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Peeing my new shorts. Debra's bladder is so full of pee.

Well I think I've been very very good, I've had these new pale blue silky nylon shorts for nearly a week now and up until today, I've only looked at them, I decided to save them for today.

I started drinking when I got home at 12.pm midday from town, the weather was cold, wet and windy, but I wore them anyway and I'd I drank two cans of coke and about three cups of tea in an hour and a half and sat at the computer playing scrabble because I still can't figure out how to do it with other people yet.

I had taken a couple of herbal water retention pills and by about 1.30pm, I was feeling the need to go, so I drank two glasses of blackcurrant squash and to my delight the weather started improving. I busied myself with vacuuming the house and cleaning my kitchen and before I knew it, it was about 2.30pm.

I wrote an e-mail and sitting down on the computer chair, it really hit me hard how badly I needed to go, it sent shivers down my spine and caused my toes to tingle!

At 3pm I went across the road for something, I put a skirt on first because I'd have looked daft in shorts on a cold day, but I left them on underneath, oooohhhh hell walking about really played havoc with my bladder, I longed so bad to hold my pee, but of course I couldn't but ooohhh what a feeling!

I continued to drink tea throughout the afternoon and early evening and continued getting more and more desperate, but having to hide it until 6pm when I was to be alone. I had another cup of tea and took my skirt off so I was wearing only those silky nylon shorts and absolutely bursting to pee. I gave myself a hold, ooohh did it feel good!

By 6.30pm I was having to rub myself quite a lot and it felt soooo incredibly good, I alternated between sitting down and standing up, holding my pee and rubbing my pussy the whole time, I was feeling very hot, my heart was beating rapidly and my mouth was dry from where I'd been unconsciously breathing rapidly, my whole body felt very tingly and my bladder felt like it would explode at any minute.

I rubbed at my wet pussy through that nylon material and by 7pm I was frantic with desperation to pee, pacing up and down wasn't helping very much, standing cross legged wasn't either and as for sitting down? no way! I was sooooo aroused I was sweating and shivering at the same time, rubbing and holding, pacing and standing cross legged all at the same time, by 8pm I new I'd have to do something about it right then as I was ALMOST having an orgasm right there! So I went into the back yard, it was cold but fortunately it was dry!!! The sudden cold air was too much and despite frantically holding with both hands, my pee started dripping through my fingers, it only took one more rub and my whole body was stunned into orbit, my head began spinning and the tingle became a bolt of electricity starting from my bladder and spreading throughout my entire body, oh wow!

When I had recovered enough to figure out where I was I found I was sitting on the cold concrete floor and before I had a chance to even try and stop it, a huge puddle of my pee began forming around my bottom, growing increasingly bigger by the second, lovely and warm against the cold ground. After about a minute I was sitting in a huge puddle and feeling light headed with both pleasure and bladder relief, I must've sat there for at least another full minute before I got up and stared at the river of piss I had just made and the wonderful wet patch on the new shorts oooohhhhh, it was amazing and now here I sit in soaking wet shorts writing this to you! Love from Debra xx

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