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She took a long piss, nearly 40 seconds!

Dear Readers,
I end a fabulous bust-out July with 4 sightings in it's final weekend to finish the month with 25, almost triple last year's 9 and my best July since I got 28 sightings in 2000. This will rank as my 5th best July ever (out of 19), the only downside here is I got no shots this month. But I passed on another I could have gotten this weekend, the 3rd this month so I am just not going after them like I used to. But shot opportunities are definitely fewer, more ladies in pairs or groups are peeing 1 at a time and guarding each other instead of everybody peeing together like they used to that produced so many shot opportunities. For the first time since July 2000 I got a sighting each of the 10 nights I went out, that year also being a 5-weekend month. 57 sightings for the year, 31 sightings at the end of July last year. I haven't had this many sightings at the end of July since 2006 when I had 76 (20 July sightings, finished that year with 127). My overall average is 72 sightings by the end of July, so I'm still well below a normal pace but could catch up with good months in August and September - so I'm motivated to keep going out.
I set new crowd-size records this month, this really was like July in my early years when all my sightings records were set during this month. The late-hour lady count average was 139 more per night than the record set in August last year (745 to 606), a total of just under 1400 more ladies during the month. That seems to indicate that the bigger the crowds the more peeing, but that large August crowd last year only produced 7 sightings (1 tenth of 1%) while this month's 25 sightings were 3 tenths of 1% of the month's late-hour ladies. The truth is the bigger the crowds the better the sightings potential, it's impossible to nail down the exact reasons why more ladies pee on some nights but not others when the conditions are the same. I wondered how these crowd numbers compare to those of my early big-sightings years, but I wasn't doing my lady-counts back then so I don't know. I'd guess the crowds would be bigger now, there's more people here than in those days. I started doing my late-hour ladycounting about 3 years ago to occupy my mind on slow nights when my sightings started diminishing, I've kept it up because it's interesting to know just how many ladies I see out of every 100 who actually pee.
Night temps were in the upper 70's both nights as we continue our heat wave here. 1 sighting Friday night and 3 Saturday night, all 4 sightings coming in the busy area where I've gotten so many sightings in recent weeks until last week, so I'm ready to say not covering this area in recent years when cops had the heavy presence there is why my sightings have dipped below 100 the last few years: this part of the area is still where all the action remains. My stories will be followed by my August preview, I'll do one now since my sightings seem to have gotten back on track this year.
Saturday, 1:55 a.m.- Watching the alley behind the warehouse music hall a couple among the crowds walking by turned into the alley. The lady was leading the way, a slim early 20's blonde with blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a blue striped knit short dress and black leggings. She went to a corner near the back of the 2nd building and quickly hiked up her dress and yanked her leggings down and squatted in the open with a clear side view to me from across the street outside the (former) big active parking lot. The boyfriend loosely stood guard about 20 feet away, mostly watching for people coming into the alley. This was a long emergency piss, nearly 40 seconds; she was taking so long the boyfriend looked over at her a couple of times to see what was taking so long. Finally she stood up and pulled up her leggings and the couple walked down the alley to the other end and the busy area. She is the 3rd lady I've seen pee in that exact spot in the last month, a rare occurrence.
Sunday, 1:45 a.m.- I was at the other end of that same alley, in the busy area. A 20's couple coming from one of the bars went into the alley, I watched them as they walked through to the other end. About halfway down the alley the guy went up by a dumpster to pee, the lady watched for a moment before rushing to the other side of the dumpster unsnapping the front of her jeans and squatting down below the top of the dumpster. I entered the alley, the guy finished first and as he walked by the other side of the dumpster the lady stood up and came out snapping up the front of her jeans. They walked through to the other end of the alley, when I passed the dumpsters the whole area where she peed was wet - not only from other people peeing there earlier but fluids spilling from trash placed in the dumpster.
2:02 a.m.- Outside the big active parking lot where I was to see last night's sighting, among the crowds coming from the bars walking by the alley across the street by the music hall 2 ladies turned into the alley. Both were in their 30's and chubby, one of them wearing a green short dress went up between 2 dumpsters in the alley behind the music hall. Lady 2 stood guard in the alley in front of the gap between dumpsters, lady 1 turned her back to the wall and squatted down below the top of the dumpsters. About a 20 second piss before she stood back up, both ladies walked out of the alley. The 3rd lady I've seen pee in that same spot in the last month, 11 sightings in this alley over that time! Only the parking lot and alley behind it across the street from the RTD station has produced more sightings, 14 there and I've been watching it the whole year - this alley for just over a month. The RTD block has been a disappointment this year, the perennial sightings leader for years has produced just 3 sightings in it's pee areas this year. But I've learned that when an area stops producing it doesn't mean ladies have stopped peeing, they've just moved to other places to do it!
2:32 a.m.- Back over to the big active parking lot after again seeing nothing at the RTD block area, 2 ladies I saw earlier were still standing on the corner outside the big active lot. One of them turned and went into the mostly-empty lot, talking on her cell phone as she slowly made her way back towards the alley. She was early 20's with long blonde hair, about average height wearing tight white shorts with clunky platform sandals showing off her curvy ass and firm shapely legs. She entered the alley behind the parking lot, walking over to steps behind a restaurant/bar and going down them to the back door. She took her long-strapped purse off her shoulder and set it and her phone down on the ledge next to the steps, pushed her shorts down and squatted outside the back restaurant door - a spot where I've snapped a couple of shots before. I had gone into the lot where I could be close enough to see her, it would be a slam-dunk shot if I wanted it since she was by herself - but I decided not to go for it. Prospects were further enhanced as she took a long piss, nearly 40 seconds before she stood up and took a long time pulling up her panties and adjusting her shorts before walking back through the lot to the corner outside it where she had been. I went over and looked down the short stairway (3 steps) and saw her pool of pee outside the restaurant door, some of it running into a drain on the sidewalk there so I couldn't see exactly how big it was. I see 2 or 3 ladies a year pee by the dumpster in the alley near here, but just 1 every few years uses these steps outside the restaurant door. Once again this alley was the top sightings spot before the cops moved in about 5 years ago, then the ladies moved their peeing to the RTD block (2 blocks away).

August preview: My top sightings month for the first time after last year has 359 sightings and 46 shots in it's previous 18 years for averages of 19.9 sightings and 2.6 shots. Bests for the month are 33 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 6 sightings and no shots, last year I had 16 sightings and 1 shot - actually a distant video sighting in the dark. August had been my most consistent shot month, I snapped at least 1 shot every year from '93 until 2008 but have had only last year's distant video since then. Set crowd size records last year that were just broken by July this weekend, so crowds are good during this month that is a lot like July. It's a typical 4 weekend month this year so I don't expect any records, but the numbers should be good continuing the strong momentum of July. July has temporarily regained the top spot again as it's average goes from 19.8 back up to 20.1 sightings, August had a 1 sighting lead over July overall (359 to 358) so the month will have to match July's 25 sightings to catch July's 383 sightings and stay my top month for a 2nd year or it drops back to 2nd behind July again: July has been my top sightings month the first 18 of my 19 years. I don't expect 25 sightings in August, but of course I'd gladly take them if the ladies want to cooperate!
Looking forward to next weekend!

- By the way, after 13 months of misery it looks like I may have finally found a job. It's a position I've worked before, pretty well paying but in this economy only part-time. I'll find out for sure tomorrow (Tuesday), hopefully I'll have good news about this next week.

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