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Watching a Lady Peeing Squatted in Front of a Car!

Dear Readers,

No attached files this week, a brief report all in this e-mail. A pretty weak July start with just 4 sightings last weekend, but I'm continuing to amaze myself as I snap another shot! It's my 7th of the year and 225th overall, of the weekend's 2nd sighting - so that's out of the way early, there will be no drama about if I get a shot this July!
61 sightings for the year now, it doesn't seem like I've gotten that many because the pace of them has been so slow this year - except for May. Summer season is in full swing, characterized by the strong piss odours I smell when walking by certain spots. I used to think those were isolated areas, but there's just something about the July air here that makes piss odours stronger! Guys were peeing everywhere and as usual, the crowd was big on Saturday night and about 40% smaller Friday night - the crowds have been down all year on Friday nights. But again 3 of the 4 sightings and the shot came on Friday night, which now leads Saturday night in sightings 31 to 30 and in shots 4 to 3. How do you figure this when the higher number of bladders on Saturday nights offer many more possibilities? If nothing else, more of Friday's ladies would have an easier time getting to bathrooms with fewer ladies there to use them. But not so, you just never know! This is what makes it so hard to get that good flow of sightings that I like to see, these under-performing Saturday nights have been very annoying this year. Any week the ladies can suddenly bust out of it and start peeing all over the place, especially during the warm summer nights with its bigger crowds. My mission is to be there to see it when the mass female "bladder bust" finally happens! Most of the groove I'm in with my shots is good luck as I'm finding myself near ladies who are going to pee and I'm reacting to it. I think I'm getting more shot opportunities because ladies are now less inhibited about outdoor peeing, it isn't the end of the world anymore if somebody sees them doing it like it used to be.
Last year on this date I had 67 sightings but still had not snapped my first shot yet (that came on July 9), I finished the year with just 8 shots - and that was more than I got in each of the previous 2 years! With 7 shots already now if I get 7 more like I did last year, I will finish the year with 14, around what my shot average still is: 16, which I haven't had since 2000 when I snapped 20 shots. Well, I think I will snap more shots the rest of the year than I did last year, that's how it's been going this year!
On to the stories: Saturday, 1:16 a.m. - Walking by the parking lot next to the 1 level parking garage 2 ladies were at their car near the middle of the mostly full lot. An old guy who walks with a cane and is a street panhandler was over at the car by the ladies asking for money, standing over one of the ladies, she was squatted in front of the car peeing! She was just finishing as I walked by the lot, standing up and pulling up her jeans with the old guy standing over her watching her pee - how bold to walk up on a peeing lady like that! She was a slim early 20's blonde, as was her friend on the other side of the car, and didn't seem upset about the old man watching her pee. "When you gotta go, you gotta go!" she said as she pulled her purse out of the car and gave the man some change. Lady 2 had come around from next to her to the driver's side of the car and got in, also a slim blonde wearing jeans. After the car drove off I found 2 puddles in front of the space where the car parked, both ladies had peed there but I just couldn't see lady 2 from outside the lot. Lady 2's puddle was the biggest, but the stream running from it went only about 6 feet. Lady 1's puddle was small, but the 2 thin streams running from it went down the lot almost to the sidewalk about 30 feet away - so hers was the biggest piss, despite having the much smaller puddle. First time I've seen that, small puddles usually have meant small pisses!
2:25 a.m.(7-1-06, desp 225) - Magic again! I came back over to the RTD block before leaving, I was at the south end of the block by the shuttle bus stop when I saw a couple at the north end of the block walking across the grass towards the steps leading to the employee parking lot. I started walking past the terminal building to get to that end, the lady was petite with brown hair up in a bun wearing a black flared short skirt and carrying a purse. They were walking towards the steps to the parking lot and it was clear each step was getting more painful for her, she was bent over slightly at the waist and taking very tiny steps. Finally she stopped on the grass before getting to the steps, grabbed her crotch and squeezed it firmly and looked around for a place to pee. She walked over to a big round concrete pillar in the grass still holding her crotch, the guy stood on the sidewalk about 10 feet away and watched as she stopped at the pillar and looked around again. It was apparently too much to hold it any longer, she set her purse down in the grass and flipped up the back of her skirt and squatted while pulling down her black panties. Facing the pillar she started peeing quietly into the grass, I was now about 25 feet away and pointed the camera at her. She was in a back/side view as I snapped her shot, neither her or the boyfriend noticed the flash. She peed a long time, over a minute - the longest piss I've seen a lady take this year. I could have walked closer and snapped a 2nd shot of her, if she'd been peeing on pavement where I would have seen a growing puddle I would have, on grass this shot wouldn't look any different than the one I took. Finally she stood up and pulled up her panties and walked out to the waiting boyfriend, I did snap a shot of her after she walked off. She was the exact opposite of last week's lady I snapped a shot of, who showed no signs at all that she was desperate to pee until running into the parking garage driveway. This lady was walking across the grass holding her aching crotch, leaving no mystery - I loved that! Her shot is more revealing with her bare butt exposed, but again peeing on grass. Not only does that rob me of the joy of seeing her puddle and how big her piss was, but these grass shots - my 2nd one in the last few weeks - are even darker than the pavement shots with this digital camera's weak flash. 17th sighting and 2nd shot on the RTD block this year, again the area's top spot. Both of the shots there have been on the grass, I've never done that before - and would prefer the ladies use the sidewalks or parking lot so I can see their puddles!
Sunday, 2:12 a.m.- Again at the RTD station's south end I saw a couple at the north end of the block turn up on the patio area from the sidewalk and walk back towards the grassy area and pee sidewalk. I started walking over there, seeing them go to the terminal building at that end of the block where the lady stopped and turned her back to the building. The guy was standing right in front of her like they were going to kiss, but he started looking around which told me she was going to pee right there. They were early 20's, the lady petite and thin wearing jeans with brown hair up in a bun and were right in line with me as the sidewalk I was on led right to them. The lady pushed her jeans down to reveal part of her bare butt and started to squat, the guy was looking at me coming towards them and stopped her. I turned up onto the patio area about 20 feet from them so I was out of their view, the lady then pushed her jeans down and leaned her back against the building window in a sitting position, immediately I could see the light sidewalk under her getting dark. The boyfriend stood right over her staring at her peeing, I was here in time to get a shot if he wasn't there! After about 10 seconds she stood up and pulled up her jeans, the couple walked by me back to the sidewalk by the street. She was very young looking, I went over to find a much bigger puddle than I expected from such a tiny lady taking a pretty quick piss. Where she peed was actually near where the boyfriend of the lady I snapped last night was standing.

In past years I would be looking forward to the annual outdoor music festival in the area every July, that would probably be happening next weekend. But the festival packed up it's tents for good after last summer, so it'll be just regular summer crowds in the sightings area with no big special events going on that I know of.

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