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She was looking around at the grassy area for somewhere to pee!

Dear Readers,

4 sightings last weekend, a decent weekend for most months but sub-par for July. 9 sightings now for July and 61 for the year, I had just 43 sightings on this date last year and didn't get my 61st until August 30. A much more 'normal' flow of sightings this year, I should get over 100 again after falling short the last 2 years and I'm pleased about that.
Every year has it's unique factors, this year it has been how ordinary the sightings have been: few stunning super-sexy sightings and as a result few shot opportunities. I've passed on about 3 I could have snapped as the sightings were pretty ordinary and the shots would have been ordinary too. The question is, is that really true or have I seen so many women pee over the years (2246 sightings in my now 17th year of sightings work) that they're all 'ordinary' to me now? More thoughts on this later.
Good crowds again over the weekend, we're into that typical summer pattern of hot and dry nights. Night temps were in the upper 60's to low 70's, Friday night's crowd was about the same as last week but Saturday night's crowd was huge - about 300 more late-hour ladies than Friday night and 2nd only to New Years' Eve. 4 sightings was a little disappointing for the size of these crowds, I had to work hard to get these sightings. With this being the month last year I started my late night lady-counts to see what percentages of the ladies were peeing, I compared the crowd numbers to last July. Surprisingly crowds are bigger this year of recession, about 1150 ladies more than this point last July - which should mean more sightings. All the sightings were in the middle part of the area near the RTD block, this despite 2 fairly popular clubs closing in that part of the area earlier this month. 1 sighting Friday night and 3 Saturday, stories:

Saturday, 2:23 a.m.- With nothing happening anywhere I hung near the many people passing by the RTD block. A group of 2 young couples had been there for awhile, I waited them out when it became clear they were just hanging out there and not trying to flag down a cab. Finally the group was ready to leave, walked up towards the terminal building. It's sliding doors were open to let people know the building was still open, although the last bus just left and the security guard should be locking it up any minute. The open doors drew several ladies who needed to pee that otherwise might have gone to the outdoor pee areas there, I thought it would draw the ladies here because after sitting around for awhile somebody probably had to pee. But no, they walked past the open doors and across the patio area toward the other end of the block. Getting there one of the ladies suddenly blurted out she had to pee, petite with shoulder length brown hair wearing a gold print sleeveless short dress. Her and the other lady went up towards the terminal building doors at that (north) end, the doors sliding open as they walked past it's motion sensor above the doors. I felt myself getting upset as she looked inside the doors, but walked past them onto the grass of the patio area - I love her!! She was looking around at the grassy area for somewhere to pee, giving up and deciding to do it right out in the open over the grass pulling up the bottom sides of her dress and starting to squat down. A street guy who had been sitting on one of the benches nearby saw them and was staring at her, just as she was about to pee he walks over and starts talking to her - dammit, I had a clear view of this as her friend wasn't guarding her!! She jumped up and pulled her dress down and was talking to the guy for a couple of minutes, finally he walks off. She and her friend are contemplating what to do now, she hadn't thought anybody would see her peeing there. She stood there holding the bottom sides of her dress looking around, now seeming panicky as apparently her need to pee was bad now. She looked behind her and saw the back sidewalk by the administration building, ran over to it and down the steps to the employee parking lot. She'd probably be peeing on the sidewalk near the bottom of those steps (where I've seen other ladies pee and snapped several shots and puddle shots), I started over there ready to look over the wall above there down at her, ready to unzip the camera bag if it played out as I expected. But her friend stopped at the top of the steps and stood guard there, facing my direction so she'd see me if I went over and looked over the top of the wall - dammit!! I stayed where I was on the grass some 50 yards away, the friend looking down the steps at the peeing lady where I couldn't see her. About 25 seconds later the friend turned away and walked out to the sidewalk, the peeing lady coming up the steps and both walked across the grass to their waiting boyfriends by the terminal building. I looked over the wall and saw her puddle, right where I thought she'd pee which would have been right below me if I'd looked over the wall. It was at the base of a wall there near the corner, stream running some 30 feet along the base of the wall. All things considered I probably would have preferred to see her pee over the grass even though no puddle would have been visible, had that damn street guy not bothered her when she was trying to squat!

Sunday, 1:46 a.m.- Walking by the parking lot on the block north of the RTD block a black lady and her boyfriend were walking through the lot back to the alley. I stopped to see if they went to those dumpsters across the alley, instead they turned down the alley. I went on, crossing the street to the RTD block and walking up that street looking into the alley as I passed by. I saw them in the alley, in a lighted area by the back of the parking garage about halfway down. She was looking around, did she have to pee? I stopped and watched from by the bus stop shelter on the RTD block, she went up the steps to the back entrance to the parking garage and turned around and sat down on the steps. The guy's reaction was telling here, instead of going over to her he walked out to the middle of the alley and turned away. She lifted her butt up off the steps and pushed down her jean shorts a little and sat back down, she was going to pee! It looked like she was just sitting there but I knew better, after about 25 seconds she reached a hand down between her legs and then lifted it out and threw what looked like a white Kleenex out into the alley - she had wiped herself. Then she stood up and pulled up her panties and shorts, she did pee! The boyfriend came over and the couple walked off down the alley towards the other end, I didn't go into the alley to look for her puddle on the steps. She peed the way I think ladies should outside, as stated on my female outdoor peeing techniques page: by sitting on something, with steps being the best choice. You can't tell a lady is peeing when she's sitting down on something, it's much more discreet.

The RTD bus stop shelter I stood by watching this sighting: several years ago a lady went inside and sat down on the bench and I thought nothing of it until I saw a stream running out across the sidewalk from there, looked over and saw she was sitting on the edge of the bench with the back of her dress behind her butt instead of sitting on it as she normally would. Her hands were under the sides of her dress by her thighs and I could see part of her panties, she had pushed them down below her butt before sitting down and was peeing - only detectable because of her pee stream running out across the sidewalk! She was finishing by the time I noticed her, pulled her panties up and stood up and walked out as I stared at her, she thought I didn't know what she had just done. I've always wondered why more ladies don't pee like that, it is sexy when a lady is peeing and you don't know she's doing it!

2:10 a.m.- I stayed at that south end of the RTD block because of the large crowd gathered around the food cart on the corner across the street outside the parking lot there. After awhile 2 ladies and a guy left the crowd and entered the parking lot, I crossed the street immediately because it looked like they were going to pee. Both were early 20's and petite, shoulder length brown and black hair wearing black bare-shoulder short dresses and high heeled strap shoes. I was right, lady 2 went between cars in the middle of the lot already pulling up the back of her dress. But a group of guys going to their car in the lot saw her and stopped to watch, calling out to her. Lady 1 was squatting between cars in the row behind that one and they saw her too, both ladies coming out without peeing. They huddled with the guy with them, the 3 walked back to the row by the building and they went between 2 cars by the building while he stood guard in the gap in front of them. It was nearly 30 seconds before the 1st lady stood up behind him, she was his girlfriend and they walked out leaving an unguarded lady 2 still squatted in a mostly side view still peeing. She quickly finished and stood up and pulled up her panties and walked out pulling her dress back down and the 3 walked back over to the crowd by the food cart. Then I noticed both ladies were carrying their shoes and walking barefoot, they had taken off their heels to squat and pee - understandable since squatting with heels on must be very awkward and uncomfortable and could cause an injury. But they had to get their feet wet in their pee, outdoor squatting is such a messy activity for ladies! Considering neither put her shoes back on after that, their feet probably were wet with pee and they wanted them to dry before putting their shoes back on or were going the rest of the night barefoot to keep their shoes clean.

With sightings down the last couple of years how far away from 'normal' have I been lately?
My overall average is 55 sightings by the beginning of July and 76 sightings by month's end, I wasn't close in either 2007 or 2008 as I started July with 38 and 41 sightings those years and finished with 49 and 45. I am almost there this year with 52 starting this month but won't be close to 76 at month's end after next weekend, will finish in the mid-60's.
In 2006, my last good sightings year with 127, I had 57 sightings starting July and got 19 to finish the month with 76 - right at my average numbers. Even more puzzling in this downturn has been the disappearance of months producing 20-something sightings, which hasn't happened since September 2007 when I got 22 sightings: 22 months now. July has produced 20+ sightings 4 times, the last being in 2005, and has produced more than 30 sightings 3 times - the only month to do that.

That's why this month has been so painful in recent years. My picture dropoff has been even worse: 14 shots in 2006 and just 6 combined in the 2 1/2 years since, none this year. 6 years I've snapped 20 or more shots and have snapped 12 or more in 11 of my 17 sightings years.
Things have changed here even more than the sightings themselves, I'm much less aggressive in going for shots nowadays compared to earlier years. With 240 shots overall has snapping shots become less exciting too?
My answer to that is the same as it is for if sightings have become less interesting for me, no to both. I looked at some of those early spectacular shots again and no, I'm just not seeing powerfully sexy sightings like those these days. Not only are fewer ladies peeing now, more are closely guarded or using spots where they're not as clearly visible - attributed to the interest in female outdoor peeing now that I've helped create and the ladies today have smaller bladders than the big-pissing ladies I snapped so many shots of, they're done quicker and leave smaller unimpressive puddles. July closes out next weekend, hopefully the best weekend of sightings for the month.

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