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Desperate New Year's Eve Women Pee Outside - Public Pissing

Dear Readers,
long time no write!
My last sightings and report was on October 31 after Halloween weekend, an 11 sighting weekend with 10 of those on Saturday night the 30th to finish with a record-tying 24 sightings for October. I went out once in November and didn't get any sightings and didn't go out in December at all.
The weather was better for New Years Eve last weekend and I was feeling better (mentally) than I was a year ago so I decided to treat myself to another New Years Eve of sightings again....an update of what's going on with me follows my stories here. It was great to be out on this night again after missing last year, but I was disappointed with getting just 2 sightings. I'll take it though, starting out 2012 with sightings on it's first day beats the hell out of not getting the year's first sighting until March 20 like I did last year. Both sightings came after midnight so I finish 2011 with 124 sightings in what was a great bounce-back year after a record low 75 sightings in 2010.
My all-time New Years Eve sightings preview: This is the year's biggest night on average, producing 105 sightings (including this year's 2) in my now 19th New Years' Eve of sightings for an average of 5.5 sightings. Best ever for the night is 15 sightings (2005), worst is 1 sighting on 2 different years with the last time being in 2010; this year is the 3rd time I've gotten just 2 sightings. I've snapped 8 shots on this night, the last being in 2007 (desp 233 in album 14), a lady in a short white dress peeing in a sitting position leaning against the RTD terminal building, she and her boyfriend not caring that I saw her or snapped her shot because she was peeing too hard to stop. 16 of the sightings and 2 of the shots came before midnight, 89 sightings and 6 shots cane after midnight to start my new sightings year.

OK, on to this year:
After snow and below zero temps last year it was balmy by comparison with temps in the low 30's this year - although the arctic chill in the air this time of year makes it feel 10 to 15 degrees colder. A typical huge crowd in the sightings area, although in the mall area where the midnight fireworks were the crowd wasn't quite as big as past years. But it was by far the biggest New Years' Eve crowd in my late-hour lady count, but I've only been doing that since 2008. I love this night because so many ladies are dressed up nice and wearing skirts (61% of the ladies this year) despite how cold it is, which means more of my sightings will be ladies in skirts which remain my favorites.
I got to the area about 11:40, staking out my usual New Years Eve spot by a corner parking lot and alley across the mall (fireworks) area where a loading dock behind the corner building and cars parked along one side of the alley all the way to the other end are convenient places for ladies to pee. Nothing before midnight, then the fireworks, then the mass exodus of people leaving the area afterward. Nothing! Nobody had to pee, it was a tempered crowd that wasn't nearly in the kind of party moods they usually are on New Years Eve. Finally a sighting came, before I left this area to work my usual sightings area:
Sunday, 12:25a.m.- Out of the crowds passing by leaving the mall area 2 early 20's ladies wearing jeans turned into the alley behind the loading dock - a lesbian couple as they were holding hands. They walked past the loading dock down the alley, with nothing happening I entered the alley to watch them. They turned up between one of the many cars parked bumper-to-bumper by the buildings along one side of the alley, was it their car? No, as one of the ladies stood guard by the car as the other scampered between the side of the car and building wall reaching for the front waist of her jeans before squatting down below the top of the car. After about 20 seconds she stood up and walked out from there snapping up the front of her jeans, then she zipped up her coat and the 2 walked back down the alley towards me, grabbing each other's hand as they passed me. They were both cute innocent-looking blondes, average height and slim. Too dark in the alley to see any puddles so I didn't go over to look for hers.

Lots of people on the streets throughout the area, but little activity by active alley on the busy block. Nobody among the hundreds of sexy ladies had to pee, so disappointing! I left that area earlier than usual and went back over to the RTD block, which has always been active on New Years Eve. The terminal building was now locked after the last bus left at 2:20, crowds who had been inside the building to stay warm escorted out by security guards who locked the building. They were standing around talking, waiting at the bus stops outside the building to catch other buses or flag down cabs as all are free on this night. The shuttle buses run later than usual this night too, bringing people from the restaurants having New Years Eve parties in upper downtown to the RTD station where they catch buses or go to their cars parked nearby.
2:34 a.m.- A shuttle bus pulled up into the shuttle stop area, more than half full. The people got out, most hurrying up to the terminal building; I have fun watching the ladies and trying to determine who has to pee. Among the people were a group of 4 ladies and a guy, all mid 20's, 2 of the ladies wearing a short dress and 1 a tight miniskirt. The one in the miniskirt seemed to be the most anxious to get in the terminal building, above average height and medium shapely build with shoulder length blonde hair wearing a black hip-length coat and black leggings/pantyhose under her clingy black miniskirt. She realized the building might be locked with everybody standing outside, but pulled on the door and discovered it was locked. She said something to the other ladies, then headed down the back sidewalk with the 4th lady who was wearing black pants. I made my way through the crowd and went up the sidewalk by the terminal building's patio area where I could see where they went, lady 4 was standing by the garden area on one side of the sidewalk and behind her I could see the miniskirt lady moving around by the short bushes there before disappearing behind one of them. About 15 seconds later she stood up from behind the bush and stepped out, jumping down to the sidewalk (about a 2.5 foot wall borders the garden area) and they walked back up towards the terminal building where the rest of the group was waiting for them.
"I just peed in a bush!" the miniskirt lady said seeming surprised by herself. Confirms what I know she just did! She was in pretty bad shape when she got off the shuttle bus, leaving wherever she had been needing to pee and when she discovered the terminal building was locked heading straight to the garden area with no hesitation for an emergency piss: the situation I love to see ladies in that just keeps happening, I remain amazed that they continue to do this to themselves!

Well, now is my usual sightings off-season until early spring when crowds in the sightings area start getting bigger again. I had such a good 2011 that I will do an annual sightings summary this year, it'll be later than usual because I haven't started on it yet (as I normally would have by now) because of all this unresolved life-garbage shit I'm trying to dig myself out from. Hopefully I'll have it done sometime in January, I'll send it when I get it done. I likely will start posting my reports on my website this year to build up more traffic and money, fresh 'exclusive' content is always good and I don't have to pay for it as I am lucky enough to be able to produce that myself.

My update: Some periphery things are getting better for me, mostly my mental state (I'm dealing with all this better) and a lady I fell out with is now speaking to me again - (unfortunately she's not a romantic interest). But there remains no movement in the major area I need movement in, job and financial-related areas. I'm completing the move to sis' house this week, this is my last sightings report written while living in this now-foreclosed house. Sis is being nicer than I expected so it might be OK for awhile, but I will continue to be restless until I get more of my own money coming in and can support myself completely and don't need anyone's help like I do now. Money from desperatewomen.com remains my only main income and it continues to be way below what I need. I have learned more about the reasons why I may never be able to get any kind of relevant job that could support me ever again, certain 'demographics' of people are being forced out of the declining labor market in this 'new' economy: near the top of my problems is having a college degree, several people have told me to stop listing that on job applications. But I refuse to do that, I got college educated to IMPROVE my earning potential, not hide it and "dumb myself down" for asinine companies that have no use for college-educated people. That has become epidemic today with too many companies working on the cheap and having no use for educated employees they'd have to pay more money for and offer job security to, starting another business of my own looks like my best and probably only long-term way out of this since low-paying part-time and temporary jobs that my education makes me overqualified for won't cut it anyway. I'm being encouraged to follow through on an idea I've had for awhile now where there's a need: helping aging baby-boomers rehabilitate joint injuries who want to continue to have active lifestyles, as physical therapy programs leave injured people short of being able to be active again: that's an industry I know all about. I mention it here because if anybody has any contacts or needs in this area I'm taking in all the information I can get as I formulate a game plan.
I'll continue to go out for sightings, it's still so much fun and puts me in a good mood! But probably less than I have before, depending on this other life-garbage stuff improving. And since I write up all my sightings to remember them (a big "book" of sightings stories now that actually has become history), I'll continue to send them out to my e-mail list as they continue to get a good response.
Nice to have New Year's Eve sightings to report again, even though it isn't the 10 or 15 I wish I could have gotten!

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