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The lady squatted to piss & pushed down her pantys

Sightings and shots of ladies squatted to piss in an alley. This lady squatted to piss - she unbuckled her belt and hurriedly pushed down her panties

Dear Readers,
Another frustrating weekend to end June, I get just 2 sightings - 1 to end June and 1 to start July. I finish June with 16 sightings and no shots, a much more normal total of sightings. But this year continues to feel out-of-synch, my 39 sightings and 3 shots fall further behind last year's pace of 57 sightings and 6 shots on this date, with 3 of those shots coming in June. But it still isn't my worst year, '97 had just 37 sightings on this date. 48 sightings and 5 shots during July and August got '97 on track, part of the reason for that was I was going out for mid-week sightings in addition to the weekends which I'm not doing now. Sightings better pick up somehow in July though, or I don't see how I'll get 100 sightings again this year. My July preview follows the 2 stories.

This is a web page report though, as I snapped a puddle shot of the weekend's 1 st sighting. You readers love these puddle shots, I continue to get new people signing up for my e-mail stories to get them. I've snapped 11 of them this year (haven't included all of them in the stories on those weeks), compared to 3 P-shots of ladies - I'd rather have 11 shots of ladies and 3 puddle shots! I've been snapping more of them this year, breaking my 'rule' of only snapping female puddles that are unusually big or in unusual spots where even ladies don't typically pee. But really, isn't anywhere other than a toilet an unusual place for a lady to pee? This week's puddle the lady made behind a dumpster in an alley commonly used by both men and women, is still a pretty sexy shot having seen the lady do it!

I've included a 2 nd shot today though, a cropped puddle shot of a lady who was peeing in almost the same spot as this week's 1 st sighting, 7 years ago. I had some thoughts running through my mind about the puddles, so I'll "think out loud" about them here later since many of you readers are enjoying this part of my work now - in a section I'll call "puddle-ology".

Warm summer nights are in full swing now, night temps in the mid to upper 60's. Crowds were a little smaller than usual for this time of year, with (as usual) a smaller crowd Friday night than Saturday. 1 sighting each night, on to the stories:

When I first passed by the RTD station block Friday night the results of the late security guard's peskiness last week were apparent: bright new halogen lights have replaced the lights that were on the building and all of them around the building were on - including ones that weren't on before along the building by the back sidewalk, lighting up part of the area where people pee. Lights were also brighter in the employee parking lot and all of the lamps were on in the park area and on Saturday night, the guard was again hanging out late by the pee sidewalk and the terminal building to watch for people going up in the park area to pee - fortunately nobody did, so maybe he will back off his overzealous coverage of the block in the coming weeks. Not only were more packs of cops in all the crowded parts of the area but even a SWAT team in the (formerly) big active parking lot, folks seem to be paranoid about out-of-control crowds during the summer. It's really cut down on the parts of the area that are worth walking through, making me spend more time in the middle part of the area - something I don't like as it really limits my sightings possibilities. But I know things change week-to-week, there will be some "accessible" weeks and I know ladies will rush right in when things are uncovered and pee - that's what they've always done in the past! The Friday night sighting and puddle shot came very late, just before I left for home:

pee puddle behind dumpster Saturday, 2:24 a.m.- With nothing happening anywhere I walked over to the big active parking lot. It was mostly empty, 5 police cars at the north end of the lot and a few people scattered on the street outside the lot. I was across the street from the south end of the lot, saw a 20's couple walking down the alley behind the parking lot from the north end towards me. They were hugging and all over each other, as they were approaching a dumpster behind the 2nd building from the corner - ironically the place of my last sighting in this alley last year - the guy was pointing at it. He let go of the lady and she ran up to it and fitted herself partially behind it, a petite slim lady with short brown hair wearing all black - pullover long-sleeve knit blouse and capri pants with a wide black belt and high-heeled sandals. Standing behind the back corner of the dumpster (that was pushed away from the building wall) with her back to the wall she unbuckled her belt and pushed down her pants and squatted down, the boyfriend standing guard in front of the dumpster in the alley with his back to her. I had a clear front/side view of her from across the street, she never noticed me and I watched her pee for about 35 seconds before standing up and pulling up her pants - I had no thoughts of trying to go over there for a shot with 5 police cars further down in the lot. I watched her standing over her puddle buckling up the belt of her pants, she came out and the couple walked back down the alley to their car near the middle of the lot. I then crossed the street and saw her thin streams running out from under the dumpster and pooling up into the gutter in the middle of the alley, found her puddle behind the dumpster and snapped this shot because it was a big puddle and shows clearly the biggest noticeable differences between male and female pee puddles - more on that after the next (final) sightings story.

This is my 1st sighting in this alley this year, which is still my top all-time sightings producer with 139 sightings since I started watching this alley back in '96 when the development boom started in what is now the busy area (13.9 sightings per year average). It had 34 sightings in 2001 which was the most for a year in any single area until the RTD block produced 40 last year. Heavy police coverage started there in 2004, dropping sightings to just 8 that year and no sightings in 2005. It's rebounded a little the last 2 years averaging about 7 sightings, but I think its days of producing big sightings numbers are over with cops being there every weekend now.

Sunday, 1:24 a.m.- Walking by a 1-level parking garage in a part of the area that has plenty of foot traffic but no ladies have peed, I heard ladies' voices in the garage. An SUV was parked near the middle of the garage facing me out on the street as I looked through a doorway, the front passenger door open as I could see a lady sitting in the driver's seat. Lower legs with high-heeled sandals were visible below the open door, a petite long-haired blonde was visible in the door window facing the driver as she was talking to her. A puddle was on the floor between her spread feet in the lighted garage, she had just finished peeing and climbed up into the SUV and closed the door. After a few minutes the SUV drove out of the garage and passed me turning onto the street, the blonde who peed holding her arm out the window holding a lit cigarette she was smoking. Didn't get to see what she was wearing, either shorts or a skirt since her lower legs below the car door were bare when she was standing. I went into the garage to look at the puddle, it was definitely pee and not a drink poured out as it had cloudy streaks floating in it. It was a small pool of pee with no streams running from it, no splatter marks so she must have squatted low and peed a weak little stream.

Puddle-ology: Looking at the puddle shot, female puddles made on dry level ground by squatting ladies are distinguished by 2 things: (1) being several inches away away from any vertical objects the ladies squatted next to to cover them (building wall and dumpsters in today's shots) while male puddles are usually on the lower part or base of the vertical object shielding them as standing guys aim their streams forward at the vertical object in front of them. Squatted ladies can't do that, their streams can only go directly down to the ground and (2), in female pisses of normal volume and intensity their puddles have several small streams running away from them, while male puddles typically have 1 wide stream running from them. I've always been puzzled by this, but it continues to be the major way to tell if a pee puddle was made by a male or female - along with if any pee is on or at the base of the vertical object next to the puddle and how big it is as female puddles are typically 20% to 60% smaller than male puddles. Even big man-sized puddles made by squatting ladies have the several thin streams running from them, I'd think that would be more likely to happen with a standing pisser shooting their stream the longer distance to the ground. But I have several shots of ladies peeing standing bent-over and the puddles look like men's puddles: bigger with a thick single stream running from them. Why do the puddles of squatted ladies, where their streams travel just a few inches to the ground, break into several thin streams instead of a single bigger stream like the puddles made by standing people with streams that travel a longer distance to the ground? I may do a web-page feature report on the differences in puddles made by ladies standing (bent-over) vs. squatted, on a slow week when I have no sightings to report since I've got some great (stream) shots of ladies peeing big puddles both ways that shows the differences.

lady peeing by dumpster More puddle-ology: This is a lady I caught peeing by the 2 nd dumpster in the alley next to the dumpster where this week's sighting/puddle shot was, back in October 2000 (desp 164 in Album 8). This is the bottom part of her shot showing her lower legs and feet (black vinyl pants and boots) facing me as she's peeing her growing puddle - which is also splitting into several thin streams running under the dumpster to indicate a female is making it. She was in an awkward side squatted position between the back of the dumpster and building wall, she rolled the dumpster out far enough from the wall to fit herself behind it. This dumpster is in the position of the 2 nd dumpster in the previous shot (top left behind the gutter and draining water), her spraying pussy was pointing at me - a snippet of the bottom of her squatted bare butt is showing inside her leg on the right by the dumpster (her left leg). I can't show her full peeing crotch here in this shot, but it is visible in the shot (this full shot is in album 8). She wasn't angry at all about being caught, has the nicest smile on her face looking at me as she's peeing. Like the lady's piss a few feet from this spot this weekend, her thin streams from her puddle ran under the dumpster and pooled up in the gutter in the middle of the alley. History repeats itself, I've seen lots of ladies pee in these 2 spots over the years!

Finally, my July preview. It's 322 sightings and 48 shots in it's previous 14 years keep it my top month in both sightings and shots, averages of 23.0 sightings and 3.7 shots. Bests for the month are 37 sightings and 10 shots, still my all-time bests in both categories, worsts are 10 sightings and no shots, last year I had 19 sightings and 5 shots. July is still my only month with 300 sightings all by itself, it sets the pace that I wish other months could match. After several years of declining numbers that allowed August to almost overtake it as my top sightings and picture month, July finally rebounded with solid numbers last year to keep it's lead in both categories. The 5 shots were a very welcome surprise, haven't snapped that many shots in a month since July 2000. July sightings tend to be intense and magical, the crowds are the biggest in the hot weather and the ladies and their pisses are the sexiest of the year - I see more high-quality stunning pisses from pretty and sexy ladies who are so desperate, they make my heart race more than any other month of the year. But it has also been the most frustrating month in recent years too, because there are a lot (too many) of desperate sexy ladies who don't pee and a lot of the sexy ladies who do that I can't get shots of. I'm hoping to reach my monthly averages this year, but I have a feeling that will be tough to do.

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