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She Was Peeing! I Saw Her Squatted Down In A Front View To Me

Dear Readers,
another horrid weekend for July with just 2 sightings of women pissing, a pitiful 3 piss sightings for the month after 2 weekends (I'm so spoiled by my success I feel 'entitled' to more sightings of women pissing than this!). 43 piss sightings for the year compared to 41 on this date a year ago: July last year also had 3 piss sightings by this date, on it's way to a dismal 11 sightings of women pissing for the month. The same thing is happening again this year, July's ladies acting like it's a winter month and not peeing outside - but it's definitely not too cold.
July and Augusts' low production last year (11 and 6 piss sightings) are what snapped my streak of consecutive years of 100+ piss sightings at 14, when these 2 months average 43 combined sightings of women pissing and are my 2 most active months of the year. I believe these months will again determine if I get back on track with 100+ piss sightings or it's another bad year, let's go ladies....it's time to start peeing!
July's strongest legacy for me is the smell of piss odors in the warm night air, in areas where I'd see ladies going to pee - something I found enjoyable for some strange reason that I haven't had so far this year.
Crowds were smaller than usual for a July weekend like they were last weekend, I can't say the energy level wasn't there because I did encounter many ladies walking through the piss sightings area complaining of needing to pee. But they all either made it to bars or their cars and left and enough went into the RTD building during that last late hour that the building being open later did cost me sightings of women pissing this weekend - 2 desperate ladies in particular who had just about given up hope and were going to the pee areas and discovered the terminal building was still open and rushed in.
The Friday night security guard from last weekend who stood out on the patio area during the closing hour and watched the pee areas wasn't that obnoxious this weekend, he stayed inside the building but came out every 10 minutes or so and patrolled the pee areas shining his flashlight on the ground looking for puddles. Nobody was in the area trying to pee when he came out so he didn't run anybody off, but it was one of those weekends where nobody really tried to pee there - until late Saturday night after the building was closed. Still, the crowds were big enough to produce more sightings of women pissing than they did. With the crowds again being smaller I counted ladies again on both nights, which actually kept me from being bored with the weekend because it forced me to keep my mind alert to remember the numbers I counted. This actually answers the last questions I have about the piss sightings I get, which is exactly what percentage of all the ladies I see pee: the 1 to 7 or 8 sightings of women pissing I get on any given weekend, that's out of how many ladies overall on those nights? I'll count throughout the rest of the warm weather months at least since this is the most active time of the year and biggest crowds, I'm sure after a pattern will quickly develop that tells me pretty much how many ladies I'll see in the piss sightings area before someone pees: yes, I believe statistically there is such a number! I'll lay out the criteria I used to do my counting - who was and wasn't included, when, where, etc., and what the weekend numbers were - after this week's 2 sightings of women pissing stories, both very brief and unspectacular. 1 sighting each late on Friday and Saturday nights:

Saturday, 2:09 a.m.- With nothing happening again I was watching the parking lot across the street from the RTD block's shuttle bus stop end. Among the crowds walking past the lot were 2 ladies dressed sexy, a tall black lady in a tight black miniskirt and a shorter white lady in a tight leopard-print short dress, both mid 20's. The white lady suddenly took off running and turned into the parking lot, I immediately crossed the street and went into the lot because I knew she was going to pee. She veered between rows of cars to the back row by the building, grabbing the bottom sides of her dress while ducking down as she went between 2 cars. Walking down the middle of the lot and looking between the cars I saw her squatted down in a front view to me peeing, looking out at me. Would have made a great shot, but before I could even think of it she was already standing up and pulling up her panties - about a 5 second piss. She ran out to the black lady who was waiting for her outside the lot and the 2 walked off, I didn't bother going to look for her few drops in the dark area where she squatted. Did she even pee? I think so, because she was much more relaxed now than she was running to that spot.

Sunday, 2:29 a.m .- At the RTD block's shuttle stop end (like the night before), the security guard had just locked up the terminal building after the last bus left. 2 mid 20's couples were walking up towards the building, one of the couples passing the building and walking towards me while couple 2 headed towards the locked terminal building. "I think it's closed!" I heard the guy say. The lady, about 5' 7" and slim with shoulder length brown hair wearing tight jeans, immediately started unbuckling the belt on her jeans and went around the far side of a big elevator post near the terminal building doors (where desp 204 and desp103, both in my website sample album, are peeing) while the guy rushed over to stand guard for her. I had to walk over to the shuttle bus stop (some 50 feet away) to be able to see her by the elevator post, I saw the top of her head and back as she was squatted with her back to me and the boyfriend was standing in front of her looking over at me so I couldn't watch very long. I walked back over to the corner where I was, the couple emerged a couple of minutes later and met the other couple and they all crossed the street to the bars next to the corner parking lot. I found her small puddle by the base of the elevator post, another of those 'why couldn't this wait' mini-pisses.

Lady-counting: I did it both nights and have a percentage of all ladies who peed since I got a sighting each night. Since 90.6% of my sightings of women pissing come during the 1 and 2 a.m. hours I decided to count ladies during the 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. hours until I leave, if I got a sighting before 1 a.m. I would start counting from then through the rest of the night - so 1 a.m. or my 1st sighting, whichever comes first. I counted every lady I saw outside (walking, standing, etc.) in the parts of the area where I was, what they were wearing (skirt/dress) or (jeans/pants/shorts/other) and how many peed. I didn't count ladies who were among crowds in bars or outside of bars (patio, etc,) unless they left (I presume they'd use the bar toilet if they had to pee) and didn't count ladies a 2nd time I saw and counted earlier. It actually turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be, I didn't have trouble remembering my counts in the 3 categories I kept - occasional distractions made me momentarily forget my counts, but I was quickly able to remember where I'd left off - and what were the totals? On Friday night I counted 430 ladies, 150 of those dressed nice (34.9%) and 1 peed (.23%). Saturday night I counted 551 ladies, 221 dressed nice (40.1%) with again just 1 peeing (.18%). Adding Saturday of last weekend I've counted on 3 nights now, a total of 1268 ladies (remember these have been smaller than usual crowds) with 466 dressed nice (36.7%) and 3 peed (.24%). This does verify my feeling that more ladies are dressing nicer than usual, it's closer to 40% as I count ladies on more nights. Ladies dressed nice are peeing at a record pace this year (32.6%), now I see that's no accident. The peeing ratio was 423, 1 lady peeing for every 423 I saw.
These have been bad piss sightings weekends numbers-wise, what would this ratio be on a more normal July weekend? I did some projections: Let's say among this same number of ladies over 3 nights, 12 had peed instead of 3 - that's 4 per night, a realistic pace for July. That would bring my overall percentage of ladies who peed to 9.5 tenths of 1 percent, still a very miniscule number - but it's 12 piss sightings. Let's say the ladies went crazy with 10 peeing each night - 30 overall from this same group of ladies. That would jump the percentage of ladies who peed up to 2.37%, still a tiny percentage - but 30 sightings of women pissing. If my actual percentage of ladies who peed that I counted (2.4 tenths of 1 percent) applied, how many ladies would I have to see to produce the 12 piss sightings and 30 sightings? 5,072 ladies to produce 12 sightings of women pissing, and 12,680 ladies to produce 30 piss sightings. Now I know why I don't get that many in a weekend, there's no way that many ladies are in my piss sightings area every weekend. All the places in the piss sightings area combined couldn't accommodate 12,000 ladies on 1 night! I'm going to go out on a limb and say if I count ladies the rest of the year I'll probably get an outdoor peeing percentage of between 2 tenths and 6 tenths of 1 percent among all the ladies - slightly higher than the 2.4 tenths of 1 percent I've gotten so far with the small crowds but still far below 1%. Sounds amazing when looked at that way, the total number of sightings of women pissing I'll get this year will probably be in the 90's or over 100 and that will represent less than 1% of all the ladies I saw on those outings!
No question, sightings of women pissing are much more of a numbers game than even I thought - the more ladies in an area (or venue) the better, because more than 99% of them will be able to hold their pee until they can get to a toilet. Just keep in mind that this is less than 1% of ladies who won't be able to hold it and have to pee in public can turn out to be a pretty big number - as my work is proof of!
Hope you've enjoyed the absurdity of this week's piss sightings report turned math lesson!

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