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Two Desperate Ladies Peeing by a Building Caught by Cops!

Dear Readers,
the sightings area definitely felt like summer last weekend with big crowds, although the best I could muster was 4 sightings with no shots - but I do have a shot here today making this a web page report, more on the shot later as it is the last item in today's report. 7 sightings for June and 29 for the year, 48 sightings this date last year but I'm off to a better start than June last year (3 on this date) and should do better than the 12 I got in June last year - it would be the 1 st good month for this year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the more active crowds this weekend, easing my frustrations over police and security guards dominating the area last weekend. That's the cure for lots of cops, bigger crowds - which I will see more of for the next few months of summer weather. Ladies were walking the streets throughout the night, there wasn't the usual dead time with empty streets until closing time when everybody leaves at the same time. I'll get my sightings if more ladies are walking the streets, that didn't happen so much this weekend but it makes the nights more exciting and keeps me moving, which will pay off with sightings I walk up on during the summer.

There was an oddity, though. 2 different ladies trying to pee were caught by cops and security guards, both in the same spot at different times - something I've NEVER seen before, cops typically never look for ladies peeing like they do men! Both were caught in Friday night's smaller crowd, an indication of how cops and security this summer will be paying attention to little things like peeing that were mostly ignored in the past. I must be super-careful with the camera now, I never know who's watching me anyway but the potential for trouble is super-high now. Night temps were upper 50's Friday night and mid 60's Saturday night, average sized crowd Friday night and a big crowd Saturday but both nights were exceptional because lots of ladies were walking throughout the area during the night - providing me a lot to look at as well as much greater sightings potential. 3 sightings Friday night and 1 Saturday, the Saturday sighting exceptional! The RTD block again was prominent in this week's sightings with 2 of the 4, apparently the terminal building being open late isn't going to hurt my sightings there like I thought it would. On to the stories, followed by this week's picture:

Saturday, 1:47 a.m.- Walking down the administration building side of the RTD block away from the terminal building, a 20's couple was lingering around on the back sidewalk by the garden area. Walking past there on the main sidewalk then turning around and walking back past there, the lady was standing on the sidewalk by herself looking nervous as I could see the reflection in the faint light of the guy up in the garden area peeing - that figures! The lady had long blonde hair and a thick build wearing tight jeans and a dark blue sweater. I walked down to the administration building and turned and made 1 last walk-by of that sidewalk, this time the guy was standing out in the sidewalk and behind him I could see the blonde climbing up into the garden area! I walked around to the shuttle bus stop area on the other side of the garden area, where I saw the back of her head between a small pine tree and tall bush as she was squatted there peeing - the bushes blocked my view of her from mid-chest down. Had I walked down the back sidewalk in front of those bushes I'd have a clear front/side view of her, but I didn't since the boyfriend was nearby. She was finishing and stood up and pulled up her jeans, jumped back down to the sidewalk and ran over to her waiting boyfriend. I walked around the shuttle bus stop area back to there, looking into the dark bushes in the area where she went. I was thinking about snapping a shot of the dirt around the bushes to see where she peed, then it got easy: I could see low-hanging leaves at the bottom of the bush where she had been wet and dripping pee, she had squatted above them and peed on them. I snapped a shot of the area and the dripping leaves, if that came out clearly I would have included that shot today. But it didn't, the shot showed her puddle in the dirt below the wet leaves but the leaves themselves had a flash glare that made them look cloudy as the dripping liquid reflected the light from the flash. If this was a daytime shot that didn't need flash, I would have gotten the dripping leaves clearly.

This couple had to pass the open terminal building to get to this back sidewalk and bushes, considering both had to pee it's surprising they didn't try to go in the terminal building. Did they prefer peeing outside, or did they presume the terminal building was locked and just walk past it without checking the doors? Apparently a lot more ladies than I think are going to be doing this, I know the doors are open and they can get inside to use the bathroom but they don't!

2:02 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD station block by the employee parking lot I saw a early 20's couple walking across the street about to pass the alley. The lady, a petite slim blonde with hair in a ponytail wearing jeans, pulled the long-strapped purse on her shoulder off and held it out to the boyfriend: she was going to go in the alley to pee! I decided to cross the street to the next block and look through the parking lot next to the corner building back to the alley where I'd see her by those dumpsters, she went running into the alley as I crossed the street with her boyfriend waiting out on the sidewalk holding her purse. When I passed the corner building and looked into the parking lot I saw her run behind one of the dumpsters unsnapping the front of her jeans, fitting herself behind it and by the building wall so I couldn't see her.

3 other ladies were approaching me coming from the other direction (busy area), the 2 on the outside holding up lady 2 in the middle who was visibly drunk. One of the ladies was pointing into the parking lot where I was watching the lady behind it in the alley, somebody here had to pee too! I watched as they walked past me and turned into the parking lot, staggering back towards the alley holding up the drunk lady. The blonde back there finished peeing and came out just before the ladies got back to the alley, seeing her made them feel better about this and they went to the dumpster she just left. 2 of the ladies stood guard in front of the dumpster as drunk lady 2 went beside it and started unsnapping her jeans, not going behind it. I didn't try to go in for a shot since the 2 other ladies were facing the parking lot and would see me coming, suddenly a mini-SUV driving down the alley pulls up beside them. It was a security guard for the building patrolling the alley, he talked to them for a couple of minutes (apparently telling them not to pee there) and the ladies started walking out of the alley as he drove off - cost me a sighting. The ladies walked out of the area without peeing, too bad!

2:25 a.m.- On this same block 2 ladies were walking towards the RTD block coming from the same area as the previous ladies. I decided to watch them past that parking lot area, when they got to it they turned in just like the previous ladies did. Lady 1, average height and slim with long dark blonde hair wearing jeans, was leading the way and the one who had to pee, walking towards a big construction dumpster at the back of the lot near the side of the corner building and alley while lady 2, taller with shoulder length black curly hair wearing black shorts, stopped by the side wall of the corner building to wait for her. I was across the street and waiting for traffic to pass so I could go into the lot, among the cars driving by was a police car. The single cop in it looked into the lot and saw both ladies, stopped in the middle of the street directly outside the lot and stared at them. Lady 2 saw him and turned towards lady 2 and yelled out to her, lady 1 looked over and saw the cop and altered her direction, walking back to the alley with lady 2 running to catch up with her. They went back behind the construction dumpster into the alley where the cop couldn't see them, the police car then drove off and turned around the corner towards the alley - would the cop let it go or go into the alley looking for the ladies? While I was still waiting for traffic to pass so I could cross the street I saw a light in the alley in the area where the ladies were, the cop then appeared walking in the alley shining a flashlight -stopping by those dumpsters where the 2:02 lady peed. He went into the alley and caught them! Traffic finally cleared and I crossed the street, going up the sidewalk to the alley to see what was happening. I could hear the cop's voice but couldn't make out what he was saying, lady 2 came walking out towards me putting on her sweater with a smile on her face, lady 2 behind her snapping up the front of her jeans - she had peed, I don't think lady 1 did. The cop looked at them and got in his car and drove off down the alley, he shined apparently let lady 2 off with just a warning despite seeing her pee. Good thing I wasn't too quick to go after this scene, a shot was possible had the cop not seen them and intervened. 2 ladies caught trying to pee within a half-hour, by 2 different cops! I hope this is an aberration and law enforcement isn't this lucky in catching ladies peeing that I have my sights set on this summer!

Sunday, 2:21 a.m.- Wow! Among the big crowds I again tried to stay away from the terminal building on the RTD block, but the closing time crowds led me there again as that's where most of the foot traffic was. The street on the terminal building side of the RTD block was backed up with traffic as it usually is during the summer months, cars parked on the street there having to wait a long time for traffic to clear before they could pull away from the curb and drive off. Among the cars parked by the street was a black 4-door car, it's front and back driver's side doors (by the sidewalk) opened and a 20's Latino couple get out. The lady was beautiful, about average height with brown hair below shoulder length, average-sized curvy body showed off by her brown sleeveless summer knee-length dress with a wide tan belt around her waist and high-heeled black strapped sandals. Holding hands she and the boyfriend, him dressed casually in a knit shirt and jeans, walked up in the middle of the RTD block into the park area. I knew it was to pee and either she had to pee or both did, as a lady dressed that nicely wouldn't leave a car to go with her boyfriend to watch him pee outside somewhere! They headed back towards the grass leading to the pee sidewalk by the administration building, but with summer weather now here the sprinklers on the grass come on at 2 a.m., watering the grass above the pee sidewalk first so they couldn't go there. They stopped by the side of the terminal building looking at the sprinklers watering the grass, water running onto the sidewalk where they were standing. The lady turned and looked in the terminal building windows (the building was still open), then turned her back to the windows and pulled up the back of her skirt and reached under it as she squatted down to a sitting position. Leaning her butt against the window for balance with the back of her dress bunched up above her butt against the window, the boyfriend was standing next to her (on my side) but I could see most of her. I looked down at her spread high-heeled feet just in time to see her stream shooting down between them at a slightly forward angle in the reflected light from nearby, hitting the wet sidewalk and leaving no evidence of her misdeed. The guy didn't pay any attention to me since I didn't try to get closer (I was about 30 feet away), she was looking down at her work and didn't see me either. I actually had a great view of her stream from there so since I wasn't going to try for a shot (not only was he there but other people were nearby) I stayed right there and watched the show. It was a lovely, breathtaking sight to see such a beautiful and sexy lady take such an intense piss on a sidewalk! Her powerful stream flowed for about 20 seconds before it slowed and stopped, never heard any splattering sound over the guzzling sounds of the sprinkler heads. She then straightened up while reaching under her skirt and pulling her panties back up and the couple walked towards me and passed me on their way back to the car with her speaking with a strong Spanish accent - damn was she sexy! This was very much like the New Years' Eve lady who hiked up her short dress and peed beside the terminal building in much the same way, I snapped her shot but it came out dark because of a white snow bank next to me that appeared on the right side of the shot and absorbed all the light from the flash.

This couple did not know the terminal building was still open, but the people who go up on the park area in the middle of the block like they did are intending to pee outside because they never go near the building doors. It's my 13 th sighting on the RTD block this year, off to the same fast start it's had the last 2 years. Counting the sightings on the blocks directly across the street from this block (east, west) and the alley on the north block - where the 2 Friday night sightings happened - that's 23 of this year's 29 sightings. This middle part of my sightings area has become the dominant peeing area for ladies!

back of skirt showing crotch Summer sexiness: To give you a peek at some of the kinds of interesting things I see while working my sightings area during the hot summer nights, I've included this cropped waist-down close-up of a lady I saw in June's 1st weekend. She was drawing attention from all the guys she passed who were making comments to her, I wondered why until I let her pass me and saw her from behind! This high (or torn) slit in the back of her too-tight knit miniskirt shows her crotch from behind, she wasn't at all concerned about it and seemed to enjoy the attention it brought - probably did this intentionally. I walked behind her and snapped this shot of her major fashion blunder, leaving home in a skirt 2 sizes too small.....fortunately she is attractive enough to be able to get away with it. I saw another high-slit skirt like this last fall, even shorter than this lady's skirt, on a lady wearing a business mini-skirt suit to a downtown office in the middle of the day. Nobody said anything to that lady, unlike this lady. Unfortunately this lady didn't pee, but she made the night more interesting while looking for sightings. The summer will bring more sexy sights like this that capture my attention, now you know why I like walking around my sightings area even when I don't get any sightings. I like seeing pretty ladies in sexy, slutty little skirts like this and we're heading into the time of year when I will be seeing a lot more of them!

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