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Pee Sightings of a Woman Going to Pee

Sightings of women peeing. Ladies desperate to pee pictures

Dear Readers,
Just 2 sightings of women desperate to pee to end June but I snap my 1st 'P' picture of the year with my new camera, finally! I'll finish June with 14 pee sightings and a picture, slightly below it's averages in both categories, 40 pee sightings for the year which is slightly ahead of last year's 38 at the end of June. A web page report this week because I also snapped a puddle picture of where the lady in the picture peed - actually what she sat on to pee, which is included here today because I don't really know how to describe what it is. This is my 1 st picture since September of last year, much too long! After the stories I'll have my July preview, and a summary of a female P scene I saw on TV last week.

Crowds were smaller in the pee sightings area after last weekend's incident, as I expected. The crowds were still big enough to produce more sightings of women peeing than they did, but the energy level was much lower than last weekend. Fortunately there wasn't much more police coverage in the area, the police chief also felt this was an isolated incident by an outsider that didn't warrant putting more cops in the area on a regular basis. Again more ladies among the crowd were dressed nice, looks like a trend that's going to continue - and it benefited me because the desperate lady I snapped the picture of was dressed nice. That was a very improbable and unexpected sighting, more on it in it's story. Best I could do was 1 late sighting each night, I followed some groups of ladies where some were complaining of needing to pee but all either went into bars of left the area without peeing. On to the 2 stories:

Saturday, 2:16 a.m.- On the back side of the RTD block by the administration building a group of people were by the back sidewalk. A guy and his girlfriend went up the back sidewalk where he peed by the building with her watching, 2 other ladies crossed the street to a mostly empty parking lot. I knew they were going to pee and crossed the street to that side and walked by the parking lot, they had gone to the back of a building on one side of the lot. One of the ladies disappeared behind the back of the building while lady 2 stood in the lot by there looking at her, from outside the lot on the sidewalk I couldn't see peeing lady 1 - again here if both ladies had peed together I could have gone over and snapped a picture but could do nothing here but watch from where I was. It was about 30 seconds before lady 1 emerged from behind the building, zipping up the front of her black pants and snapping up the waist before both ladies walked out of the lot and across the street to the crowd by the RTD administration building. They were early 20's, lady 1 about 5' 7" and chubby with long brown hair. After the group left I went over behind the building and found her puddle, an intense splatter spot with 2 thin streams running from it about 8 feet.

Sunday, 2:04 a.m. (6-29-08, desp238) - With nothing happening anywhere I made my way back over to the RTD block's north end. Among the people arriving at the block from the busy area was an early 20's couple, I couldn't tell if they were together or the guy was trying to pick her up. They stood outside the terminal building talking, she was one of the well-dressed ladies: about 5' 7", a slim blonde with below-shoulder length hair wearing a black cropped-sleeve short dress and high-heeled sandals carrying a purse and white sweater. People were going in and out of the terminal building doors right behind them, when their conversation ended the guy went in the terminal building and she didn't go in with him so I thought they weren't together and she didn't have to pee.

But she turned towards the grassy patio area, looked at it for a moment and walked around the side of the terminal building onto the grass - in the direction of the pee areas. 2 guys were peeing by trees near there, seeing them she stopped by a big round vent/grate (I'm not sure what to call it) sitting in the grass and reached under the bottom sides of her dress and quickly pulled her white panties down to just below her butt. She then sat down on the concrete edge around the vent, holding the back of her dress up so her bare butt was on the concrete - she was going to pee, I couldn't believe it! I got out the camera, this was going to be my 1st picture of the year. She knew the terminal building was open, why didn't she go in to use the bathroom knowing she was this desperate to pee? This is just what some ladies do, there is no real explanation - even ladies dressed nice like her, who you'd think would much rather be peeing in a toilet in a bathroom instead of hiking up her dress outside somewhere. This unexplainable kind of female behavior is what has allowed me to get so many sightings of women peeing for so many years!

As I walked by a few feet from her trying to determine if she was really peeing and what angle to snap my picture from, she was looking down like she was peeing and didn't notice me. The 2 guys who had just peed nearby saw her and came over to her, I heard one of them say, "Hey, what are you 'doin? Are you peeing?" She looked up at him and didn't get upset at all, they started talking while she sat there and peed - just like she probably does in bathrooms with other ladies! I had now stopped on the grass directly in front of her (about 30 feet), zooming out the camera lens - something I could never consider doing on a night flash picture with my other digicam. She glanced over at me but continued talking to the guy, I wasn't close enough where she felt threatened. I pointed the camera in her direction, the flash fired and I saw her perfectly centered in the LCD window. I thought she wouldn't notice the dim flash, but as I turned to walk away she looked over at me. "HEY!!", she yelled angrily. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"

"It's just a flashlight!" I said and continued walking off. YOU !#@#%!!, she yelled. I stopped and looked back at her, still sitting on the edge of the concrete peeing with the guy standing by her. "It's just a flashlight, I told you!" I said angrily and turned and walked off - that should be that. I got to the south end of the terminal building when I heard her yelling at me again, her voice sounding closer. I looked back to see her running towards me, she had finished peeing and was coming after me! That confirmed for me that she was peeing, why else would she be so upset? I jogged off down the back sidewalk to the street and across to the next block (missing a potential sighting as a guy and lady were at the garden area with her looking around at the bushes). I stayed away from the block for about 15 minutes, looked at her picture during that time. Very cute picture: she was sitting there facing me on the edge of the concrete, had her knees together with lower legs spread forming a triangle with her lower legs, the front of the concrete between her spread lower legs wet in a wide area down to the grass so she definitely was peeing. A bright reflected spot was right in the wetness below her knees, her flowing stream I think. She has nothing to be upset about with this picture, it's another of my artistic shots of a lady peeing that doesn't show her private parts but makes her look so sexy and erotic relieving herself - I have an amazing talent for capturing that!

I walked back by that north end of the RTD block, she was gone and I went over to the grate/vent she sat on to see if any of her pee running down the front was still visible. Sprinklers around the vent/grate had come on shortly before I got there, all of the grate was wet except - fortunately - the section where she sat on it and peed. Already about half of her pee had evaporated in the 20-some minutes since she peed, meaning she took a 'dry' piss, had been drinking and her bladder was full from the alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on pee, making it evaporate quickly: if she had not been drinking alcohol and it was normal pee the wetness on the concrete would be there for much longer. I wanted to snap a picture of the wet concrete before the rest of her pee evaporated, waited a few minutes for the sprinklers to finish so I could walk across the grass. But her pee was evaporating quickly, it might all be gone by the time the sprinklers stopped.

pee print of the angy peeing lady who chased after our man So I went through the sprinkler spray onto the grass and snapped this picture, getting sprayed with water (not much) before I left and went home. The picture of her isn't as good as I'd hoped, it's grainy because that area is dark and I had to snap the picture from so far away. The zoomed camera lens made her image bigger but made the picture even darker because of less light, but her pee running down the front of the concrete between her legs is clearly visible because that area is a whitish color. I've snapped 2 other shots of ladies peeing on the grass in this area with my other digicam, this camera did better with it but the only way to get better shots on this dark grass at night is to be closer to the ladies like I was with this picture - very difficult because it's an open area with nothing to hide me so the ladies can see me coming. Most would stop before I could get close enough for a well-lit clear picture like this one, remember they want to pee in spots where it's hard to see them! But still it's my 1st pee picture with my new digital camera, it's good enough to be an album picture as I'll work on it and get it looking better - I have a little more to work with than the other shots taken here with the other digicam. My 1st 'P' picture since September 29th last year, ironically not far from this one as that lady also peed on the RTD patio area - but on the pavement, between benches by the terminal building so that was a brighter picture (desp 237).

July preview: It's still my top pee sightings month in both pee sightings and shots, 333 pee sightings and 48 shots in it's previous 15 years for averages of 22.2 sightings of women peeing and 3.5 shots. Bests for the month are 37 sightings of women peeing and 10 shots, still my all-time bests in both categories, worsts are 10 sightings of women peeing and no shots, last year I had 11 pee sightings and no shots. After declining numbers the last few years I thought July had rebounded with the 19 pee sightings and 5 shots in '06, but last year's totals were my 2 nd lowest ever for July. sightings of women peeing this month tend to be some of the sexiest and most intense of the year, the crowds are usually the biggest of the year so there are more possibilities. But I still haven't had a real break-out month in almost 2 years now and I don't think I'll get one this July either, probably finishing below my monthly averages.

P scene on TV: Haven't seen any in a long time, lucked into one by accident last Monday. Was watching a show on cable (Showtime) that I'm sampling now because the summer programming is so pitiful. "Weeds" is a show about another dysfunctional family, one of the characters is the divorced mother named Nancy (Mary Louise Parker). Trying to find ways to support her 2 sons she took a job last week as a runner for a borderline hustler named Guillermo, who wanted her to be a runner and drive to Mexico to pick up things he wanted and bring them back to the USA. On her first trip across the border she got stuck in a 2-hour wait of cars trying to get back in the USA, had to pee and ended up peeing in a cup in the car because there were no bathrooms until she got back into the USA. When she got back to Guillermo's garage he informed her that a bobble head doll he had put on the dashboard of the car was a camera, he did that with first-time runners to see how they handled themselves with the border patrol agents when they came back into the USA. "That's bullshit!" Nancy said angrily getting up from her chair and kicking it over. "We're gonna make a tape and review how you did!" Guillermo told her. The show ended shortly after that, the conclusion of that storyline is in tonight's episode. P-videoclip of Nancy's car-peeing emergency? Definitely! Showtime repeated the episode every night last week, so I had lots of chances to record the scenes from this storyline the way I wanted them and it looks like they'll be doing the same with tonight's episode.

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