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She was embarrassed about being caught peeing!

Dear Readers,
The July momentum continues into August as I open with 6 sightings in it's first weekend. Suddenly this year is turning 'normal', just what I needed! I'm up to 63 sightings for the year, just 32 on this date last year. I'm getting closer to the 75 I got all of last year, have a shot at getting that this month!
5 of the 6 sightings came in the busy area, 3 of those again in that alley behind the warehouse music hall ('Magic Alley' I'm going to call it), the 14th sighting there since the first weekend of July, 45% of the 31 sightings I've gotten since I started watching the area 6 weeks ago.
Since my first sighting in the busy area on June 11 when I started watching the area more, 24 of my 41 sightings have come there (58%). So the mystery has been solved about why my sightings numbers have dropped below 100 in 4 of the last 5 years: the heavy police presence in this part of the area over that time (4 square blocks) has kept the normal number of ladies from peeing there and me from working the area as much as I used to.
Things are back to normal again with the cops gone, at least for the time being! I'd have 37 sightings today without this part of the sightings area, numbers like I've had the last few years when I wasn't working this area much.
Why are the cops gone? Public complaints about excessive police force the last few years had led to changes in the city's Public Safety management team that resulted in a few police officers being fired for excessive use of force and lying on reports to cover it up. Cops are now in fear of citizen complaints so they are not doing "pro-active policing" (keeping harassing public presence) techniques anymore, they are waiting until calls come in to initiate investigations anywhere. I'm seeing more bar fights this summer because cops aren't there, but I like being able to go wherever I want in the sightings area without fear of being hassled by cops just because I'm there and more ladies peeing because cops aren't there.
Night temps were in the low 60's both nights this weekend, much more comfortable than the sweaty nights near 80 the last few weeks.
August's 1st weekend late-hour lady crowd was about the same as it was last year, except 4 ladies peed this weekend compared to just 1 in the 1st August weekend last year. The crowd was a little smaller than the final July weekend crowd last week. Also, as I mentioned last week the main reason I do the late-hour lady counts is to see what the ratio of ladies who pee is to the overall female crowd. This year that number is 4 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies pee outside, what does that translate to in actual numbers of ladies? 1 out of every 252.8 ladies (253) I see in my sightings area during the late hours, pees outside. That number has remained pretty consistent in the nearly 3 years I've been doing my lady counts (July 2008), the total number now being almost 10,700 ladies I've counted and observed over that time during all 12 months of the year. That means roughly to get 4 sightings in a night I'd have to have a crowd of about 1012 ladies during the active late hours (I start my counts earlier if I get earlier sightings). Of course on most nights more or fewer ladies than that produce a sighting, last Friday night it took just 689 ladies to produce the 4 sightings (1 of every 172 ladies). 2 x 1-sighting nights took the most ladies to produce, 725 and 716 ladies respectively on those nights. A 5-sighting night took the fewest ladies per sighting to produce, 52 ladies per sighting for those (260 ladies overall) on that March night. That makes the overall average 253 ladies to produce a sighting, this applies only to my sightings area as the dynamics would be totally different in any other environment.
Is keeping track of this as demented and absurd to you as I imagine it would be to most people, or do you also find it strangely fascinating information that's fun to know?
4 sightings Friday night and only 2 on the bigger-crowd Saturday night.
Stories: Saturday, 1:48 a.m.- in the busy area outside magic alley a guy and 2 ladies coming out of a busy dance club on the block turned into the alley. I watched as they went past the dumpsters behind the 2nd building and both ladies ran up beside it. They were all early 20's petite ladies and actually looked more like teenagers: one with black hair wearing black shorts, lady 2 long blonde hair wearing a white denim miniskirt. Lady 1 was starting to unsnap the front waist of her shorts as she went beside the dumpster, lady 2 holding the bottom sides of her miniskirt - which told me both were going to pee. They were both on the same side of the dumpster as they squatted down below the top of it out of my view, the guy stood guard in the alley in front of them so I didn't try to walk by there. The guy was holding a cell phone, after a few seconds turned around to look at the peeing ladies and snapped a photo of them! He then turned around to stand guard again, after about another 20 seconds when they still hadn't finished he turned around to face them and snapped a 2nd shot of them! Finally the ladies finished and stood up after about 40 second pisses, walked into the alley pulling their skirt & shorts back into place. Neither was at all upset with the guy as they walked off, I walked through the alley to the other end by the warehouse music hall. The area where the ladies peed was wet from peeing done earlier so I couldn't see their puddles.
2:30 a.m.- Again nothing on the RTD block so I went back over to the busy area, stopping by the former big active parking lot as several ladies I saw earlier were still at their cars in the lot talking to guys. 2 ladies left a group of people at their car parked in the row by the alley, going down the alley to a back doorway next to the restaurant building where the lady peed on the steps outside the back door last week. Both were slim ladies about 5' 6", one wearing shorts and lady 2 wearing jeans. Lady 1 pushed her shorts down and leaned her butt against a side frame of the doorway, started peeing in that bent-over position as I watched from outside the lot. Lady 2 loosely stood guard for her in the alley but didn't obscure my view of the peeing lady, after a few seconds she turns around to her peeing friend and holds a camera phone up towards her and snaps a shot of her peeing! Twice in one night I see friends snap a shot of a peeing lady, that's never happened before! The peeing lady didn't seem to mind and continued to pee, the friend who just snapped her shot went to the other side of the doorway and pushed her jeans down and leaned her butt against the doorway frame like lady 1 and peed bent-over like she was doing! She took about a 6 second piss, finished before lady 1 who took about 45 seconds before she finally finished. The ladies then went back to the car and their waiting friends, I wanted to go over and look at the puddles but the group never left - they were still there when I left to head to my car to go home.
Nice to see this alley coming to life again with 4 sightings in the last month, another former top pee spot for ladies before cops took over the area.
Sunday, 1:58 a.m.- Outside magic alley in the busy area a few guys went in to pee but no ladies. Leaving there I always walk through the alley to the other end (warehouse music hall) instead of going through the crowds on the busy block, a few times I've caught ladies coming into the alley from that other end to pee. Walking through the alley a 20's lady suddenly pops up from beside a dumpster I was about to pass, pulling up her jeans over her white panties: looking at the ground by the dumpster where she was a thick stream was making it's way from there towards the middle of the alley. She quickly made her way past me, trying not to make eye contact as she was embarrassed about being caught peeing. I never saw her enter the alley from either end, where did she come from? I turned around to look back at her as she was going towards the end of the alley where I came from by the busy area, no sign of her she was already gone. She apparently had been let out the back door of one of the bars in the middle of the block because the ladies' bathroom inside was too crowded and the employee let her back in after she peed in the alley. I am loving this alley!
2:18 a.m.- Back over at the RTD block, finally something at that corner parking lot across the street from the south end. I saw a lady walking across the lot from her car parked in the row by the sidewalk at the south end of the lot (near the food cart). She was about 5' 7" and slim, shoulder length brownish hair wearing a sleeveless long blue print dress (ankle length), walking quickly by herself heading towards the alley and back building wall that is the main pee area there. I crossed the street and went into the lot, while crossing I saw her go between 2 cars parked in the row by the building in spaces by the alley and her head went down between them immediately. I knew she was peeing, didn't get out the camera because other people were at cars nearby. Walking behind that row of cars I looked in the gap where she was, saw her sitting on the edge of the concrete stop block for that parking space in a front view to me looking down at herself peeing. She was holding her long dress up out of the way, but also had enough of it covering her so nothing was really visible - another reason I passed on this shot that I could have snapped. She sensed my presence quickly and looked up at me, I kept walking past there and couldn't stop and look. Within about 5 seconds she was up and walking out, making a conscious effort not to look at me since she knew I saw her peeing. Too dark where she peed to see her puddle, it was a gentle piss anyway as I didn't hear splattering when I walked by. I am just amazed by how a lady in a long dress like that can pull off an outdoor piss without getting her dress wet!
The sighting in this lot keeps it as the year's top spot with 15 sightings over fast-charging magic alley with 14 sightings in just 6 weeks (2.5 sightings per weekend). Magic alley will be the year's top spot, as long as cops stay away, probably taking the lead for the rest of the year later this month - possibly next weekend!
Job Update: Interview last Tuesday, they said they were doing more group interviews later in the week and it will be a week to 10 days before they make decisions. I had a stronger background than most of the other applicants and should get one of the positions, we'll see.

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