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Pee Desperation Story. A Boat Panties Wetting Story!!

Let me tell you this whole panties wetting experience, line by line!

It was the summer of 1991, I was a friend of Peter who was a pretty good looking guy in his mid 30s and his widowed father Ken. I often spent days at their house studying or working with them, or simply just spending time with them. Ken had another son, Graham and he lived about 60 miles from our hometown with his wife Kathy. Living that far away meant they didn't visit very often, but when they did they would stay for a couple of days.

Now Kathy and I didn't like each other at all, but for everyone's sakes we pretended to get along and although I'm not in touch with either of them now, I don't think anyone really knew how much we really disliked each other.
One particular Saturday morning, realising that I was going to be on my own, I decided to have some private desperation wetting fun, so I drank as much as I could of tea and water etc and knowing it would take about an hour to take effect, I decided I would call in on Ken and Peter just for an hour or so, then leave when things got interesting for me. I was wearing a short denim dress and pale silky blue panties.

Ken drove us to the Harbour to his boat, we all got on

When I got there, I found that Graham and Kathy had come down for the weekend and during the conversation, Ken suggested he'd take us all out on his boat for a few hours. Normally I'd have decided against it, (Ken and Peter were certainly not aroused by desperation and wetting) but knowing Kathy didn't really want me to come with them, I readily agreed, (a big mistake I know, on top of how much I'd had to drink). Anyway we got ready and Ken drove us to the Harbour to his boat, we all got on. I'll describe the boat: It was about 30 foot long and ran on an engine, it had a small room in the front if the weather gets rough, but most of the room was in the open seats at the rear and to my horror, there was no toilet on board! As I expected, about half an hour into the trip I began to feel the need to go, but it wasn't that bad and I was able to ignore it and enjoy myself, but the thought did occur to me that my lovely desperation and wetting plan might be out the window! The weather was warm, Graham had brought his guitar along and we were messing around etc., but about 15 minutes later, the pressure in my bladder began to really make itself known and I found myself shifting uncomfortably in my seat and I seemed to go from needing to pee badly, to needing to PEE VERY DESPERATELY within a matter of minutes, maybe because we were surrounded by the sea? I don't know, I just knew I was in trouble here.

every second felt like hours as I struggled to hold on

 I thought walking around might help a bit ('cos sitting there sure wasn't) so I got up from my seat and started to walk over to Ken who was steering the boat, but as I stood up, a strong wave of desperation came over me which almost took my breath away! I immediately sat down again, but it seemed I had disturbed my bladder because now it felt 10 times worse! It was throbbing for release, there simply was no way out, I could either be wetting myself in front of Ken, Graham and Kathy, or I could try and hold on. I preferred the latter option, although I did wonder how long it would be an option for, it felt like my bladder was on fire. I sat as still as I could with all my muscles clenched tightly together praying for a sudden rainstorm on this bright cloudless day, or praying for our boat to be suddenly tipped over, even though the sea was as calm as a millpond, but my mind was desperate for any answer that would relieve me from this nightmare situation I was in, every second felt like hours as I struggled to hold on, hardly daring to breathe and certainly unable to talk.
Kathy asked if I was ok, "yes" I mumbled "just cold." It must've been another 30 minutes before Ken turned the boat around and we started heading back, I calculated it would take about one hour, I thought I could maybe make it if I sat very still and kept my muscles tightly clenched and the pressure didn't increase, but I knew my bladder had reached its absolute desperation limit and that I was on borrowed time, it was sheer luck that was keeping me from wetting myself.

By the time the Harbour came into view, I was shivering with the effort of holding on and my breathing was shallow and I was almost in tears, Peter put that anchor thing over the side and jumped onto the side to tie the rope and one by one we got off . . . this was it, so taking a deep breath, I stood up as carefully as I could and started to step off the boat, but moving had caused my control to slip and as I stepped onto the pathway, I felt a long spurt of hot pee uncontrollably escape and run down my leg, no-one appeared to have noticed, but when it happened again seconds later, I had to frantically clamp my hands at myself to stop it and all three of them stared at me. For a moment I couldn't move, but as my control began to return, I ran to a nearby group of trees and without pulling my panties down I stood and opened my legs and at that moment I wouldn't have swapped the sheer relief I felt for a million pounds!

I instantly started peeing, I peed and peed and peed! Oh the relief!
They still said nothing, but politely dropped me off directly at my house where I had the biggest mind blowing orgasm I had ever had before! Love, Debra xx

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