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Pee Sightings!
A Woman Caught Peeing Late At Night!

Pee Sightings of a Woman Caught Peeing!

Dear Readers,
a brief report this week as I got just 1 pee sighting last Saturday night to start May.
Cold winter-like weather kept me in 2 weekends ago in April's final weekend and Friday night this weekend, I finish April with 6 sightings of women peeing and no pictures and below it's monthly average of 8 pee sightings. 12 sightings of women peeing for the year, I had 13 on this date last year. This has been an out-of-synch pee sightings year so far, seems like I haven't really gotten started yet as there has been no consistent flow or rhythm at all. I went out late again Saturday night and again there weren't many people walking the streets in the pee sightings area, but I knew there was a big-enough crowd out because most of the car parks were about 80% full.
The streets did fill up at closing time but the crowd was still smaller than what it usually is, it makes my work easier because I only need to cover the parts of the area where ladies are. But I need more ladies to produce the sightings of women peeing opportunities, the overall crowd of ladies has not been big enough to produce any more than the occasional pee sighting. Part of the continued economic slump I'm sure, people having less money to spend on things like going out for nights on the town - particularly since most come from suburban areas where they have a long drive to the pee sightings area.
I've got a feeling last year's disappointing 95 sightings of women peeing will seem like a big year compared to this year's numbers, but typically my pee sightings years don't really get going until June so I'll have to see if things pick up. My 15-year average is 25.2 pee sightings by the beginning of May, I've had barely half of that to begin May last year and again this year.
The lone pee sighting story, followed by my May preview:
Sunday, 1:45 a.m. - Walking towards a big corner bar I noticed a 20's couple at the end of the alley by the back wall of the bar, talking and kissing. The lady got nervous as I was about to pass by them, she glanced into the alley - was somebody in there peeing? As I passed the alley and looked in I saw a guy standing guard in front of the back doorway of the building, he started moving out from in front of the doorway and I could see a slim lady with long black hair standing up behind him pulling up her jeans in the dark doorway. With the 1st lady staring at me I just walked by them, couldn't stop to take a closer look at the peeing lady. I stopped halfway up the block by the side of the building and the 2 couples came out about a minute later, too dark in that doorway area to be able to see her piss puddle.

May preview: It's 173 sightings of women peeing and 15 pictures in the previous 15 years rank it 6th in both sightings of women peeing and pictures with averages of 11.6 pee sightings and 1.1 pictures. Bests for the month are 24 pee sightings and 4 pictures, worst is 1 pee sighting and no pictures, last year I got 9 sightings of women peeing and no pictures.
Pee sightings increase by 24% and pictures by 50% over April, May begins a run of 6 consecutive months with double-figure averages in sightings of women peeing as the year gets going.
But pee sightings stalled in 2 of those months last year and produced less than 10, if I can hit May's average (11 sightings of women peeing) I'll have good momentum going into the summer months and I'd like to get a shot before summer to see how good the new camera is going to do with my pee sightings photography, I'll need more pee sightings to have realistic opportunities for a shot - haven't snapped a May shot since 2006 (desp 221 in album 13), 1 of 2 ladies peeing together by a dumpster in an alley.
New camera preparation: I've continued to shoot with the new camera and get more familiar with it. I've tried some quicker pictures of moving objects and it's still producing clear and blur-free pictures in the shooting modes I will use, really looking forward to that first peeing lady to see how well the camera is going to do.
The pictures are clear enough and accurate enough I won't have to do any editing of this camera's pictures to bring out obscured details like I had to do with some of the pictures from my other digicam, just cropping to enlarge the size of my main subjects. I re-formatted and started using the 1 GB memory card I was using in the other camera, at my chosen resolution (5 megapixels) the card held 384 pictures in the other camera but in the new camera it holds 637 pictures - with much better sharpness and detail in them!
That's 1.75 pictures every day of the year, so I will use this camera like a hard drive and only upload my best pictures and sightings of women peeing pictures to my computer and delete the rest to free up space on the card.
Makes it easy to snap lots of pictures, I will figure out what the expanded video capacity is as I haven't done that yet. On to next weekend!

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