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I snapped this shot of her nice pee puddle.

Dear Readers,
2 sightings last weekend to barely keep my September momentum going, 7 for the month and 77 for the year. Another puddle shot this week, after snapping that shot I realized I could have shot a video of that lady - a missed opportunity, sort of...more on that in her story. I thought a lot during my 2 nights of work this week about why the sightings have been both so sparse and unspectacular this year, and have come up with some noticeable reasons which I will explain later and nd of course, while I was focusing my thoughts on the many almost-boring sightings this year both of this weekend's were among the best and most intense of the year!

A typical mild night Friday night but a cool 50 degrees Saturday night after it rained most of the evening, stopping shortly before I went out for sightings. Small weekend crowds, the smallest since early July with Saturday night's crowd being a little bigger. The ground was still wet in many places from the earlier rain during my Saturday night outing, I noticed years ago ladies like to pee on wet ground to hide their pee puddles so I thought I might be rewarded Saturday night and I was, both sightings coming late Saturday night with one lady peeing on wet ground that hid most of her puddle. It was a frustrating weekend until then, "why aren't they peeing?" I asked myself many times before 2 ladies finally did late Saturday. Stories:

Sunday, 2:05 a.m.- At the RTD block's south end by the shuttle bus stop, there wasn't much going on in the corner lot across the street even, this was because the food cart vendor who's usually outside that lot took the weekend off so not as many people were hanging around. Looking down the street towards the north end of the RTD block I saw a couple among the people walking towards me, the lady, petite wearing a short black dress and white leggings that I wanted to get a closer look at. A few minutes later they still hadn't gotten to my end of the block, I looked back down the sidewalk to see where they were and they were gone. Where did they go? They had to go up onto the park area in the middle of the block, probably to pee because all the benches and places to sit in the area were wet from the rain. So I walked around the terminal building to the grassy area, not seeing anyone in the pee areas. But suddenly I saw the lady, squatted on the sidewalk right by the terminal building at the bottom of steps there about 20 feet from me with her back to me! The building was still open and she could have gone inside to use the bathroom, either she didn't know that or didn't want to bother going inside. That sidewalk was about half wet from rain, I could see the growing puddle under her squatted butt flowing into the wet part of the sidewalk hiding part of it. I saw her late, she peed for just about 5 seconds more before standing up and pulling up her leggings and taking awhile to adjust everything so it felt comfortable before pulling her dress back down and walking up the steps and around that part of the terminal building. She never knew I was watching her from behind so I enjoyed the brief show, I got there too late to try for a shot. A police car was sitting just beyond the shuttle bus stop area and the cop inside could see over there, so I had no thoughts of pulling out the camera anyway. As usual he never saw her pee, but I'm sure would have seen my flash if I had tried to snap a shot. I went over to her puddle and could see her partial splatter spot on the sidewalk just beyond the bottom step, it looked like a big puddle but most of it was on the wet part of the sidewalk so I couldn't tell just how big. I went back out to the sidewalk as she and the guy were walking by, they walked past me and she was a petite Hispanic lady in her early 20's with a pretty face, big earrings and lots of makeup. I almost missed this one, glad I went looking for her!

2:24 a.m.- I went to the north end of the block as people were walking by that alley across the street with the dumpsters behind the corner bank building. A few guys went into the alley to those dumpsters but no ladies, I was about to leave when I saw a street lady who had been talking to most of the people walking by (asking for money probably). She kept looking at the alley, I figured she had to pee so I stood by the bus stop shelter on the RTD block and watched. After talking to people getting in a truck parked on the street near the alley she turned and went into the alley, unsnapping her jeans. She was petite wearing an athletic jacket and ski cap with her baggy jeans, late 30-ish or 40's - not at all appealing. She was walking towards the dumpsters but stopped short of them in the alley, pulled her jeans down to just below her knees and bent over in a back/side view to me across the street with her bare butt angled towards the wall beside the alley. Immediately I heard splattering, seemed like she dropped her pants there because she couldn't hold it long enough to go the 3 or 4 feet further to the dumpsters where she could have hidden herself between them. Her splattering started getting louder, within a few seconds was loud and hard as she peed uncontrollably onto the paved alley. Lights on the building wall above her lit her well enough to see her clearly across the street, she now was looking beside her legs and saw me across the street but was peeing too hard to stop. This was a slam-dunk shot if I wanted it, but she was just too ugly for me - although her desperate loud piss was very sexy! I could see the huge puddle around her feet, 3 thin streams running from it to the middle of the alley which was also wet from the earlier rain. She pee about 25 seconds before the splattering slowed to a trickle and stopped, she stood up and slowly pulled up her panties and jeans staring at me. She seemed embarrassed that I had watched her pee, instead of coming back out of the alley ran through the parking lot next to that area to the next block so she wouldn't face me.

ladies urgent piss puddle I went into the alley and I snapped this shot of her nice pee puddle. Just above the puddle on the base of the wall you can see where her pee stream splattered against it before making the puddle, making it look like a man stood there and peed against the base of the wall and made this puddle. I've seen a few ladies do this over the years, when standing bent-over with knees straight they can direct their stream backwards onto the wall or vertical object behind them (the yellow lines drawn by the puddle were where her feet were while she stood there and peed). It's fascinating to see a lady do this, even an unappealing lady like her! You can't automatically assume when you see pee on a wall above a puddle that a man did it, because a standing lady's puddle will have the same splattering characteristics of a male puddle because her pee stream travelled a longer distance to get to the ground like a standing man's does. You can see the trail of 2 wet footprints from her right foot after she finished and stepped away from the puddle, in front of the left side of her splatter puddle and another one among the thin streams near the pee-diluted rain running down the middle of the alley. My viewing of this was from well past the right side of this shot, at the upper left side of the shot is one of the many puddles made by men who peed there earlier as the dumpsters are just beyond that puddle in this heavily-used outdoor pee area.

As I walked out of the alley after snapping this puddle I realized I could have shot a video of her entire piss from across the street, since she would have been clearly visible with the area being well-lit. But again her image would have been very tiny since I have no zoom when shooting video with my camera, and I just didn't find her appealing enough to make a shot of her. A real catch-22 situation, an ugly lady but a sexy big piss!

Tame sightings: Among the crowds of ladies this year one element has been very much missing: drunk ladies. There just hasn't been the usual number of ladies drinking to the point of being tipsy or drunk this year, even among the girls-night-out packs of ladies out together and bridal party groups. I'm sure this is economy-related, they're spending less on drinks when they go out (fewer guys are getting drunk too). Ladies out in groups getting drunk have always been my favorite ladies to watch, they're my fantasy women turned reality: most are attractive and nicely-dressed, going about having a good time with beer-filled bladders they are trying to ignore that are getting closer to bursting by the minute. They get quite animated and more sexy the more desperate they get, they are the ladies who do the most outdoor peeing because being drunk and among friends makes them uninhibited about taking emergency horse pisses any and everywhere they have to. Many ladies this year seem determined to have a good time without drinking too much and becoming those kinds of ladies, which is good in many ways but is just terrible for my sightings!

Oktoberfest: it's on for the next 2 weekends. Weather is forecast to be good next weekend, the value of Oktoberfest now isn't for sightings it produces on it's grounds anymore, but the lots of extra people it brings to the area who end up in the sightings area bursting to pee. The heavy beer-drinking there will be more welcome this year than usual, hopefully it gets larger numbers of ladies drinking the next 2 weekends. There is also a new 'beer fest' going on at some of the bars in the sightings area for 10 days starting next Friday, apparently other bars outside the Oktoberfest area want a piece of the big beer-drinking crowds that will be in the area for Oktoberfest. So hopefully I should see a lot of the tipsy and drunk ladies I've not seen and been missing this year, bring on the sexy drama-filled desperation and emergency outdoor peeing! Going into these potentially big weekends with 7 sightings already positions September for some nice totals, the 2nd Oktoberfest weekend last year produced 10 sightings throughout the sightings area (just 1 on the Oktoberfest grounds). So far my September lady-counts have this year's crowds averaging almost 100 more ladies per night than September last year, hopefully the best sightings of the month - hell, the year - are soon to come!

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