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Victoria Super Pisser

A desperate piss between two buildings, emergency peeing!

My desperate piss, I had to go really badly, I was bursting, my bladder was so full. It's so difficult peeing in London, you just can't pee anywhere!

I looked around but I couldn't see a sign anywhere for the toilets so I just had to wait

This happened a couple of years ago in London, when I was going to a memorial service in St. James' church. It was July, but it wasn't all that warm. Anyway, I was wearing a mid-length black skirt and top.

I got off the coach at Victoria station and I needed a pee, but I couldn't find anywhere to go, so I thought I'd be able to go once I got to St. James'. I'm not all that familiar with London, but I hoped I'd pass at least one public toilet on the way there. I didn't need to go too badly at this point, but if there were any loos, I didn't find them. I got inside the church and sat and waited for the memorial to begin which it soon did, I could feel my need to pee slowly growing but I thought I'd be OK.

I was alright while we were sitting down, but when we had to stand up to sing, that's when I realised I was pretty desperate.

I looked around but I couldn't see a sign anywhere for the toilets so I just had to wait, by the time the service had ended I really was bursting to pee very badly, I was desperate, but there just wasn't anywhere.

There were a lot of people present whom I hadn't seen for a very long time and I had to say hello and catch up etc and I offered a few words to the family of Tammy Wynette who had come over for her memorial, it was difficult to act and stand normally while I was desperately trying not to wet myself but somehow I did, the only visible signs I gave out were a bit of leg crossing and fidgeting which could've been put down to nerves.

It was decided that I would be given a lift to the get together afterwards, that was the last thing I really wanted, but I didn't have a lot of choice really it was silly to turn down a lift and walk 2 miles and be late, but I couldn't admit to be absolutely desperate for a pee, which by now I really was!

So I get in their car hoping and praying I could hold it until I got there, but when we arrived, I found to my horror that there were no working toilets (something to do with a late booking of the premises or something) I almost cried!

I noticed one or two other people a bit annoyed about that too, but I doubt if they could've been even half as desperate to pee like I was, god I was really, really bursting.

After about half an hour, I decided I'd better leave because I knew that if I'd stayed there any longer, everyone would see me wet myself because it was difficult to walk, it was difficult to sit down and it was difficult to be still!

I hurriedly said my goodbyes saying I needed to catch the coach and that seemed to be accepted and so I left. Oooohhh how I badly needed to go! As I said, I don't know London very well at all and I just didn't know where to look, to find somewhere to go.

As I walked down the street I began to leak, first small leaks then a big one and I felt the pee running down my crossed legs, I HAD to publicly hold myself!

I kept thinking, if only I could make it to the darn coach station, but that wasn't meant to be. I just could not hold on, I could not stop the leaks and after one especially big spasm, I could feel my hand getting very wet and I realised my bladder was giving out on me! My emergency plan was to dart between two buildings which made me and my predicament fairly secluded (but not very) and I just stood there and let it pour out of me, I've never been so relieved in my whole life! I don't think anyone saw me but I can't be sure, this is a true account.

Wet Debra!

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