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Colchester, my river of piss. Urgent pee in the park toilets.

I decided to go on a bus to Colchester for the day, its about an hour's ride from where I was staying.
I packed a spare skirt and pair of panties into my bag and prepared myself for a wonderful day, I nipped over the road and bought a 3 liter bottle of low cal orangeade and within half an hour, I'd drunk the lot, plus I'd also had my usual half a dozen mugs of tea that morning. It was 9.45am and I hadn't been to the bathroom since about 8pm the night before, but my bladder was OK.
I left the house and walked around the corner to the bus stop, I began to feel the first twinges in my bladder - good, I thought to myself. I was wearing a white loose fitting skirt and only a short jacket. By the time the bus arrived 20 minutes later I needed to pee for sure, but not badly and during the bus ride, my need seemed to increase rather rapidly and I found myself fidgeting rather a lot.
I was surprised at the speed I was filling up, it usually takes a lot longer than that, but only halfway into the journey I realised I needed to pee badly, but I had to just sit there and hold it, the bumpy ride didn't help the comfort of my bladder much either.
By the time the bus pulled into Colchester bus station I really was bursting to pee pretty badly, but I walked straight past the toilets and headed for the shops! I miss Colchester since living there, it was 2 years since I last visited, it was a town I'd been visiting for about as long as I can remember and it was lovely to see all the old shops again.
For a little while I was almost able to ignore the strong spasms my bladder was giving out, but it really was getting urgent and although I was really enjoying the arousing feelings, I didn't want a public accident in a crowded town centre, so I made a mental note of exactly where the toilets were.
I was in one shop buying some stationary when a particularly strong wave hit me unexpectedly causing me to instinctively jam my hand between my legs. I held it there for a few seconds until I felt in control again and continued standing in the queue with my legs crossed and feeling a bit worried.
As I left the shop another, much stronger wave hit me and this time I almost couldn't hold it. Right, I thought, I'll go into the park now where the nearest toilets are. Colchester park is a very big place and there are, to my knowledge, two sets of toilets in there, so with great difficultly I might add, (because it included crossing a particularly bad road) I got to the park and by now, the only thing I could think of and the only thing I could feel was the intense desperation to pee, it was sending tingles right through my body and making my toes curl!
I got through the park gates and I guess there must be something that makes one unconsciously relax when they are almost at a toilet, because the second I got through the gates my bladder almost won it's battle, a rather large spurt escaped and ran down my legs! Frantically I clamped it with my hands and held on furiously and tightly.
I rounded the corner and I got the shock of my life! Where the toilet block had ALWAYS stood for the last 20 years now stood nothing, nothing at all!!
Damn damn damn, (although I used slightly stronger language than that) I'd only been gone two years and those damn toilets have been there for over 20, I must've stood there in shock and disbelief for about 10 painful seconds before I realised I'd have to get to the toilets over to the other side of the park, which I doubted I could do.
Again another spurt of hot pee escaped, soaking my tightly held hands and dripping down my leg. With every ounce of strength, concentration and determination that I could muster, I steeled myself to walk across the park to where I desperately hoped the other set of toilets still stood and boy I'm telling you, it was difficult, I was clutching at myself like my whole life depended on it, almost bent double, terrified to even relax my muscles slightly for even a fraction of a second. Everyone was staring at me now, but I didn't care, they would have stared more if I'd wet my panties I figured!
Just when I felt it couldn't get any worse it did, but again I fought it. Pee constantly escaped through my fingers and ran down my legs, but I was determined and I constantly fought it back, finally at last I got to the toilets and almost cried with relief as I neared the open door.
Once in the cubical privacy I faced another dilemma, I couldn't take my hand away and pull my panties down, no way, to do so would cause an instant flood, but I couldn't bear it for one more second so I whipped my wet hands away, lifted up my skirt, opened my legs, and relaxed whhoooosssshhhh!!!! What a feeling, what sweet relief!!
Afterwards I stood there enjoying the relief and gazing in excitement and the river of pee that I'd just made. I stood right there and rubbed myself to sweet orgasm through my soaked panties. Debra x

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