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Ladys' Small Piss Puddles

Parking Lot Pee Sightings! Ladys' Small Piss Puddles on a Saturday Night!

Dear Readers,
2 more sightings last weekend, I tie my February best with 6 and have 10 sightings for the year. This is unexpected, I had just 1 sighting on this date last year and didn't get my 10th sighting until April 20. The ladies are surprising me, it looks like this is going to be a good sightings year after the last 2 declining years. 5th year (out of 16) that I've had 10 or more sightings by this date, each of those 4 other years I finished with 140 or more sightings. This is the 3rd time I've gotten 6 sightings in February, the last time in 2005 and I finished that year with 147 sightings. And for the first time ever I have more sightings in February than January, I only got the 4 New Years' Eve sightings last month. I went out both nights last weekend, getting both sightings late Saturday night. Temps were in the low 40's both nights, but it being winter there's always a chill in the air that makes it feel much colder. Because of the cooler weather winter sightings usually aren't as sexy and revealing as warm-weather sightings, but one of this week's was pretty good.
Crowd size was the typical small February crowd Friday night, the smallest since I started my late-hours lady counts. Saturday night's crowd was actually a little bigger than last weekend, another September-sized crowd. This was even more surprising because it was colder this weekend, this lady-counting is teaching me that February Saturday night crowds are big enough to produce sightings. The 2 sightings were 46 tenths of 1 percent of that night's ladies, again it takes about 5 sightings on a given night to be 1% of the late-hour ladies.

Stories: Sunday, 1:18 a.m.
Coming from the busy area I was approaching the corner building on the block north of the RTD block with the parking lot next to it. I saw a guy standing by the corner of the building by the sidewalk like he was waiting for someone, a sign somebody is peeing. As I got past the 2nd building I looked into the parking lot, saw a lady standing over someone hidden on the back sidewalk/doorway of the building the guy was standing by, her back to me. Another guy had just finished peeing further down the sidewalk towards the alley, the lady moved back and I saw a 2nd lady coming out from near the doorway snapping up her jeans. The guy joined them and the 3 walked over to the waiting guy, the 2nd lady zipping up the front of her jeans so she's the one who peed. All in the group were early 20's, the lady who peed above average height and slim with below shoulder length brown hair wearing a pink sweater and tight jeans. After they left I went over to the area and found her puddle on the sidewalk by the back door, running into a drain in the middle of the sidewalk. There was a big area of wetness there from others who peed there before her, but I could see the outline of her wetter average sized puddle.

1:49 a.m .- At the north end of the RTD block by the employee parking lot 2 couples walked up and stopped to try to flag down a cab. I was about to leave there but something told me to wait a few minutes, one of the couples started walking back up the street before the guy jumped up on the grassy area outside the employee parking lot. His lady followed, he then went over and jumped down into the parking lot. She handed him her purse and he helped her jump down to the lot, now I knew they were both going to pee. They were early 20's, she was about 5' 6" with long brown hair and kinda chubby wearing jeans, when she got down to the ground she immediately unsnapped the front of her jeans and was pushing them down to reveal part of her naked butt as she turned up between 2 parked RTD cars and squatted. The boyfriend stood on the outside of the car where he was visible, peeing against the front tire. The lady was squatted up near the wall in front of the cars instead of between them where she would have been hidden, allowing me to see her stream flowing from her squatted butt between her spread feet. But the boyfriend being there stopped me from both getting a good look at her and thinking about a shot. He saw me looking after about 10 seconds so I had to look away and walk off from my position outside the lot, she came out after about 20 seconds and stood by him until he finished and the 2 walked out to the other couple waiting at the corner. Looking into the lot I could see streams from both sides of the RTD car running to the middle of the lot, going over there she left a small puddle that had 3 pee streams running from it to the middle of the lot (about 30 feet away) before pooling up into a small puddle. A clear puddle, no beer foam in it. I've got 2 weekends left in the month to get 1 sighting to set a new February sightings record. The stars seem to be aligning right this year as Valentines day falls on a Saturday night this year, next Saturday. So much for my sightings vacation, now I have a challenge to get that record so I'll likely be out again next weekend as it'll probably be my best chance. We return to winter weather this week so next weekend might be dicey weather-wise, but as long as it's not snowing or really cold it shouldn't affect my sightings possibilities. The ladies are coming through for me and losing control of their bladders outside again, they just don't want me to forget about this!

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