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The woman's thick pee stream was shooting from her fanny.

Dear Readers,

I end July with just 2 sightings in it's final weekend to finish the month with only 11 sightings, my 2 nd lowest total ever for July. A web page report this week as I've done something a little different: I snapped puddle shots of both sightings and have included both with their stories this week. I've snapped 15 puddle shots this year, don't like that ratio of just 3 shots of ladies peeing to 15 puddle shots - I'd much prefer 15 pee shots to 3 puddle shots - but that's how this year has gone. Among July's 11 sightings I had no pee shots, could have snapped 4 but passed on them for various reasons with the 4 th pass being this week's first sighting - 4 shots from 11 sightings would have been great! My August preview follows this week's stories.

July has been a thoroughly frustrating month that pretty much sums up how the year has gone, after starting out so well with 3 shots by March. The futility has finally dropped this year to a record low, my 49 sightings for the year are now my lowest total ever by the end of July - dropping below the 50 sightings I had in 2004 at the end of July. My July average drops now from 23 sightings to 22.2, actually 2 nd now behind August's 22.29 average - I'll evaluate in my August preview how many sightings August needs to overtake July for the 1 st time ever and become my top sightings month. On average I have 78 sightings at the end of July, last year had 76 - this year's 49 is so far below normal the only thing to talk about are the reasons why it's so low. But of course, this wouldn't seem so bad if it weren't for the meticulous record-keeping I've done of my past years' sightings successes.

It was a 1-night weekend this week, it rained all night Friday and I was only able to get out Saturday night. Comfortable night, temps in the 60's and a big crowd in the sightings area, but still a little smaller than past years. The Saturday night security guard at the RTD station wasn't a problem this week, he didn't stalk the pee areas like he usually does so I could cover the block pretty much as I usually do - but no ladies peed on the block tonight. This is the time of year I see more of my sightings 'bread-and-butter' ladies, the packs of ladies in bridal party groups out for a girls night out with the bride wearing her bridal veil. These ladies typically act like 'girls gone wild', everybody being silly and a little outrageous and drinking until they have to pee - usually in an alley or parking lot. I've seen fewer bridal party groups than usual this summer and none of the ladies in them have been drunk or bursting to pee - all have been very aware of their surroundings and determined to have a good time - without making fools of themselves by doing the reckless things like peeing outside like ladies did in past years. Is there anything I can count on anymore?

I tried a different coverage pattern this week to try and shake up my sightings luck, being in different parts of the area at different times than I usually am. It actually paid off by producing both sightings, both again in the middle part of the sightings area near the RTD block - 41 of the year's 49 sightings now. Stories and puddle shots follow:

Sunday, 1:02 a.m.- womans pee puddle on pavement Walking down a busy street south of the RTD block I passed a group of 4 (2 guys and 2 ladies, all mid 20's, 2 of them appeared to be a couple and the 2 nd guy and lady friends of the couple). As they passed me headed towards the RTD block one of the ladies, fat with short blonde hair wearing blue jean capri pants and a loose white blouse and carrying a short-strapped purse, said to the others, "I have to pee!" The lady in the couple, holding hands with her boyfriend, was much cuter: about 5'7" (a little taller than the fat lady) with short black hair wearing black pants. She looked at the fat lady and said, "I do too!" I then turned and followed the group as they were passing by crowded bars, I thought they were going to go to the RTD station. As they were passing a closed restaurant the fat lady suddenly said, "Wait a minute" to the others and went into a small parking lot between the restaurant and parking garage next to it. The others stopped on the sidewalk as she went down to the parked cars, going up beside the 1 st car next to the restaurant patio and turning around to face the parking garage next to the lot and pushing down her jeans and squatting. She was beside the front door of the car, didn't go to the end of it back by the restaurant wall where she would have been more concealed. I saw her naked fat butt and thigh for a moment before she squatted down below the level of the restaurant patio, where I had a side view of her from the waist up in the dark parking area (about 25 feet away). I heard violent splattering, with none of the others going over to stand guard I could have walked over and snapped a front shot of her peeing - but I didn't want this shot either, I don't think it would have been too pretty of a sight. She splattered loudly for about 15 seconds and then it stopped, she looked down at the ground and a couple of seconds later the splattering started again - this time for about 10 more seconds. When she finished this time she stood up and pulled up her panties and jeans, again revealing part of her fat butt and (right) thigh before she got her jeans up and came walking out carrying her purse. "God, I had SO much beer in me!", she said as she got to her waiting friends on the sidewalk and the group walked off without the cute lady peeing - too bad. I went in and snapped this shot of her puddle, standing over her splatter spot where she squatted (bottom of the shot). I was surprised that this wasn't a bigger puddle, her splattering sure sounded like it was a bigger piss.

2:16 a.m.- girls piss puddle on pavement Leaving the RTD block and walking past the corner building on the next block headed towards the busy area, looking across the street into the mostly-empty parking lot I saw a slim early 20's long-haired blonde standing behind a car in the back of the lot close to the alley, bent-over with her jeans down to her knees facing the car. I could see a faint view of her thick pee stream was shooting down from her crotch in the reflection from a nearby light pole, I wanted to cross the street and get to her but there was way too much traffic coming for me to be able to cross before she'd be finished. I stood there watching her taking her horse-piss from across the street, she apparently realized she could be seen and stopped her stream and pulled her jeans up to mid-thigh and staggered around the far side of the car where I couldn't see her and resumed peeing - I could see the top of her back just over the top of the car trunk as she was still standing in her bent-over position. Her timing was perfect as among the cars driving by on the street was a police car, 1 of the 2 cops inside staring into the lot but he didn't see her bent-over beside the car. I saw a guy and lady standing by a car in the middle of the lot watching her, apparently she was with them and had to go pee before getting in the car for the drive home. After about 20 seconds of loud splattering she straightened up from beside the car, pulling her panties and jeans up over her butt and zipping up the front of her jeans as she ran over to her waiting friends at the car - a thin lady, why do so many thin ladies have the biggest bladders? They drove out of the lot as the couple who's car she peed by went to it and drove out of the lot, I went into the lot and snapped this shot of her 2 nd puddle with part of her 1 st puddle being visible on the left edge of this shot - yes, I should have gotten both puddles in the shot but I went after just the 2nd puddle because it was bigger and both puddles would look small in the wider-angle shot of them both. This was a big piss, both puddles looking like male puddles because she peed them both standing (bent over). Again I snapped the shot by where she stood and peed, at the bottom of the shot.

Remember him? Those of you that have been getting these stories for a few years, do you remember a guy I called 'The Suzuki guy'? He was a guy that I used to see 2 to 4 years ago driving around late through the big active parking lot and the big lot across the street that the RTD Supervisor used to park in looking for sightings, in his light blue Suzuki Samurai - which was why I called him the 'Suzuki guy.' How did I know he was looking for sightings? Because whenever he actually saw a lady peeing he would stop and gawk at them and it quickly became apparent watching him driving around that's what he was looking for - who would know something like that better than me? Last weekend as I made my last pass by that area on my way to my car to go home a brown late-model sedan was driving slowly through that lot the RTD Supervisor used to park in (he's now retired) and passed me turning out of the lot and he was driving as I recognized him (he looks a lot like Tony Shalhoub from the USA cable series 'Monk'). I saw him again late Saturday night when I was passing by the big active lot (now the big inactive lot) on my way to my car, seeing the brown sedan and confirming it was him when I saw him as the car turned from one row in the mostly-empty lot to another. Haven't seen him in 2 or 3 summers, apparently his sightings itch needs scratching again as he's doing just like he used to do back in those days. But things have changed now, these lots are not the places to be for sightings like they were a few years ago - something he'll soon realize if he keeps driving through the lots. He had more style in the Suzuki, looks like a pervert in that sedan and I still look like a part of the environment walking around like I do, he never noticed me a few years ago and he still doesn't today. He's really wasting his time now, should I teach the guy the right way to go about getting sightings here?

August preview: My 2nd best month in both sightings and shots with 312 sightings and 45 shots (averages of 22.29 sightings and 3.4 shots) has now passed July and has the top monthly sightings average (by .09 sighting) thanks to another sub-par July. Bests for the month are 33 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 14 sightings and 1 shot, last year I had 21 sightings and 2 shots, which I remember well: 1 was an excellent stream shot of a pretty blonde in a black flared short skirt in a high squat (that got me chased), and the other of 2 ladies in sexy dresses peeing together in the rain where my digital camera got the streams and detail in the rainy shot much better than my 35mm camera was capable of doing - black wet surfaces don't muzzle flash and detail in digital shots like they do on 35mm film. August remains the only month where I have snapped a shot every year, which really has a special signifigance this year since I haven't snapped a shot since March. August is 19 sightings and 3 shots behind July, further behind than it was a year ago. It needs 20 sightings and 4 shots to overtake July for the top month in both sightings and shots, so basically if it produces it's normal numbers it will overtake July - not too difficult, right? But I don't think it will happen, I've only hit my monthly average in 1 of 7 months this year (April) and have not exceeded my averages in any month, I expect August to produce lower numbers too - unless the ladies suddenly start peeing in normal numbers which they have yet to do this year. August and September both outperformed July for the 4 th straight year last year, although I had more shots last July than I got in August and September. Interesting possibilities this month, if it produces near-normal numbers or better I still have a shot at 100 sightings for the year. Bottom line: it isn't the extra security or smaller crowd size most weekends that's hurt my sightings this year, it's more ladies paying attention to their bladder habits and making conscious efforts not to pee outside.

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