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Dear Readers,

New Years' Eve turned out to be a very frustrating night, as I get just 4 sightings and no shots. Very different elements to this night, I will get to those stories in a bit. I got a weeknight pee sighting totally by chance, and an interesting 'TV pee sighting' - those 2 stories, then the New Years' Eve roundup.

Thursday, 9:34 p.m. - I went to a basketball game with Jenny.
After the game we were in the car waiting in a long line of traffic in the parking lot merging into one lane from various rows of cars leaving the lot. While sitting in the line there was a van parked in a row just to the left of the traffic line and I saw a back view of a fat person in a black coat push down their jeans and squat down beside the passenger side back tire of the van. Now I knew it was a lady and she turned sideways with her fat butt by the tire so I had a side view of her from the car. A thick gold gushing stream flowed from her to the ground, I was very stunned to see this - although I don't know why! "Look to your left!", I said to Jenny. She looked over and saw the lady, but quickly turned her head away. Now the lady was finishing, stood up and pulled up her jeans and turned to look at us. She was in her 50's, baggy, saggy thighs and butt! A light colored scarf was around her gray hair and tied around her chin, she had black horn-rim glasses. Her husband was on the other side of the van by the driver's door, also staring at us. He looked like an old hippie, long gray hair in a ponytail. "Did you see that?" I asked Jenny. "Yeah, but it doesn't do anything for me" she said. "I don't know why a lady would pee outside like that, especially when it's so cold!" (Temps were in the low 30's). I had my camera with me and could have gotten out of the car and snapped this one, but ugh!!.....this is an example of how not every lady I see peeing is something I want to see. They do have to be at least somewhat attractive, with a body that looks at least a little pleasing when they pull down their panties!

Springer TV: Last Monday the Jerry Springer show aired a new episode titled "Shattered Marriages" (how many different titles can they give to the subject of people cheating on their mates?). The story started out with a "Springer cam" segment where the first guest, a guy in his 20's, viewed a download made by his new wife of 2 weeks, who called the show and had them come out to film her story. She was standing outside the small trailer the couple lived in, expressing her anger about the fact it has no heat or running water. She was a chubby lady in her 20's, short blonde hair in a big sweatshirt and black pants. She took the cameraman on a tour of the small trailer, pointing out it's abominable conditions, when she suddenly said, "Can we stop this, I gotta use the bathroom!"
The cameraman followed her outside the trailer, where she explained that she had to climb a fence and walk across a field to the parents house just to use the bathroom. She went up and knocked on the door, explaining to the cameraman what a loser her husband is for making her have to do this.
The knocking turned to desperate pounding when nobody answered the door, finally she said "Nobody's home" and went back to the trailer. She went in and came back out with a roll of toilet paper, holding it up to the cameraman. "Now I have to go pee behind a bush again!" she said as the audience started laughing. She started walking towards a small tree by the trailer as the cameraman followed. "Turn off the camera", she said as she went behind the tree grabbing the front waist of her jeans and starting to squat down.
The camera moved towards her, she angrily stood up and grabbed some snow from the ground and started throwing snowballs at the cameraman. "Turn off the god-dammed camera!!" she yelled at him. "NOOO!!!!", the audience chanted as they wanted the cameraman to film her piss. The film resumed after she finished, it turned out she was sleeping with her husband's best friend. One day I think the Springer show just might film something like this in it's entirety and show it! I was able to download this segment, I enjoy looking at it.

Now, New Years Eve:
After being in a police state last year with few people out, the city was right in it's projections of 100,000 people coming down this year for it's makeup New Years Eve celebration.
I went down there with Jenny about 10:30 p.m., not getting to the crowded mall area until about 11:20 because of having to park so far away because of all the cars in the area and street parking near the mall being blocked off. There was some snow on the ground from a small Saturday night storm (which kept me from going out Saturday night), temps were in the low 20's. My sightings area that I cover is just over a square mile, usually some parts of the area are busy while others aren't. But tonight EVERYWHERE was busy, so much so that I could not adequately cover the territory tonight. Out of all the crowds, I chose to cover the area by the RTD station for midnight, since that was where the most people were. Tonight RTD was offering shuttle service to different parts of the metro area, buses coming and going until 2:30 a.m. - unfortunately keeping the terminal open until then instead closing at it's usual 1 a.m. and that cost me hundreds of possible sightings, but it wasn't my only frustration tonight.
The first pee sighting came shortly:
11:53 p.m.
- Among the crowd gathered to watch the midnight fireworks from the top of a nearby building, a pretty Hispanic lady in her late 20's broke from the crowd and ran towards the RTD building. No question on my mind she had to pee and I watched her turn and go to the landscaped garden area next to the sidewalk leading to the building. She climbed up over the 3.5 foot wall and trudged through the snow covered dirt to a small tree near the back of the garden. The RTD Supervisor I see every weekend was there by the building, along with 2 other supervisors. She looked around, then pushed down her pants and quickly squatted by the tree. I started walking down the sidewalk, getting out the camera for this slam-dunk shot.
I was zooming out the lens just as I got to there, she was about 6 feet away at eye level in a front view to me behind the tree. I could hear her hard pee noisily hitting the dirt below her, I looked up and saw the RTD Supervisor standing right in front of me staring at my camera! Of course I kept on walking, like I wasn't paying attention to her. I walked to the street and came back, he had left. She was still pissing hard, I still heard it splattering in the dirt - but again the RTD Supervisor came over. This time he stood by the wall where she was and waited for her to finish - DAMN, lost a good shot!!
She stood up and pulled up her pants and came out, where he helped her back down to the sidewalk. I thought he was going to scold her, but he didn't. This would be the last pee sighting of 2000, no. 178.
I went back out to the front of the building where the crowd was as the fireworks started, telling Jenny of the annoying thing that just happened. It was a great fireworks show, lasting about 15 minutes and coming from buildings on the east and west sides of there. After it was over (when pissing starts to happen in droves), hundreds of people headed for the RTD terminal to wait for buses, get out of the cold and of course to pee. The women's line was humongous and Jenny was now cold and wanted to stand in the building to warm up while I stayed outside. Lots of women came around that sidewalk looking for a place to pee, but men boldly took the places they wanted to use and were soaking them. Soon so many people were coming there I knew women wouldn't try it, so I went across the street to watch crowds in the parking lot there. Again, too crowded to offer privacy for women, so I went back to the RTD building to get Jenny.
Then came disappointment no. 2!
12:34 a.m.
- Walking up the sidewalk towards the RTD building, 2 20's ladies went running up towards a secluded doorway near the building where I snapped a lady before (the Mexican lady back in March '99). One of the ladies, long blonde hair and jeans, reached under her green coat and started unsnapping the front of her jeans as she ran up to the dark doorway, which has a brick wall around it. The other lady and the 2 boyfriends went to the front of the brick wall to stand guard for her, I went around and was going to shoot over the wall from behind and above her like I did with the Mexican lady. But again the RTD supervisor comes running over, along with both of the other supervisors, killing this shot too. One of the other supervisors shined a flashlight over the wall down on the peeing lady, who jumped up pulling up her jeans and ran off. By this time hordes of men had peed back there, the entire ground was soaked. Several more came up and started to pee right by the RTD supervisors, who ran them all off. They decided to stand guard themselves right there to stop people from peeing, so I knew I had to leave here for good tonight. I went across the street to the parking lot and alley there, saw lots of puddles between cars and more men going over to pee. Again several women seemed to want to, but there were just too many people to give them any privacy and they didn't. I went to the busy bar area 2 blocks away.

1:02 a.m. - 2 pretty late 20's ladies in miniskirts (like it was warm) were walking past the parking garage where I snapped last weekend's shot. They stopped and leaned against the garage, talking and smoking a cigarette. Both blondes, one had on a black coat, white sweater and black miniskirt with tall boots, the other a black sweater with no coat and violet miniskirt. Finally they walked off arm-in-arm, crossing the street and going into the big active parking lot. They went through it to the alley, I ran in getting out the camera.
They went up behind a building where I've snapped a couple of ladies before, the one in black hiking up her skirt and squatting as the other stood guard in front of her. "Are you ladies OK?" a guy shouted from nearby in a car in the lot who saw them - again no privacy. She only peed about 5 seconds before standing up and pulling up her panties, not enough time to get her anyway. They walked off as the guy in the car in the lot tried hard to get them to come over (he succeeded).
I went back to the RTD station to get Jenny, who was now ready to go home, walked her back to her car and got mine and drove to the area nearby where I usually park since a lot of people had left by then. Jenny thought the fireworks were awesome, but didn't like the huge crowds of stupid-acting revelers. She said me being out in the cold so long looking for what I do, is "crazy". Back in the sightings area about 15 minutes later I'd get the night's last pee sighting:

2:17 a.m. - I was walking by the recently closed dance club. A vacant building across the street that was supposed to be developed has been turned into a parking garage and a group of 2 20's couples passed by me coming from a bar on the next block. A guy was peeing inside the garage as I walked by one of it's doorways and one of the ladies in the group told the others to wait. "I gotta pee!", I heard a lady's voice say. One of the ladies went running into the garage, slim with long black hair wearing a sweater and brown leather pants. She ran up to the guy peeing, telling him, "I caught you!" and virtually tackling him as he tried to pull his dick back into his pants.
He left the garage as she went to a back corner, unsnapping the front waist of her pants as the other lady stood in front of her. She squatted down in a sitting position, front view to me looking in the garage doorway as the other lady stood in front of her but only partially blocking her. I saw a thick gold stream shooting from her to the floor in the lighted garage, she saw me and yelled, "Hi!". I stepped out of the doorway, they both came out about 30 seconds later and the group walked off.
The entire area was soaked, others before her had peed there - much like the entire downtown area tonight.

The final act was after 3 a.m. - when I saw 4 ladies in their 30's walking in the mall area where the fireworks show had been. They kept going up to every restaurant/bar and pulling on the locked doors before walking off, it was apparent at least 2 of them had to pee badly. They tried another locked door, then one of the ladies - a blonde in a long brown coat and black pants, bent over at the waist and grabbed her crotch. "I'm gonna pee in somebody's doorway!" she said in frustration. She pulled on a door in front of her and it was unlocked. It was a lobby entrance to a bank building, the 4 went in and over to the security guards at the desk in the lobby. The blonde said she had to use the bathroom "Very, very badly and I'm going to pee on the floor if you don't let me use a bathroom here." Unfortunately, he pointed down a hallway and the 4 ladies disappeared down it. Perfect example of the frustration I had tonight! I went to my car and left, frozen so much by then I still didn't feel the car's heat by the time I got home.
This was my most frustrating New Years' Eve, despite the most people being in the area I've ever seen. It was TOO crowded and I guess I could say I picked the wrong places to watch - hard to say on a night like this, because you never really know. But one person wasn't close to being enough to cover all the territory tonight and the fact that the RTD building - along with most of the other places in the area, like this bank building the last 4 ladies went into - stayed open and let people in until 2:30 a.m. cost me at lest 50 sightings and probably a lot more. But so did the lack of privacy, so many people everywhere preventing women who wanted to pee from doing so (but not men, as I saw 50 to 60 men pee - probably a lot more, as I don't count men) and I won't even mention the 2 pictures lost by the RTD supervisor being right there, which annoys me more than anything because of how hard I work to be in position to take these shots!
Having had so much success before and knowing I will again helps in lessening the sting of this. This night gives me some idea of what the guys who work the huge events must experience and I prefer the numbers a bit smaller - enough that the women feel there are more 'private' places where they can pee. The crowds tonight were about 30 times bigger than the busiest summer nights I have.
So the year ends with 178 sightings and 26 shots, my 2nd best year ever in both categories and I have 3 sightings for 2001. This was a below average night in comparison to past New Years' Eve's, even last year when there were 900% fewer people out. As usual this is my longest report of the year, but always fun to write.
Next week will be my 2000 Sightings Summary.

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