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She Was So Desperate! Her Jeans Were Already Unbuttoned

Dear Readers,
we had nice 80 degree weather over the weekend so I went out for sightings, getting 5 to start May. I have 14 sightings for this disjointed year, compared to just 9 on this date last year. I've gone out for sightings 5 fewer nights than I did on this date last year, yet I have 5 more sightings...less definitely seems to be producing more this year. I finished April with 7 sightings, better than the 3 it produced last year and I had 8 in May last year and just about got that on the month's first weekend.
The ladies are peeing, their way of letting me know they want me to keep coming and not give up on my sightings. As long as they keep this up, I can't give up on them!
There was a big change in the area since my last report. As rumored, the city started charging for overnight parking at the meters throughout the downtown area, meaning I have to pay if I park where I usually do for my sightings work. I'm not going to do that so I now have to park outside the area and walk in, I drove around Friday night looking for nearby areas to consider where my walk won't be too far. The area I found this weekend (north of the sightings area) is actually a little closer, but there's enough street hustlers loitering around I won't park there every weekend I come to the area.
I used to walk into the sightings area in the middle portion of it when I parked in mid-downtown, but this weekend I entered from the busy block at the north end which really threw off my usual area coverage pattern of being in certain spots at certain times! But I adjusted OK, getting 5 sightings: 2 Friday night and 3 Saturday night.
The recession bite is showing up more, late hour lady counts showed about 150 fewer ladies than the first 2 nights I went out in May last year, an average of about 53 fewer ladies per night. But 3 more ladies in these smaller crowds peed than last year, you just never know what ladies are going to do! The 5 sightings weren't great ones because I didn't get close-up peeks, the most interesting incident actually happened later. Stories, and another update on my situation here:
Saturday, 1:50 a.m. - At the RTD block's north end 2 early 20's couples were walking down the sidewalk across the street. As usual I watched to see if anybody would go in the alley, one of the ladies was fidgety and acting like she had to pee. Both ladies were slim with long hair (one blonde, one brown) wearing jeans, the taller brown haired lady suddenly ran from the group and into the alley. I went over to the bus stop shelter across the street from the alley and watched, the lady was running around looking at the ground holding the front of her jeans which were already unbuttoned and unsnapped - she was desperate! Her boyfriend went up between a dumpster and building next to a parking lot by that building to pee, she went behind him - both out of my view.
The blonde and her boyfriend were waiting by the end of the alley, suddenly she started hopping around and handed her purse to her boyfriend and ran across the alley unsnapping the front of her jeans. She went to the dumpsters behind the corner bank building, across the alley from where the other 2 were peeing. Her boyfriend went over to where he could see her and watched her pee, the first couple came out about 30 seconds later with the lady zipping up the front of her jeans. About 10 seconds later I saw the blonde stand up from beside the dumpster, stepping out into the alley where I could see her before pulling up her panties and jeans. The group walked off, I didn't go over to look for puddles.
Sunday, 1:37 a.m. - Walking past the former big active parking lot (big quiet lot now) 2 couples went up into the big lot across the street where the former RTD Supervisor used to park. I just had a feeling so I watched, the group went to their SUV parked in a row near the alley. Suddenly the 2 ladies, petite tomboy types wearing jeans, ran across the alley and fitted themselves behind power generators behind the big seniors' apartment building there and squatting down behind them. They took about 40 seconds before coming out, snapping/zipping up the front of their jeans.
2:09 a.m. - Back over on the RTD block I was watching that productive corner parking lot across the street from the south end of the block. A mid-20's couple came out of one of the bars on the block and turned into the parking lot, walking back towards the alley. In a rare occurrence most of the cars parked in the row by the building that people would go between to pee were gone, empty spaces back to 2 cars by the alley. The couple went there, both peeing as he turned to pee against the dumpster and she squatted down between the front of one of the cars and building wall. She was about 5' 7" with shoulder length brown hair wearing jeans, they stood back there for a couple minutes after peeing talking before they left. Dark there so I didn't go to look for puddles, didn't see any of the puddles this week!
Fun incident: After the sightings a petite Latina lady, early 20's wearing a maroon clingy tight mini dress that I saw earlier walked by me talking on her cell phone. She had walked off from a group of others, getting almost to the other end of the block before her boyfriend ran after her. They stood there arguing for awhile, apparently she didn't want to go back to the group so he hoisted her up over his shoulder and started carrying her back. As they walked towards me I could see her butt and flailing legs hanging down over his shoulder, his arm around her thighs to keep her from falling: I could almost see her panties under her tight mini dress. She was yelling at him in a panicked voice, finally they got close enough where I could hear what she was saying. "Put me down, put me down!" she was screaming. He was ignoring her, just as they got to me she said, "I'm gonna pee my pants, put me down!!" He kept walking. You're gonna make me pee my pants!!" she said again, her voice now sounding scared. This time he stopped and put her down, she quickly yanked her dress back down and regained her composure, I wanted to see if she would go somewhere to pee but she walked back over to their waiting friends with her desperation suddenly gone.
Was this real? I found myself loving what I just saw, her butt hanging over his shoulder by his face in a tight sexy short dress! I would not have let her go, held her there until she peed on herself and watch her yellow stream running down her legs by my face with her being helpless to stop it.
What happened to her desperation? Her crotch area was pressed against his shoulder, I think as he walked the bouncing up and down of each step was pressing against her bladder and forcibly contracting it, forcing the pee in her partially full bladder to try and spurt out and make her pee on herself against her will. What a fun thing this would be to do to a lady that has to pee!

My update: I'm down to the last few weeks here, I can't believe it's been 11 months and I haven't gotten 1 damn thing done with this situation! All I've heard over this time from people around here is, "You're a smart guy, somebody will help you, just not me." The latest development is I spoke with my cousin last week, whose house I thought I was to be moving into by the month's end when I have to be out of here and she's now balking: like my sister, she wants me to pay rent despite knowing I still can't get anyone to even talk to me about a job. I have given her over $2000 of furniture from here for free to furnish her new house and have driven her around to run errands because her car is broken down and she doesn't have the money to fix it, but she doesn't want to do anything for me! She said she'd "think about it" and let me know, but would prefer I go somewhere else. Sis was here Saturday to start moving out more stuff (still a lot of stuff here), I told her about cousin's attitude and she starts badgering me about how I should have gotten housing assistance from the state by now, they'd surely have put me up in a 'paid penthouse' if I just tell them I was having to move out of a house going into foreclosure and couldn't find a job and am now 'mentally depressed and disabled. "The government owes you this, you pay taxes!" she yelled at me.

No, I don't believe the government does. This is a FAMILY crisis, not a government crisis. I believe MY FAMILY owes me more support, they have the resources to get me through this situation. But instead they want to pawn me off on the government and do nothing for me and would rather see me on the street living in my car than let me move into their houses where they have room for me. They choose money over me, aren't interested in helping me if they can't make money off me somehow when I have none - and wouldn't give any of it to them if I did.
So it's panic time, I made out a "disaster list" of last-ditch places I could go to avoid living in my car which is where I'll end up in the next month or so if I don't come up with something. On that list is a lady I've known all of about 1 month, we've talked about the situation so she knows what's going on. I called her Sunday and told her of the latest developments, she said she isn't surprised it came to this based on what I've told her about my family. She had already decided she "wouldn't allow me to live in my car" if it came to that, she lives alone in her own house and said I can live there if I have nowhere else to go - so it looks like I will pull a huge rabbit out of the hat at the last minute. I'm not happy about it, but glad I will have an option somewhere.
The mind-boggling question here is, why is some stranger who barely knows me willing to throw me a lifeline while family members who are going through this same situation with me would rather see me homeless living in my car than help me? I was angry about this over the weekend, got it out of my system and now it's time to pick up and move on.
I don't see my situation as just 'finding a job and a place to live', this is a complete life make-over for me. I am determined to build a new life with things and people in it which I want there, instead of my current life of putting up with things and people I don't care for because they don't care for me.
The biggest part of this makeover is getting rid of the "human trash" that has been clogging up my life, a list that now includes my sister and cousin. I will have nothing to do with them whatsoever after this, I will never again do a damn thing for them.
Cousin called me both Saturday and Sunday asking me to drop whatever I was doing and rush over and take her to run some errands she needed to do, just after telling me she doesn't want me living at her house! Of course I said no, she didn't press for a reason why as I would have let her have it. I really think she's so selfish and such a 'taker' she really doesn't think she's doing anything wrong, same as my sister.
I have been going through my things, packing up what I'll be keeping and throwing out the rest so I can be out of here by the end of the month. I won't say anything to sis or cousin about where I'll be going, I want to see if either of them will change their mind out of guilt over the next couple weeks and say I can stay with them. But no, I won't if either offers now, because I know they don't want me there and I wouldn't do a damn thing to help them out - they don't deserve it. There would be bad feelings and they'd still be in my life - something I will not let happen, they are trash to me and I never want to have anything to do with them again.
A sad, sad situation, but I am determined that my new and much improved life will begin when I walk away from here - and these mentally impaired relatives of mine - for the last time.

Weather looks warm again next weekend so I should be out again both nights, it helps my sanity now to go out so I will be out as much as I can on the upcoming warm nights. The rest of the month will be crazy with my move being negotiated and actually happening and evicting my toxic relatives from my life. I'll need my sightings to keep me grounded!

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