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She was hiking up her skirt, squatting down to pee!

Dear Readers,
July is back to it's usual numbers, although I had a slower weekend with just 3 sightings. 21 sightings for July, the first 20-sightings month since I got 22 in September 2007, it's been a long time! It's my first 20-sightings July since I got 20 in July 2005, the highest July total since 22 in 2003 - hard to believe it's been so long since I've had this kind of a sightings month. 53 sightings for the year, 24 sightings on this date last year, I have almost that many this month alone - could finish the month with more than that after next weekend.
Crowds in the sightings area have been absolutely huge this month, so big they will set a late hour lady count monthly record for me next weekend in July's final weekend. This is a 5 weekend month (10 outings) that I will be able to get out for all of them, the current crowd record was last year in August which was also a 5 weekend month. The nightly late-hour average is about 170 more ladies per night than July last year, and about 120 more ladies per night than last year's record-setting August. But the big-crowd August produced only 7 sightings and July last year produced just 11, this month's 21 sightings has been better than both combined: what recession? July set all my sightings records in my early sightings years, this year is putting the month back on track and it will retake the top sightings month back from August if that month doesn't have similar numbers - the position I like to be in once again! A new high-end dance club opened in the south part of the sightings area with a long line of people waiting to get in, I'll have to see how it's crowd will contribute to my sightings as time goes on; it had no impact this weekend.
The sightings were so low this week because the alleys in the busy area that were so productive the previous 3 weekends produced nothing this week; I think I may have lost sightings in other places watching that area. Night temps were near 80 both nights, a late sighting Friday night and 2 late ones Saturday.
Saturday, 2:28 a.m.-
Taking a last pass by the corner parking lot across the street from the RTD block, it was mostly empty with just a few scattered people around. 2 guys and a lady were on the sidewalk outside the lot talking, the lady suddenly turned and ran into the lot up beside a car parked in the space by the sidewalk and building wall. I went into the lot, saw her squatted in a front view to me by the side of the car. She was petite with long black hair wearing shorts, after about 20 seconds she stood up and pulled up her shorts and walked back out to the waiting guys.
Sunday, 2:59 a.m.- Walking through the empty busy block on my way out of the area to my car, 2 ladies were on the corner across the street trying to flag down a cab. One rode by them and didn't stop, then the ladies crossed the street to my side by a bar on the corner. They stopped for a moment before lady 1, a slim pretty blonde wearing a blue ruffle short skirt, went up into the parking area between the corner and 2nd bar with lady 2 following, tall and slim with long black hair wearing shorts. I knew they were going to pee and went over and looked in there, both ladies went on each side of a truck parked halfway back to the alley facing the 2nd building. The blonde came up by the building wall and front bumper, she was hiking up her skirt and squatting down to pee in a front/side view to me. I couldn't see lady 2 on the other side, they started talking as I heard the gentle splattering of the blonde. About a 15 second piss before the blonde stood up and pulled up her panties, waited for her friend to finish and the 2 ladies walked out past me where a private limousine offered to take them home and they got in and left. I found the blonde's average sized puddle by the front of the truck, light from the light pole near the alley lit the area.
These 2 sightings saved the weekend, seeing the pretty blonde pee turned a boring night and weekend into an OK one. The story here is I had a chance to snap shots of both the blonde and the lady Friday night, but passed on both. I'm still always ready with the camera but haven't felt the urge to really go after any shots, I like keeping my nights calmer by not doing that and the demand for my shots isn't what it used to be. But I enjoy watching the sightings as much as ever, if someone took a really sexy clearly visible piss I'd probably go for the shot.
Hopefully I can finish July strong next weekend as new crowd-size numbers will be set.

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