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Lots of women peeing and weeing. Another busy weekend.

Dear Readers,
this is the 200th weekly report I've written about my women peeing sightings. That's almost 4 years worth of stories, of over 600 sightings and 77 shots. It still doesn't seem like it's been that long, or that much activity for me!
This remains a lot of fun.

Last weekend was no less successful, as I got 7 more sightings and passed on another woman weeing shot I could have taken.
It was a calm and seasonal weekend for a change, dry with night temps in the low 40's. Stories:

Friday: A bigger crowd than last week, bigger than usual for an October night (parking lots about 60% full). 3 sightings came tonight, giving me 77 for Friday nights which ties my best ever for a year - another record I'll break! The almost-shot was among tonight's 3:

1:07 a.m.- Walking into the busy area I saw a large group of 20's ladies - about 13 - walking down the sidewalk after leaving a bar. One of them was wearing a bridal veil, so this was a girls-night-out party for her. With so many I had to watch this group, who stopped by one of the lady's cars and talked for awhile before a couple of them left and the rest of the group moved on to a parking garage on the next corner. Standing outside the locked stairway door, one of the girls - a thin blonde with long hair in jeans - had her arms folded and was visibly restless, moving around like she was cold or something. She finally left the group and went to the driveway entrance by the alley, the other ladies talking for a moment before coming. I went into the alley as the group entered the garage, and as they walked by a truck parked in the 1st space I saw the blonde come running out from the front of the truck. She was snapping up the front of her jeans, her unbuckled belt still dangling down. 2 guys were behind the group and saw her as she ran in front of them. "Whoops!", one of the guys said sarcastically. "Somebody has to take a piss!" The blonde looked back at them, buckling up her belt. "I just finished!", she said and ran to catch up with the other ladies. I went in later to look for her puddle and found a huge one, the floor was wet all across the front wall by the truck. As I turned and walked out the garage security guard was looking at me from his booth by the driveway entrance, I never saw him when I entered. I'm glad I didn't see the blonde earlier and try to snap her, he would have seen me. Yeah, these parking garages are very risky!

1:29 a.m.- I was walking by the other end of Valentines' alley, across the street from it. There was a group of about 8 people standing by 2 cars parked on the street by the alley talking, when one of the ladies broke from the group and started running towards the back of the corner building there (where ladies have peed before). I had to wait for cars to pass before I could cross the street, but I did and entered the alley. She was pretty, in her 20's with shoulder length black hair wearing silver leather pants, a gray waist length jacket with shoulder pads, and silver open toe high heels. She went to a dumpster by the back of the building, but stopped beside it on the sidewalk leading up to the back building door and quickly unsnapped the front of her jeans and pushed them and her panties down to mid thigh. She bent over with her legs spread, leaning her back way forward - like a football player lining up on the line about to run a play! She was looking down at the ground, back between her spread legs as I could hear loud splattering on the sidewalk. As I was walking down the alley about to pass where she was, one of the guys in the group was walking towards her, staring at me. I thought he was going to stand guard, but he went to a bush right by her to pee. This ruined my chance of a shot here, which would have been an easy front shot since she was looking down at the ground and never saw me. She peed for about 40 seconds, plenty of time for me to snap her - and what a shot it would have been! But the rest of the group could see this area from outside the alley, about 40 feet away - and since a guy was right behind her, I decided I didn't need the excitement of this risk tonight. I watched from further down in the alley, it was pretty funny. She was bent over like a long-snapper about to hike a football back, her head down by her knees, and she saw the guy behind her peeing in the bush. "Don't look at me!" she said. "You're splashing me!" he replied. "Move back on the grass so your pee doesn't splash me!" She slowly moved back one step at a time about a foot, still staying bent over, until her butt was over the edge of the grass. Her loud splattering stopped as her stream was now hitting the grass. She finally straightened her back up and pulled up her panties and jeans. They walked back out to the others, some of them leaving and these 2 and 2 other ladies walking back into the Valentines' alley block of bars. This was very sexy to see, watching her walking you'd never think she just peed by a building like she did!

2:06 a.m.- Walking by the big 'active' parking lot, a truck was stopped in the alley by the 2 dumpsters (where I snapped the Hispanic lady peeing in August). I could see a man standing facing the wall by the 1st dumpster, he was peeing. But the passenger door of the truck, facing the dumpsters, was also open. I walked through the lot to there, seeing a lady's head as she stood up from peeing between the 2 dumpsters. She had shoulder length black hair, got into the passenger side and closed the door. He came around and got in the driver's side and the truck drove off down the alley, I never got a good look at her. I found both puddles, although a few other people had peed before her in the spot where she went so the entire area was wet.

Saturday: A little colder tonight (around 40 degrees), but the crowd was bigger. Not a lot of people on the streets until closing time for the bars, then people were everywhere.

1:48 a.m.- I entered the alley behind the big 'active' lot, a group of guys had gone in before me. The 3rd car I passed in the row by the alley, I saw a stream running from beside it to the alley. Both front and back driver's side doors were open, I saw black shoes underneath the near (front) door where the stream was originating and the top of a blonde head looking down between the doors. A car was parked next to it so she was well shielded, I stopped a few cars away. About 10 seconds later the lady stands up and pulls up her panties and black pants, a long haired blonde in her late 20's. "OK babe, I'm finished!" she said to 2 men who were standing behind the car in the lot talking. One walked off and the other came over and got in the car with her and they left. Her puddle was much bigger than I thought, considering it was a gentle and quiet piss.

1:52 a.m.- Going through the alley to the next block, I saw a lady in a crowded parking lot across the street leave a car with another lady and go between 2 cars across from them parked by a building. From outside the lot I saw the 1st lady, a 20's blonde in jeans, pull her jeans down and her bare butt squatted by the front of the parked truck by the building wall. I entered the lot and walked by the cars she was between, ready to try for a shot if it was there. But the other lady, short red hair and wearing a short maroon skirt and coat, was squatted in front of her and facing her. She wasn't peeing, but was "squatting guard" for her! She was talking to the peeing blonde as the blonde's stream was running under her feet towards me. I examined this scene to see if the other lady was peeing too, since she had her back to me - but her skirt was not hiked up or panties down. How weird, to be that close to another lady peeing! Amazing that her shoes didn't get wet in the blonde's stream. Stepping off beside the cars, it was confirmed she didn't pee when they both stood up. Her skirt fell back down into place as she didn't pull up or adjust any clothing in her crotch area, while the blonde pulled up her jeans. With this kind of 'intimacy', I suspect these 2 were more than friends. They went back to the car across from there where another lady was waiting, and they drove off. The blonde's puddle was huge, her stream running about 8 feet into the lot with some foamy residue in the puddle. Only women would pee like this!

2:01 a.m.- Back over by the active lot, cars were backed up in the street as lots of people were leaving. Across the street I saw a 20's couple heading into the alley there, the long haired brunette unbuckling the belt of her white jeans heading for a dumpster as the guy followed. She pushed her jeans down and squatted beside it, he stood guard in front of her. She peed about 20 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, it was too dark there to look for her puddle.

2:05 a.m.- Walking by the other end of Valentines' alley, where the cute lady in the white leather pants peed last night, I saw 3 ladies beside a car by the building wall next to it across the alley from last night's pee sighting. I entered the alley and walked down past them, it was 3 dark haired ladies in their 30's. It sounded like they were arguing, but I could see the bare thigh of one fat lady who was sitting on the ground with her pants down. Was she drunk or something? I came back out of the alley, where 2 men and another fat lady were waiting for them. They were Indians, and about a minute later the other ladies came out from beside the car and walked over to the others. The lady who had her pants down, had long black hair and was so fat she was disgusting looking. She was wearing a light blue sweater and black sweat pants, huge hips with skinny ankles and small feet. She thought she was sexy, dancing on the sidewalk and flirting with guys in cars who drove by! Going over to look for a puddle, I found a big one. She did pee, pulled her pants down and sat down on the cold, dirty pavement to do it because she was so fat she probably couldn't even get in a squatting position. Yeech!!

Website update:
I've decided to add a page for sightings stories from others to my site, called 'In My Own Words'. Why not put up my own stories? Everything else on the site is my own work and my stories are already out through this e-mail list and also appear on Cascade's site.
This will add more fun and interactivity to my site, adding content other than the images in my sample album. I continue to get occasional e-mails from guys who want me to include some of their stories in my reports, so here's your chance to have your stories put up on my website for all to see! If you've got a story or 2 you'd like to share, the details are on the main page of my site.

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