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The woman was going to pee and she was all alone!

Dear Readers,
August finally explodes in it's final weekend, producing 9 sightings - actually 8 plus one as I have a hard time counting that 9th sighting. The month will finish with 21 sightings, a great month but not quite enough to keep pace with July. July has 383 sightings overall for an average of 20.16 sightings, August has 381 sightings for a 20.05 average. 78 sightings for the year, I have passed last year's total of 75 - next stop 100 sightings!
September has been one of the year's best months in recent years, I'll have my September preview later.
2 interesting stories here. I passed on 2 more shots I could have had, one of them a perfect slam-dunk lady peeing alone that would have been an excellent shot and the plus-one sighting, it was a daytime sighting of a young girl. This one fell in my lap, it proves again how sightings seem to be destiny for me as I just seem to stumble upon females relieving themselves in public!
This month did break the late-hour crowd size records set in August last year, despite having one fewer weekend than last year. There were about 400 more late-hour ladies in 2 fewer outings than August last year and they produced 5 more sightings. But the big thing is the per-night average, 101 more ladies per night than August last year! It's also a higher per-night average than July (60 more per night), although July had the bigger total crowd by about 1000 ladies.
Why have the crowds been so big? It was really obvious this year tourists make up the bulk of the July and August crowds, and there were lots more of them this summer than the last few years...what recession? Another warm weekend with night temps in the 70's, the crowd the 2nd biggest of the year. After producing no sightings last weekend Magic Alley had 4 of the 8 in the sightings area this weekend, taking over the top spot again (19) probably for the rest of the year. Remember, all of those sightings have come just since July! 1 sighting Friday night (and the plus-1 girl sighting), 7 sightings Saturday night.

Stories, followed by my September preview:
Saturday, 2:03 a.m.- On a crowded but slow night I was outside the big active lot watching active alley across the street. 2 early 20's ladies and a guy were standing on the sidewalk outside that alley talking, finally the 3 went into the alley. One of the ladies, long dark blonde hair wearing shorts, ran into the back doorway of the warehouse music hall while the other 2 waited in the alley. She came out about 20 seconds later, the 3 crossed the street and walked past me.
Girl sightings: Saturday afternoon I was running errands. I stopped at an intersection by a middle school (4-way stop signs), that has had youth soccer games going on its fields for the last few weeks on Saturdays. The fields ran 2 blocks from this intersection, then the school building and its parking lots. As I saw the games going on (about 4) and crowds around the fields, I noticed 3 girls by a pine tree just inside the fence on that corner of the block where I was stopped. 2 of the girls had their back to the fence facing girl 3, who was squatted in front of them (mostly front view to me). I drove through the intersection, passing the 3 where I had a side view of the squatted girl. Her cutoff jean shorts were down and I saw part of her thigh and butt, she was peeing! Of course I didn't stop to look, just drove on - would have stopped to look if it was an adult lady! The porta-potties were at the back side of the fields by the school building and parking lot, 2 blocks from where these girls were at the far end of the fields - I guess she either didn't know where the potties were or the walk was too far. How old were these girls? I'd say about 8 years old! I have to be destined for sightings to get something like this! I call this the "plus-1 sighting" because I don't want to count a sighting of an underage girl, but it was a sighting. I suppose I could start coming to these games and probably luck into some more sightings, but I stay away from going for sightings at events that are mostly kids.
Sunday, 1:46 a.m.- I was at the north end of Active Alley on the busy block. 2 ladies and a guy were at a car in the parking lot of the corner bar right by me, both ladies suddenly went behind the car by the building wall. I suspected something was up when the guy stood guard by the back of the after the ladies went behind it, looking at the legs underneath the bumper by the building wall I saw the nearer legs bend forward like the lady was squatting, then I saw her hands pushing panties and shorts down her thighs. The legs stayed squatted for about 20 seconds before she stood up, the guy moved and a tall slim mid 20's lady with long brunette hair came out snapping up the front of her denim short-shorts; yes hers were the legs I saw underneath the SUV!
2:03 a.m.- At the other end of the alley where I was last night to get the sighting, groups of people were standing on the sidewalk outside Active Alley talking. Suddenly a 20's lady from one of the groups excuses herself and runs into the alley, she was average height, slim with below-shoulder curly black hair wearing a red flimsy short dress and flip-flops. She went past the dumpsters behind the warehouse music hall before turning up behind a building, flipping up the back of her dress to expose her white panties before disappearing behind the building out of my view. I wanted her, I started to unzip the camera bag as I crossed the street and went into the alley. But 2 guys were coming towards me from the other end, the closest guy had just finished peeing and saw the lady. "Oh, I'm being a gentleman and not looking!" he said, putting a hand up to cover his face. I could hear splattering as the lady didn't respond, then he turned and stared at her and started talking …. there goes my shot! I looked over at her, there she was squatted in a front view and I could see her stream and hear the splattering - excellent scene for a shot! "Is it as good for you as it is for me?" the guy said to her. "Yeah!" she said, "you should pee too!" She was delightful, of course she didn't know the guy had just peed before she got there. She now was aware of me, wasn't phased and continued to pee for me not caring that I was watching too. I turned and walked out of the alley, frustrated the guy was there and cost me a shot - she would not have minded! It was nearly 40 seconds before she came out, the guy still talking to her but I couldn't hear as I was back across the street.
2:07 a.m.- Coming from the busy block was a guy and lady escorting a stumbling-drunk lady wearing a loose black short dress. They stopped by the corner building by Active Alley for a moment, I thought she might have to pee and after a few seconds she made her way into the alley heading for the same spot the last lady just peed pulling up the back of her dress. But she didn't go behind the building, stopped beside it out in the open and hiked up her dress and squatted. The guy with her and the other lady ran over there and stood guard in front of her, partially blocking her but facing the alley so nobody could go over there. While watching her pee I turned around to look at the big parking lot behind me, just in time to see 3 ladies leaving their car in the parking lot go into the alley to a driveway and dumpsters not far from me...
2:08 a.m.- They were early 20's Latina ladies. One of them, above average height/medium build wearing a tight clingy black mini-dress and high heels, quickly yanked it up and squatted down in a corner beside the dumpster with the other 2 standing guard in front of her. She peed about 20 seconds before standing up and pulling her dress back down, then lady 2 from the group went back there and pushed her jeans down and squatted while the other 2 stood guard in front of her. The drunk lady in the black dress across the street in Active Alley was finally finishing, the guy who guarded her helping her walk back out to the street.
2:11 a.m.- The group the red-dress lady who peed earlier was in was still on the sidewalk outside the alley talking, when 2 of the remaining 3 left and went into Active Alley. One of them, a blonde in jeans, went up between dumpsters behind the warehouse music hall while the other lady stood guard in the gap in front of the dumpsters. She came out after about 15 seconds, their group and others standing around there finally started leaving.
As I left for the RTD block, I thought about shots here. Yes, I have snapped 4 shots before in Active alley - all 4 of them in the same spots where all these ladies tonight peed, in the days before cops blanketed the area. This is the true goldmine in my sightings area, even better than Valentines' Alley (1 block east) was in it's heyday.
2:22 a.m.- On the RTD block the security guard inside the Terminal building had just locked it up, lots of people were still lingering around so I thought I might get a late sighting. A mid 20's lady in white shorts and high heels with long brown hair, crossed the street from groups of people trying to flag down a cab by the north end of the block walking towards the locked Terminal building. But she walked past it's doors without trying to go in, going back on the grassy park area. She stopped for a moment before going over to the steps leading to the employee parking lot, went down the steps but came right back up. She walked down that sidewalk past the Administration building heading towards the pee areas at the south end. I felt certain she was going to pee and she was all alone!
When she got to the pee sidewalk (at the end of that sidewalk), she stopped there and I could see her pushing her shorts down and bending down below the top of the wall of the sunken sidewalk there. I went to the back sidewalk prepared to walk by there, heard splattering, but I didn't feel compelled to snap this shot and didn't get out the camera, I walked by on the back sidewalk and looked over as I passed the pee sidewalk. There she was, in an awkward sitting position with her back leaned against the wall with legs spread, stream flowing straight down below her butt to a growing puddle below it on the sidewalk! She glanced over and saw me, completely helpless to stop or cover herself - an excellent mid-stream shot if I'd had the camera out! I walked past there without stopping, went a few feet and turned and walked back by - still not getting out the camera because I didn't feel compelled to snap this one. She was still peeing but now close to finishing, saw me immediately and looked like she was ready to stop and pull up if I did anything. But I walked past again, going over by the terminal building.
She relaxed and peed about 5 more seconds before pulling up her panties and shorts, then walked out across the grass and crossed the street back to where she'd been trying to flag down a cab with friends. She left a pretty big puddle on the pee sidewalk, but it ran into the drain in the middle of the sidewalk so I couldn't tell how big the puddle was.
This is the first lady to pee in this once popular spot this year, at the end of August!
This is the 6th shot I've passed on this year. It doesn't bother me, if my life wasn't the mess it is I would have gone after those shots but I don't want any drama from snapping shots, so I'm content to peacefully enjoy my sightings these days - it's nice to not have to leave right away after snapping a shot because a lady or someone who saw me didn't like it. This would have been a GREAT shot, I like it that those opportunities are still there.

When I looked through my collection for the Magic Alley shots I was reminded of how I shot everything in my early years, if I was as aggressive now I'd have 10 to 12 shots by now. It is still powerfully fascinating to see a pretty lady in public bursting to pee with no chance to get to a bathroom.
Of all the many records I've gotten in the various sightings categories over the years, there are 3 I think I won't top:
3) snapping 30 shots in a year (1994). Really amazing to me now, since I've snapped just 30 shots combined since 2005 and none in 2 of the last 3 years!
2) snapping 10 shots in a month (July '94). Many of those shots are still among the best I've ever snapped, that month - and year - was just magical as I've not had another like it since. For awhile I thought every year might be like that, now I know how rare and special that was.
1) getting at least 1 sighting every weekend for 21 consecutive weeks (April to November '93). My first full year of sightings, 134 sightings over that span - incredible! People thought I was making it up, but snapping 24 shots helped document the reality of the sightings. This hasn't happened again in the 18 years since and I don't think it will. Even the "sightings pros" I got reports from in my early years who raked in hundreds of sightings at big events they traveled to, never came close to getting sightings for 21 consecutive weeks: who else but me is that passionate about this, I'm in my 19th year of it now: 2443 sightings over that time!

September preview: 321 sightings and 31 shots in it's previous 18 years, averages of 17.8 sightings and 1.7 shots rank it my 3rd best month in sightings and 4th best in shots. Bests for the month are 29 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 10 sightings and no shots, last year I had 18 sightings and no shots. September has been my most productive month over the last 5 years, allowing it to pass June last year and move up to my 3rd best sightings month. Oktoberfest and good weather have been the keys, good weather will continue to start the month and there again is Oktoberfest for 2 weekends during the month. On average I start the month with 92 sightings, my 78 make it unlikely I'll reach 100 during the month but it is possible if crowds continue to be like they've been. That isn't likely as there aren't as many tourists here in September, but this year has seen a revival so it could happen. I'm excited to keep going out, so much good momentum going on with my sightings now!

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