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All the guys were facing her and watching her pee!

Dear Readers,
finally, a weekend to write about! 9 sightings last weekend, the most I've had in a weekend since getting 9 sightings on a late July weekend in 2006. 15 sightings for August as it now becomes a respectable month, my sightings total for the year jumps to 60 and getting to 100 for the year becomes possible again, although it will take a few more weekends like this along the way to do it. I'm back ahead of last year's pace on this date (55 sightings) and I finally got a weekend of lots of sightings for my lady-counts: those percentages later.
The only negative was no shot opportunities among the sightings, but if the sightings continue coming in close to the numbers of this weekend the shot opportunities will come. It was great, one of those rare weekends where I kept encountering ladies who had to pee so bad they were complaining and as in all big sightings weekends, multiple ladies were peeing together to quickly build up the sightings numbers. So what happened this weekend to cause this? Friday night had very sparse police coverage which allowed me to work a neglected part of the area that immediately rewarded me with 3 sightings among the 5 I got that night and there was a nice amount of 'bladder energy' among the ladies for the first time this summer that kept me on my toes both nights. The police coverage was back to normal Saturday night and there was a 2nd security guard at the RTD station (annoying), but 4 more ladies found places to pee during the late hour to make it a great weekend of sightings. Stories:

Saturday, 1:50 a.m. - A group of 5 people I saw about 10 minutes earlier standing outside a big corner bar made their way to a corner parking lot on the next block where their cars were, 3 ladies and 2 guys. I was across the street watching other ladies when one of the ladies in this first group left the others and went between cars parked by the building next to the lot. She was wearing a short sleeveless white/green flower print dress, she went to the building wall by the cars' front bumpers and turned her back to the wall and quickly hiked up her dress as she squatted down. I had a side view of her from across the street but could barely see her head, didn't have much time to enjoy this one as she was up pulling her dress back down and walking out in about 10 seconds.

1:54 a.m. - 2 more couples left that same corner bar and were walking towards this parking lot, but turned into the alley behind the bar. One of the ladies was petite with long black hair wearing white shorts and black high heels carrying a purse, her boyfriend was pointing into the alley before the group turned in so I thought somebody had to pee. This petite lady was walking down the alley looking at building doorways and by dumpsters, she must be the one who had to pee. Yes, as she ducked into a space behind a building tugging her shorts down to reveal part of her butt before disappearing into the dark space. She was out in about 15 seconds and the couples went into a back door across the alley that was a late-night loft party, I didn't bother going over to look for her puddle as it was too dark there. The first group with the lady who just peed had got in their cars and left the parking lot, I went over to see her little splatter spot before leaving that area. I was surprised to see a stream running out from underneath one of the cars she squatted between, still fresh and making it's way across the parking lot - this couldn't be hers, she barely peed 10 seconds! I went up between the cars, there was her small splatter spot by the front bumper of the 2nd car where I saw her squat. A thick stream ran diagonally from there underneath that 2nd car coming out by the back tire on the other side, a lot of pee for such a short piss! But it was all hers as nobody else went there before I came over to see this, these ladies always amaze me with their bladder capacities!

2:03 a.m. - I decided to stay away from the RTD block at this time tonight in favor of my once-favorite area, the big active parking lot a block north. No cops were there tonight so I watched the crowds outside the lot on the sidewalks trying to flag down cabs and the occasional people going to cars in the mostly-empty lot. 3 ladies had been trying to flag down a cab for awhile, tomboy types with 2 wearing jeans and the 3rd wearing knee-length baggy shorts, when one of them - the smallest one with short blonde hair - turned into the lot heading back towards the alley. "Hey, where are you going?" one of her friends yelled to her. "I gotta pee!" the blonde said starting to unbuckle the belt of her jeans as she made her way through the parking lot to the alley behind it. Across the street outside a parking garage I crossed and went into the lot, by then her 2 friends had run over to her. They all went to a dumpster behind the 2nd building from the corner (a popular spot in the years I was getting lots of sightings here), lady 2 standing guard while the blonde squatted down behind her in a doorway next to the dumpster. I walked through the lot, passing by where I had a front view of them to the unguarded side of them, lady 2 unsnapped her jeans and went over beside lady 1 and squatted while the taller lady 3 stood guard in front of both - spreading both her arms and legs in an exaggerated effort to cover them. When they finished they stood guard while lady 3 peed behind them, she pushed her long shorts down to just below her butt and spread her legs wide to an awkward-looking bent-over/sitting position as she was grossed out by squatting in the already peed-in spot. I was too far away to see her stream and it was dark there anyway, but I could hear splattering which made this an amusing sight (none of the 3 were attractive enough that these were sexy sightings). She peed for almost 20 seconds, none of them noticed me watching from the middle of the lot - about 50 feet away.

Sunday, 2:11 a.m .- Among the crowds around the bars across the street from the RTD block a group stopped by the back of the 1st building in the corner parking lot. It was 4 guys and a lady, all early 20's. She was about 5' 7" and slim with long black hair wearing a slutty orange striped satin minidress that barely covered her butt (why I noticed her, of course) and black high heels - a piece of raw meat for the 4 hungry guys with her. The group was standing on the sidewalk by the corner of the building talking when the lady stepped into the parking lot. Standing in the 1st car space (empty), she reached under her dress and pulled her black panties down and sat down on the concrete stop-block in that space by the building wall, what?? I was across the street on the RTD block, lots of people were walking by and she was with 4 guys - she couldn't be peeing! The 4 guys moved over and stood guard in front of her, all the guys were facing her and watching her pee - that's what it looked like from across the street. After about 20 seconds the guys moved away and she was standing up and pulling up her panties, doing it slowly to give the guys a show. The group then came out on the sidewalk and started walking off, another guy commented on how short her dress was and she stopped and hiked it up and bent over to flash her butt at him - what a slut!! I believe those 4 guys took her somewhere and fucked her when they left there... But the pertinent question: did she pee or was she putting on an exhibitionistic show for the guys? That area had cleared out so I went over and looked at that stop block in the parking space. On the ground behind it was indeed a puddle, right below where she was sitting - so yes, she did pee. Peed for the guys I'd say, they had come out of one of the bars there and she announced to them her need to pee and just did it in front of them in the parking lot. Kinda sexy, but it had the appeal of a pee-porn performance with a model putting on an act. I'd rate it a '5', compared to the 8 to 10 I rate the sightings of more typical pretty ladies who don't want anybody to see them peeing, only because this bimbo really did have to pee and her desperation wasn't fake.

2:30 a.m. - A crowd was gathered around the food cart at the corner of that block outside the parking lot. Still across the street at the RTD block I waited for someone in the group to head into the parking lot for a piss and a 20's couple holding hands left the crowd and entered the parking lot and started walking back towards the alley. I crossed the street and entered the lot, they went to the dumpsters behind the 1st building in the alley. I watched from outside the lot by the alley, it was dark where they were but I saw her standing by a dumpster and her head suddenly went down below the top of it while the guy peed by the next dumpster. She stood back up about 25 seconds later, it was another couple of minutes before the 2 came back out into the parking lot and walked back to the crowd by the food cart.

2:43 a.m .- Finally, leaving the RTD block 2 ladies and a guy I saw earlier were walking down the block north of the RTD block and they turned into the alley there. I went over to the bus stop on the north end of the RTD block directly across the street from there, they didn't go to the dumpsters behind the corner bank building but turned into the parking lot next to the corner building on the other side of that alley. I heard their voices as they and the guy were talking, sounded like they were by the back of that corner building just out of sight from the alley - so I waited them out instead of going over there. After about 20 seconds one of the ladies popped out into the alley, buckling up the belt of her jeans before reaching down and zipping up the front zipper. It was about another 10 seconds before lady 2 popped out, pulling her jeans up over her panties - the ladies had peed right there, the back sidewalk of that building next to dumpsters by the alley. Both ladies were mid 20's, lady 1 average height/build with shoulder length curly black hair and lady 2 shorter and chubby with short blonde hair. After everybody left I went over there and found a section of the sidewalk behind that corner building and 3 dumpsters soaked with the ladies' pee.

Pee percentages: I've gotten 20 sightings since I started doing my lady-counting last month, the numbers are gradually building up and I'm beginning to see the patterns. The 9 sightings this weekend amounted to 1 percent of the ladies I saw during the late hours, the 5 Friday night sightings being 1.2% of Friday night's ladies and Saturday's 4 sightings were .84% of the ladies in that bigger crowd. So a consistent 1% of the ladies peeing would give me huge sightings numbers, it's amazing to me that such a small percentage can produce so many sightings.

August chasing July: With this good weekend of August sightings the battle for my top sightings month has intensified. August has been flirting with overtaking July for my top sightings month for the last 5 years but has kept coming up just short. But another sub-par July tightened it up again this year, and the 15 August sightings have closed the gap to just 5 sightings with August now trailing by just 338 sightings to 333. With 1 weekend left in the month it could finally happen next weekend, let's go ladies!

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