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Debra held her bursting bladder on the
bus going to her friend's house

This is bladder bursting fantasy, but I do have a cousin in the US.

Last summer I was visiting my cousin in America and I had gone out alone for the day to look around some museum, I had been drinking a few sodas because over in England we don't have sodas, well not like they do there anyway, I'd also been eating ice creams too, so by the time I was ready to leave I really needed to go to the bathroom pretty badly, but the place was closing and I wasn't able to find the bathrooms, so I thought I'd wait until I got to the bus station which was about half a mile away.

BUT, I guess I must've under estimated my need because I was finding my desperation increasing with every painful step I took, I could feel my bladder straining as I fought to keep control, I thought I'd never get to that bus park! Several times I found myself needing to suddenly stop and cross my legs or (even worse) need to frantically hold myself in publiic for a second or two until the urges died down enough to continue, it wasn't easy and because of my needing to take baby steps a lot of the time and having to keep on stopping, it took me a lot longer to get to the bus park than I had allowed, oh I was so pleased to see the entrance sign to the bus station, so pleased in fact that I automatically relaxed . . . this was a big mistake as an almost uncontrollable urge hit me and it took every bit of effort to keep my bladder under control, I was almost wetting myself! I was looking very smart in my short black dress with a nice white top and underneath I was wearing a skimpy pair of black nylon panties, I really didn't want to show myself up by wetting in public!

I felt every painful bump in that road, my muscles were working overtime to hold on

When I got to the bus station, I was so glad to see the sign ahead to the Ladies' bathrooms, but before I had a chance to cross over to the far side of the bus park where they were, I saw my bus was already leaving, so I instinctively flagged it down because I knew there wasn't another one for two hours, I got on board and sat down and through the window, I could see the sign ahead to the bus station Ladies' bathrooms, oh how I wish I'd had a chance to cross over to the far side of the bus park where they were and pee, but what could I do? I saw my bus was already leaving, so, in what seemed seconds, I'd paid my fare and I was sitting down before I realised what I had done - oh no! my bladder! It was at least an hour's journey and I was absolutely bursting for a pee. Sitting down had eased it a little, but I was soooo desperate to pee it didn't make a lot of difference really, I felt every painful bump in that road, my muscles were working overtime to hold on. The seats were the old fashioned plastic type and they wouldn't have absorbed a single drop of my pee and the bus was over three quarters full, there were a lot of other passengers, so I KNEW I just had to hold on whatever it took.

Actually, I was feeling very sexually aroused having the feeling of a bursting bladder again, you know how I like it, but I dearly wished I was in a more private situation, or I could've let a bit out? I really was beginning to seriously doubt whether I'd make it through that bus ride, it was a combination of arousing ecstasy and desperate agony every block of the way. I was so relieved when finally my stop came into view, but getting off the bus was a real struggle, I know I must've looked drunk the way I staggered down the isle and practically fell of the bus, but really it was the only way I could keep my bladder under control. By now, the spasms were coming with vengeance and even I was surprised at how I was managing to hold on, but 'hold on' I had to, so as I walked the few blocks to my cousin's housej, cursing him under my breath for not actually living on top of the bus stop and cursing the bus driver for somehow not suddenly taking it into his head to take an unexpected detour and actually dropping me off right outside a public restroom, (even though I hadn't actually mentioned my desperate situation to the poor driver). I was blaming everyone for my desperate predicament!

I was frantically having to hold myself now because I knew that if I relaxed, even for a second, I would uncontrollably publically wet myself and I was not gonna do such a thing in one of the busiest towns in America!

oh how I badly wanted and needed to pee! Oh I could hardly wait!

When I got to my cousin's house there were a couple of builders working on his roof, he'd previously tried to fix it himself but hadn't done a proper job of it, so he'd had to call in the experts in the end, but I didn't care, I knew that in a few minutes I'd be safely inside and able to pee, oh how I badly wanted and needed to pee! Oh I could hardly wait!
So with every ounce of remaining bladder strength and will power I could muster, I went up to the front door, I could picture the bathroom clearly in my mind, I could picture that wonderful white, shiny toilet just waiting for me - ooohh how I longed to be inside so I could just pee! I banged and hammered on the door, but all I could hear inside was silence, I knew he was out because the dogs weren't barking their heads off, 'no no no, this isn't happening!' my mind screamed, just then one of the builders called down, "If you're looking for the owner, he left about 10 minutes ago with his fishing gear," one of them called down to me.

Words can't explain the despair I felt, I knew where he'd gone, he'd gone to a river 10 minutes away from the house, I could barely hold on for 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes!! ooooohhhh no no, I had no choice but to get to the river, but walking back up the path just proved too much for my aching bursting bladder and despite every frantic attempt to control it, I felt a warm, wet spurt escape and run down my leg! Both hands now clutched frantically at my crutch and my crossed legs did very little to stem my gushing flow of hot pee, I could feel it escaping from me and running down my legs, splattering the path, there was nothing I could do, nothing at all!
I stood there and totally and uncontrollably soaked myself, I was aware of the sudden silence from the builders and shamefully looked up to see them watching me, I swear I could see desire in the older one's eyes, but I didn't stay around too long, I took one look at the huge puddle that I'd left on the path, then I ran down to the river to join my cousin fishing, I didn't need to tell him what I'd done, we're close and he knew anyway.

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