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Holding her pee at the Dentist,
poor Debra can't hold her pee anymore

I want to tell you about something that happened around Christmas time, actually, it was just before Christmas. I had a dentist's appointment and the surgery was about a 30 minute walk, I like walking so it didn't bother me. I wore my faded blue jeans and a blue top.

I'd had bacon for breakfast which was salty, so I had quite a few mugs of tea to drink, but I didn't need to visit the bathroom before I left, BUT . . . almost as soon as I did leave home, a combination of the cold, my nerves about visiting the dentist and the 4 mugs of tea I drank all caught up with me at once and I badly needed to go, but there are no toilets on route, (I knew this but I thought I could go while in the dentist's), I must admit, it was very difficult to walk properly, I was needing to go very badly, it kinda came on very suddenly, it almost seemed that as soon as I left the house and started walking, those 4 mugs of tea went directly to my bladder - FAST!

I was finding it very difficult to walk, I was really bursting to pee and I didn't know how long I could wait as it was getting worse by the minute! Standing at the crossing waiting for the lights to change I almost lost it, but I quickly held myself which thankfully eased the urgency for a few seconds, I almost ran into the dentist's and headed straight for the toilets but to my horror, there was a sign saying they were out of order (something to do with a burst or frozen pipe or something) DAMN!
I was really, really desperate to go.
I checked in, the receptionist mistook my obvious anxiety and nervousness for being scared of the dentist because she said something reassuring to me, but at that moment I'd have gladly seen a hundred dentists in return for a very much needed toilet, the urgency was overwhelming!

I just stood there with wee pouring out of me and streaming down my legs

It was my turn next and again my anxiety must've been so obvious because a couple of people in the waiting room tried to ease my fears about being there, (which I wasn't scared of at all) it was only a check up, but at that moment if someone had offered me a toilet in return for having all my teeth out I think I would've gladly accepted it!
But I went in and sat on that chair kaboosh thing in there, even the dentist picked up on my anxiety ha! Anyway, he started looking at my teeth etc and to my horror I felt a spurt in my pants, not a lot but still more than I'd have liked, I knew I was on the verge of soaking myself and prayed he'd hurry up, every muscle in my body was very tensed up . . . . then another spurt this time a bit longer, but still I desperately held on, finally he finished and I left very abruptly, I didn't say goodbye or thankyou I just got off the chair and not looking to see if the chair was wet or not, I just walked out the door, well 'walked' wasn't the right word actually, maybe 'casually strolled' - then I felt a much bigger spurtof pee, this one needed a hell-of-a-lot-of-trouble controlling, I got outside the dentist's into the car park and that was it, the cold air triggered the last ounce of my strength to fail and I just stood there with wee pouring out of me and streaming down my legs and making a huge puddle at my feet!

I felt so embarrassed, but ohhhhh soooo relieved, boy did it feel good! It was then that I noticed a few people staring at me and a car went by and bibbed his horn at me, I didn't want to walk home soaking wet because it would've got very cold so I called a taxi cab on my mobile. I buttoned up my coat so he and any other passers by wouldn't see my soaked jeans, obviously I didn't stand in the puddle but I couldn't move far from it.

When the taxi cab came the driver noticed the puddle and remarked that he thought it looked like someone had had an accident there and he added that it's the second time this week.
I just said, "Oh yeah, it does doesn't it." I really hope you enjoyed reading this, it's a very true account. Love, Debra.

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