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The ladies collapsed on the sidewalk from being so drunk.

Dear Readers, my first 2-night weekend of work this year produced 5 sightings, giving me 8 for March and 18 for the year as my nice start continues. I had 3 sightings on this date last year and just 5 at the end of March, didn't get my 18th until May 18th. I'm now +15 over last year's pace and on track for 100 sightings again, the sightings are coming much easier this year - so far. But all isn't perfect, all 5 sightings came on just one of the 2 nights: the least likely night, while the better night produced nothing.

This weekend is a perfect example of how unpredictable getting sightings can be. The weather was good both nights (upper 40's Friday night and upper 50's Saturday night). Saturday night had the best conditions: warmer with a much bigger crowd, yet nobody pees. Friday's crowd was small, only about half the size of Saturday's big crowd and I wasn't expecting anything - and 5 ladies peed. How do you figure that, when bathroom access was easier in the bars with the smaller crowds? But we all know ladies are the masters of screwing up men's radar, most nights I don't get what I might be expecting so nothing can be taken for granted. They definitely aren't peeing like they used to, I'll have more on that after the stories as I reflect on how my sightings have changed over all the years I've been doing this.

I'm doing something unusual today. I snapped 3 shots, 1 from each of the 3 sightings scenes that produced the 5 sightings and am including all 3 here today with their stories making this my first web page report of the year. I didn't have a chance at shots of any of the ladies when they peed, I was too far away at the time. I didn't think I'd use any of these shots in this report because I thought I'd have more sightings Saturday, but you just never know! That's why I snap interesting shots from the scenes when they're there, so I have the option of using them in these reports if I want.
ladies need a pee Saturday, 1:37 a.m.- 2 ladies coming from a big dance club walked past me from the crowds spilling out of the clubs, turning into the parking lot next to the 1-level parking garage. I followed to keep an eye on them, as I crossed by the alley leading to that parking lot I saw these 2 ladies at the far end of the alley walking towards my end. I stopped at the edge of the parking lot to watch them, letting the original 2 ladies go. Both had long dark hair wearing black miniskirts and high heels, good choice to watch them as they went up to a car parked behind a building. I thought it was their car, I noticed one of the ladies hike up the back of her skirt and squat down beside the car near the alley where she was clearly visible, side view to me at the other end. She stayed squatted for almost 20 seconds, then headlights appeared behind her as a car turned into the alley at their end. She stood up and yanked up her panties and pulled her skirt back down in the glare of the headlights as the car stopped by them, was it cops? Then I saw lady 2, she had squatted beside her on the far side (near side to the car), she quickly stood up too and yanked her skirt back down. The ladies spoke to the car driver for a moment and then started walking down the alley towards me, once they passed the back of the 1-level parking garage turned into the parking lot beside it and walked through to the street in front of it and headed back in the direction they came: so that wasn't their car, they just went in the alley to pee! As I came up behind them for a closer look they were early 20's Latino ladies, average height with medium builds and both had nice long legs. I saw them earlier because a cop had pulled their car over for suspected drunk driving and searched their car. They both were stumbling drunk now, walking slowly and holding each other up as they walked and stopping frequently to regain their composure. I snapped this shot after they passed under a street light, it's reflection is responsible for the bluish reflection on the lady at left's shoulder. Right after this shot the ladies collapsed on the sidewalk from being so drunk, sitting there for awhile to regain their composure before getting up and walking off.
I went back to the alley and found both of their puddles, beside the car parked by the building (parallel to it) running down to the sloped alley and pooling up in the gutter in the middle. Above-average sized pisses for both.

ladies pee puddle 1:50 a.m.- 2 black ladies had come out of the big corner Irish bar, the same place the 2 earlier ladies had come from as the alley they peed in was behind that bar. They walked past me and turned into the corner parking lot, a smaller parking lot on the other side of the 1-level parking garage. One lady was petite wearing a blue ruffle short dress while lady 2 was taller and thin wearing a black tight micro-mini skirt. Lady 1 was carrying a basketball as they went to their car in that mostly-empty parking lot, parked in the row by the parking garage. Enough people were coming out of the bars there that I decided to stay there for awhile, the ladies started their car and turned on the lights but didn't leave. After about 10 minutes I was about to leave when the thin lady opened her passenger door and got out for a moment, opening the back door on that side before getting back in her seat. I knew this was to hide her so she could pee, probably why they hadn't left yet. From outside the dark lot I could faintly see her head lean forward in the door widows and her feet below the bottom of the doors as her legs were out to the side as she sat on the edge of the car seat. Almost immediately I saw a thin gold stream shooting forward between her feet to the ground in front of them, the rest of her hidden between the open doors. I just stood there and stared at her stream, it flowed strong for about 25 seconds before abruptly stopping. I didn't go over for a shot because there was no angle to see her and she would have seen me coming and I like to watch hard pisses like this run their course naturally and not disrupt it by the lady seeing me close to her if I can't get a good shot of her. She pushed the back door closed before lifting her legs up into the car as she turned forward and pulled her door closed, I could see the dark ground under the door but the stream from her puddle ran underneath the car and wouldn't be visible until the car left. They sat there for another 15 minutes before finally driving out of the lot, I went over to find her big puddle with a crumpled-up Kleenex where she had wiped herself and left it in her puddle. I snapped this shot of her puddle because of that, the white kleenex by the yellow line in the lot right under the open car door where she sat and peed. The red reflections at the end of her flowing stream are the reflections from the street light outside the lot shining on her puddle, I seem to get either red or blue casts on objects in the shots on night shots with this camera when nearby light reflects into the camera lens. Their car was parked between the 2 yellow lines bordering this puddle, a nice hard piss.

ladies big piss puddle 2:08 a.m.- Back over at the RTD building a group of young black thug-types were sitting on the ledge by the sidewalk in the patio area, a mixture of guys and ladies. 2 of them got up and walked across the patio grass towards the pee areas, I thought they were guys so I didn't pay much attention. A few minutes later I walked past the group to the other end of the block, where I saw the 2 guys sitting near the top of the steps leading to the employee parking lot. Stopped at the other end of the block a few minutes later the 2 guys walked across the patio to rejoin the group, I heard them talking and they sounded like ladies' voices. I looked at them closely as they walked across the patio and sure enough they were girls, both had short hair with bandanas over it and baggy button-down untucked shirts and jeans which made me think they were guys. So, they were probably sitting on the 2nd step from the top peeing down on the steps below when I saw them. I walked across the grass to there and looked, bingo - that's what happened. I leaned over the wall above and beside these steps leading down to the employee parking lot and snapped this shot of their puddles on the steps, the ladies peed sitting on each side of the steps with the one at left taking the biggest piss.

I've long ago noticed that black ladies seem to have bigger bladders and take more intense pisses than other ladies do. Some of them take weak little splatters but most take long hard pisses, a much higher percentage of them than white ladies do. The lady who peed between her open car doors, that was the longest and most intense piss I've seen since last year.

P-percentages: Friday night's small crowd was the 2nd smallest to produce sightings since I started my ladycounts last summer. Because that crowd was so small the 5 sightings produced my highest pee percentage among the late-night ladies, 1.92% of the crowd - raising the overall pee percentage among the late hour ladies this year to 7/10 of 1%.

Sightings then and now: I was going through all my shots Sunday to recall my 'body of work' over my 16+ years of sightings work. It really is amazing how many P-shots I've snapped over that time (254), and the ones I snapped in 1994 in particular - my best picture year with 30 - still are stunning to look at even today...so many stream shots that year from so many great views of the ladies snapped at just the perfect moments! No, I don't think I will get very many as good as those anymore as looking at the shots brings back memories of those situations. Outdoor peeing was so much more secretive for ladies back then and none expected to be caught in the act by anyone, that's why I got so many perfect mid-stream shots of peeing ladies who never saw me. And they were more quick to sneak an outdoor piss then because they were more confident they wouldn't be seen, why would anybody want to see something like that?

Compare that to ladies now: The young ladies in my sightings area now are all part of the Internet generation and things like blogging, You-Tube, camera phones, text-ing and sex-ting (sending sexy pictures by camera phone). Female peeing is popular on the Internet in large part, because of my work, making more of today's ladies reluctant to pee outside because it's more likely they could be seen and they know pictures of them could wind up on the Internet. So less are peeing outside, but still enough for me to get a fair amount of sightings. The biggest difference is they are taking more caution to shield themselves and I'm finding nowhere near the revealing scenes I used to see (I still won't shoot shots I know will be bad or unrevealing), too bad because the digital camera I'm using now can do more with those night scenes and I can have the shots right away. My trusty 35mm camera did a great job back in those days, but I didn't have the capacity to do web page reports with pictures from my weekends in them like I can now since finishing a roll of film and getting it developed meant weeks before I could see the shots. I remember writing about my shots in the early years in my Monday reports after snapping them, "It should be a good shot" but not knowing for several more weeks because I wouldn't see them before then. It was so disappointing when the shots didn't come out good after all that waiting, now I know right after I shoot a scene if it's a good shot or not - hands down the best thing about the digital camera technology, along with not having to worry about photo labs messing up, losing, or stealing my precious pee shots. Now if only I had more scenes to shoot with this great camera! But my own past success is largely to blame for the lack of shot opportunities these days, my work has gotten so many more men - AND women - aware of and interested in female outdoor peeing and making ladies think twice about doing it and where/how they do it because somebody might be watching and they know there is interest in seeing them taking a public pee.

Our weather looks like it's going back into winter mode for next weekend, so I may or may not be able to get out for sightings in March's final weekend.

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