed later in other parts of the sightings area and 2 were ladies coming from bars and clubs near the Oktoberfest area who weren't at Oktoberfest and peed in parking lots in the Oktoberfest area.
Summaries of my best Oktoberfest sightings and shots over the years:
My most powerful year when I snapped the 3 shots, all incredibly desperate ladies. On the patio area outside a restaurant in the middle of the Oktoberfest block, a desperate lady in jeans came over from the crowds in the street and asked a security guard near me if there were a bathrooms there. He said no and she walked quickly down the hallway to another patio area where other restaurant patios were with people sitting at tables, none of those restaurants let Oktoberfest people in to use their bathrooms. Walking tensely with arms folded back to the patio area, when she saw no bathrooms there she immediately went down steps by one of the buildings to a dark basement storage door, I heard loud splattering and pointed my camera over the railing down at her and snapped her squatted at the bottom of the steps pissing loudly and uncontrollably (desp193/alb 11). I felt bad for her but it was so damn sexy seeing her so desperate she went to the extremes she did to avoid peeing on herself! Other Oktoberfest revellers were sitting around that area drinking beer so I stayed there and soon another young lady in white jeans got up from her friends and walked over to a restaurant that wouldn't let her in. She went down steps next to it to a basement building that was vacant then, squatting in front of it's door and splattering loudly as I pointed my camera down over the railing and snapped her shot (desp195/alb 11). Earlier I saw a beautiful blonde in a sexy black sheer dress walk by with another lady on the block behind there, coming from a dance club on the far corner of that block. She went to a parking lot on the corner behind the Oktoberfest block, took off her high heels when she got to their car, bent over and spread her legs inside the open car door and took a spectacular double-stream piss making a huge puddle. I snapped her shot from behind (desp 194/alb 11). Hers is one of my top 5 shots, the kind of big-bladder out-of-control pisses I rarely see these days.
2001: A record 16 sightings that weekend that still is the most I've gotten in a weekend, 11 at that 1st weekend of Oktoberfest. Ladies were having trouble waiting in the potty lines that year, several breaking from the lines and running into the parking lot next to the street where the potties were and going between parked cars. I snapped 2 ladies peeing together (desp181/alb 10) and another one by herself (desp182/alb 10) and watched several others take loud pisses there. The highlight was a young corporate couple still dressed in their work clothes (him in a suit and her a blazer/ knee length skirt and clunky-heeled shoes), her visibly drunk as they left with him holding her up trying to walk. They passed by a parking garage driveway, she went in and hiked up her skirt and bent over in an awkward position to pee, he was embarrassed by this and tried to stop her but she told him she was gonna bust if he didn't let her pee. So with me watching from the sidewalk she spread her legs and pissed a flood in the driveway in her awkward bent-over position, him so embarrassed he couldn't look at her. I wanted this shot so badly, but couldn't snap it with him standing right there!
1997: I encountered 2 ladies I saw at Oktoberfest earlier that night come out of a bar and followed them back to a parking lot since they drank quite a bit of beer at Oktoberfest. Going between theirs and the next car in the parking lot they opened the driver's door and bent over to pee standing, the 2nd lady pulling her short black miniskirt up over her waist inside-out and pulled her panties down to mid-thigh and started splattering a loud stream to the pavement behind her feet. I walked up and snapped her shot, her seeing me and laughing (desp98/alb 2). For every lady I've seen pee on the Oktoberfest grounds I've seen about 4 who left and peed later somewhere else in the sightings area, this was the first of those ladies I snapped a shot of.
1993: the 2 shots I snapped in that first Oktoberfest I worked weren't good, it was raining that night and the dark wet ground made the shots too dark. One lady in shorts squatted by a statue on a corner across the street from the Oktoberfest block and peed in the rain (desp25), the 2nd lady left the area and went to a parking lot and peed beside her car in the rain (desp26).
2005: my last Oktoberfest shot, another lady who couldn't wait in the potty lines and went into the parking lot next to the potty area and squatted between cars (desp216/alb 12).
Many wonderful memories of desperate ladies running into this lot and pissing floods between cars, both from crowds on the streets and ladies waiting in the potty lines.
The Oktoberfest event left this area and moved 7 blocks to the area it's in now in 2007, where the dynamics of the area for female sightings aren't as good as they were in the old area.
This year's 2nd week was the best the new area has produced in what is probably the last Oktoberfest, a story in Sunday's paper talked about the redevelopment plans for that area which probably guarantees the event's demise there: the new area has a lot of vacant buildings like the old Oktoberfest area had when the event started there in the mid 80's.
My strongest memories of Oktoberfest are how intense the desperation was for the ladies and the desperate things they did to get relief. Lots of powerful memories of ladies in potty lines so desperate they ran to nearby trees and a parking lot and ladies in the middle of conversations darting away because they were starting to pee on themselves. I saw many desperate ladies rush into alleys and other buildings in the area to pee in the bushes, grass, sidewalks, patios and behind benches and go down the steps beside buildings to pee.
The pisses were long and hard and lots of other people were always nearby but these ladies just couldn't help themselves!
The new area just didn't have the same energy, but its 3rd year this year was it's best one. Not every year was great, but the potential was always there every year with thousands of ladies in a small area drinking beer until their bladders were aching for a piss. I will definitely miss it!

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