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2 Ladys pee together

Two ladies pee outside while both boyfriends stood & watched them

Dear Readers,

July finishes as it did last year, 2 sightings in it's final weekend to end with 11 and tying for my 2nd worst July - unless I get sightings during this final week before next weekend. 63 sightings for the year, I'll gladly take that over the 45 I had at the end of July last year. I got my 63rd sighting last year at the end of August, so I'm a full month ahead of last year's pace. Considering how few memorable sightings there have been this year it's amazing I have more sightings than I had last year. I thought July would do at least as well as June's 16 sightings considering the crowds were much bigger, but not so.
Firstly, July only had 160 more late night ladies than June according to my counts, so a smaller percentage of its ladies peed than June. No getting around it now, July just isn't the sightings month it used to be, the ladies just don't have the same 'bladder energy' level they used to. Once averaging nearly 25 sightings it's 21.1 average this year will drop to 20.5, it's lowest ever. July hasn't reached it's monthly average since producing 22 sightings in 2003, it's produced 11 or less in 4 of the last 6 years. Average-wise it's now 2nd behind August's 21.0 for the first time ever, depending on how well August does next month - more on this in my August preview after this week's stories. The weekend crowd was noticeably smaller than last weekend with both sightings coming at the end of the night Saturday night - I hate that, it makes the weekend too long and boring!

Stories: Sunday, 2:10 a.m.-  With nothing happening among the swirling crowds throughout the area I went back to the RTD block. The corner parking lot across the street where the food vendor is outside the lot, he took Saturday night off so that would reduce sightings possibilities there: but I noticed the parking lot was full so I kept an eye on it. The lot was about half-empty now though and while I was pondering where to go I saw a petite blonde running into the alley behind that lot pulling her boyfriend along. She made a beeline right to the dumpsters behind the building next to the lot, I crossed the street and went into the lot to see what was happening here. People were sitting in cars in the lot so I wound up outside the lot by the alley where I could see over to those dumpsters. 2 guys were there, both standing by the dumpster looking down at something behind it: I knew 1 lady was there, was there a 2nd lady? After about 15 seconds the blonde lady's head appeared from behind the dumpster as she stood up after finishing, stepping out towards the alley away from the dumpster where I could see her pulling up her white panties underneath her short dress. A 2nd lady's head emerges as she stands up from back there too, she walks out zipping up the front of her jeans. She was taller and slim with shoulder length black hair, both boyfriends had stood there and watched the 2 ladies pee. They walked out of the alley towards me, I could see that the blonde was stumbling drunk as her boyfriend had to practically hold her up while she tried to walk: what's so fun about getting that drunk? I didn't go over to look for their puddles since I saw guys peeing there earlier.
I went back over to the RTD block. Several couples had been sitting in the park area for awhile, earlier I saw guys go over to the pee areas while their ladies stayed where they were. I noticed one of the ladies was gone, as I turned towards the pee areas she walked past the terminal building back over to her boyfriend. Did she just pee? I think so, but I didn't see where she went so I couldn't count her as a sighting. A few minutes later a 2nd lady was missing, I suspect she went off to pee too but again I never saw where she went. This is something that usually happens to everybody else, why they don't get sightings and I do! But had I not gone across the street to see those ladies in the alley, I probably would have caught the ladies here...that's the way it goes sometimes. But I knew I had a sighting with the blonde when I went over there, the ladies here gave no indication they had to pee so I went for the "sure thing."

August preview: My 2nd best month in both sightings and shots will likely overtake July for the top sightings month after flirting with it the last 3 years. August has 336 sightings and 45 shots in it's previous 16 years for averages of 21.0 sightings and 2.8 shots that are 2nd only to July. Bests for the month are 33 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 6 sightings and no shots, last year I had 18 sightings and no shots as it was my 2nd best month. August had been the only month I'd snapped a shot every year of my sightings work until 2007, a 14-year streak, when it fell off a cliff with just 6 sightings and no shots that year following a July of just 11 sightings. August has worked it's way from being 50 sightings behind July to 20 last year and is just 13 sightings behind now (349 to 336), a below-it's-average 14 this year elevates it to my top sightings month. It is 3 shots behind July which is also reachable, but it's hard to imagine snapping 3 shots in a month this year the way my sightings have gone.
The balance of power in my sightings hierarchy has changed. Over the last 5 years July and August haven't been the top 2 sightings months, July has fallen to 4th over that span with 65 sightings (13.0 average). September has risen to the top sightings month over that span with 95 (19.0 average) followed by August with 82 (16.4 average) and June with 66 (13.2 average). Shots have been about even: July and August have 7 each, September has 6 and June has 5.
Last August shot was in 2006, one of my favorites: 2 ladies in short dresses peeing together in the rain on the pee sidewalk at the RTD block (Desp 230 in album 13, 230a and 230b close-ups of each lady), going there after they found the terminal building locked - in the days when the building closed over an hour earlier than it does now. Couldn't see puddles on the wet sidewalk, but both their streams were visible in the shot. No sightings this year close to being this exciting - so far! On to August sightings next weekend.

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