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Woman's Huge Piss

The entire ground was soaked from her huge piss.

Dear Readers,
(No attachment this week, the whole report in this e-mail.)
A decent weekend with 5 sightings of women pissing, I hadn't realized May had 1 more night on Friday which produced 4 of the 5 pee sightings to end the month with a very nice 15, above it's average and the best since I got 24 May pee sightings in 2006 - hopefully an indicator this will be a good summer of sightings of women pissing. The lack of any pictures kept May from being an excellent month, the new camera hasn't brought me any luck in that regard in it's early days like both my 1st 35mm camera and 1st digital camera did. I took pictures of peeing ladies on the first nights I took both cameras to the pee sightings area (desp01 in August '92 with the 35mm, desp218 in October '04 with my 1st digicam). The 5th sighting is the 1st for June and gives me 27 for the year, 5 ahead of last year's pace on this date.
After that big May in '06 I had 45 sightings of women pissing by this date that year, my 15 year average of sightings of women pissing by this date is 36.7 - putting this year way behind even with the good May. June averages 18 pee sightings for me, but to get back to average numbers overall by the end of the month I'd need to get 28 pee sightings - a total I haven't reached in any month since June 2003.
Pretty good crowds last weekend, still a little smaller than usual as people here are driving and going out less as gas prices continue to climb. Night temps were in the 60's both nights so it's getting comfortable, as usual crowds much bigger Saturday night. But the smaller Friday night crowd produced 4 of the weekend's 5 pee sightings, as so often happens in the sudden and unpredictable nature of pee sightings the ladies in the smaller crowd had much more bladder energy. All 5 sightings of women pissing came late, on to the stories:

Saturday, 1:20 a.m.- Walking by the block south of the RTD block a motorcycle group of 4 was sitting on the sidewalk/driveway leading to a parking lot area between buildings. A dance club was 2 buildings away that 2 skimpy-dressed early 20's ladies had come from, they were talking to the 4 motorcycle guys. Lady 1 was petite and slim with long brown hair wearing a black fringe glitter minidress (would be a formal ball gown if it were longer) and high heels, lady 2 was a little taller with long black hair wearing a black flared miniskirt with black high heels. They were talking to the guys and she put on one of the guy's helmets, which looked kind of cute in her outfit. They decided they were going to leave with the guys but needed a piss before getting on the back of the motorcycles, lady 1 turned and ran back into the dark parking area between the buildings and lady 2 taking off the helmet and handing it to it's owner and running after her. They had no problem running in their high heels, impressive as I watched lady 1 turn up into a space jutting out from the building wall by the 1st parked car where I couldn't see her. Lady 2 went up there with her grabbing the bottom sides of her skirt before disappearing out of my view, I watched from across the street as the 4 motorcycle guys sitting by the driveway kept me from going over there. Lady 1 finished first after about 20 seconds, then stood there waiting for lady 2 to finish which was about another 15 seconds later. Both came walking back out to the guys where they each got on the back of a motorcycle and the group rode off, each lady with her arms and legs wrapped around the back of the guy whose seat they were sitting on. Yes that position would be pretty uncomfortable when a lady needs to pee, any sudden jolt or excitement could have her peeing on the guy's butt her thighs are wrapped around! I went into the parking area where I found both piss puddles by the base of the building wall, small splatter spots with thin piss streams running diagonally across the pavement to that 1st car - lady 2's piss stream running under the car and making it to the 2nd car, a deceptively big piss.

2:18 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD block I noticed a group of people standing by the driveway to the employee parking lot that was still there from about 20 minutes earlier (4 guys and 2 ladies). One of the guys was in that dark space in the lot by the administration building peeing, I figured one of the ladies would probably be going so I waited them out. When he came back out he was talking to his girlfriend and pointing back into the lot so she was the one and reluctantly about a minute later she started into the lot by herself as the other lady wouldn't go with her. She passed by that dark corner (and wood chips by the building ), instead going to a dumpster in a lighted area by a loading dock at the back of the building - good for me because I could see her from my position outside the lot at the north end. She went around behind the dumpster unsnapping the front of her jeans, I saw part of her peek out from the left side of the dumpster as she was bending over and was going to pee standing. I saw her head and part of her bent-over back, she stayed in that position for close to 2 minutes before her concerned boyfriend went into the lot looking for her because it was taking so long. He saw that she wasn't finished and waited a few feet from the dumpster, finally she came out zipping up the front of her jeans after a nearly 3 minute piss. The group then left and walked past me, I went into the lot and found the entire ground behind the dumpster soaked from her huge piss.

2:26 a.m.- From the same spot where I had watched the previous lady, across the street in the alley I saw a 20's blonde in jeans standing in the alley by the corner building like she was waiting for someone. I stopped by the bus stop shelter and waited, after about 25 seconds a guy comes out from the back of the building/ parking lot, the same spot where a lady peed last weekend. But the couple didn't leave so someone else was back there, after another 5 seconds a cute lady with shoulder length brown hair comes out from the same area pulling the back of her denim miniskirt back down laughing. The 3 walk out of the alley, again like last week the sidewalk behind the building was wet from multiple pissing.

Sunday, 2:26 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD block before leaving for my car, across the street (west) on the street outside a parking lot a car pulls up and 2 ladies get out. The car drives off and the ladies walk into the mostly empty parking lot, I thought it was friends dropping them off at their car as they walked over to a car parked near the middle of the lot. They walked up to the passenger side where lady 1 turned around to face lady 2, lady 1 average height and stocky with long brown hair wearing white Capri pants and lady 2 a taller slim blonde wearing pants. With lady 2's back to me I couldn't see lady 1 in front of her, but soon I noticed what looked like a dark piss stream running out across the lot from where the 2 ladies were. I hurried to the corner of the RTD block where I'd have an angle to see lady 1 around lady 2, she was indeed squatted in front of lady 2's legs! But she was already standing up and pulling up her pants, I could now see the thick piss stream running out from beside the car and the piss puddle by her feet. The ladies then walked out of the lot laughing and talking, so that wasn't their car, they just went there so lady 1 could pee. I went into the lot to look at the piss puddle, a small splatter spot as she peed only about 10 seconds, but her piss stream running from it had already travelled close to 20 feet and with a thick head on it still was going to travel further. Another deceptively big piss for being so quick, 'dam breaks' I call these because once the lady starts to pee it's like quickly pouring water out of a bucket instead of the typical gradual release of a thin piss stream.
With summer getting in full swing with popular outdoor events starting next week, I'm in a good mood thinking about what should be lots of sightings of women pissing opportunities over the next several months. No, it still hasn't gotten old or boring for me!

Movie scene alert: I heard about a female pee scene in the new movie 'Baby Mama' starring Tina Fey as a neurotic single career lady who wants a baby and has an immature junk-food eating young lady (Amy Poehler, a cute blonde) as the surrogate mother for her baby living with her. There is a scene in the movie where Fey has much of the house off limits for some reason (security, rebuilding or such) and Poehler can't get in the bathroom and has to pee in the sink. If anyone sees this movie, let me know how the scene is so I can report about it to you all - I'll see it later in the year when the movie shows up on cable/satellite channels.

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