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Poor Victoria, her full bladder seriously locks up, full story with free pee recordings!

Wine is so good for making me pee, I was so looking forward to an afternoon of holding it, I love holding my pee

Everybody has had a situation when they've held their pee for so long it's painful and their bladder is visibly bulging, all swollen and painful to the touch -yes? It's the point where it's no longer fun or sexy, it turns into a vision of their bladder actually bursting because they've never gone that far?
Well, that happened to me a few days ago at the weekend.
I have a group of friends that my regular boyfriend & I get together with when we have some time and last Sunday we did just that. It was cold outside, but warm in the house, we had nothing planned, just some drinks and some catching up, it was very ad-lib.

By the way, nobody knows my love of peeing, my boyfriend knows that I enjoy a full bladder fuck and he comments sometimes on my length of pee when we're in the bathroom together, but that's it, he doesn't show any interest and I'm happy with that. I keep these pages private, but I know there's lots of others who share my interest, so I share it and I stay completely anon.
Normally my drinking usually starts late afternoon/early evening, it's when I meet my clients because I fall asleep if I get tipsy in the afternoon. Well, unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to me!
As you may realise, my phone (my recording device!) is always with me in the back pocket of my jeans, it's not unusual, it's normal, I'm never without it.

I was solid with pee, my hard bladder was bulging out!

I love good wine and the people that I mix with are fairly well to do, they have good jobs like me and these guys have their own cellar, so there was no shortage of drinks and so, before I knew it, my second glass was empty! Wine is so good for making me pee, I was so looking forward to an afternoon of holding it, I love holding my pee and I love peeing it out too. As soon as I've peed I can't wait to fill my bladder back up and feel it bulging again, so it suited me to have an endless supply of good wine - cheeky I know, but everyone else was going for it. I drank for an hour and I was sitting, so I didn't realise just how much pee I was holding until I stood up, I was solid with pee, my bladder was bulging out, all hard. What a lightweight! I had to go and pee it out after only 2 hours! The downstairs loo was right down the hallway near the front door, nobody could hear me, bliss! I did a semi silent 1m,57 secs steady trickle, my pee smelled sweet, it smelled lovely, I bet if you tasted it, it would've tasted like wine!

I did every last drop of pee so my bladder would be prepared for a good hold the next time as the wine was taking effect and I was feeling quite woozy. The boys had taken off to the pool room and so us 4 girls were talking shop (we work for the same company) listening to music, fooling around dancing copying the music channel and I was downing my wine like it was water - we'd only been at the house for 3 hours. In my head I was doing bladder calculations and pee flow quantity, thinking 1,57 at a steady flow would be about 2 pints or just over a litre and so I was quite happy with that - peeing a litre is easy for me.
But, I'd had 5 big bulging goldfish bowl glasses of 11% wine and we were all getting quite peeed, my girlfriends were using the loo a lot and I'd only been once, but I needed to go again quite badly as I'd foolishly broken the seal.

It was getting on for 5 o'clock and us girls were going to start a game of Monopoly, but I felt very woozy as I'd had a late night previously, so I opted out, besides I was far too comfy and warm on the lovely soft leather sofa. I kicked off my shoes and laid across it, this was to help my bladder expand (and at the same time, disguise the bulging) and so I could see the girl's playing their game and cheer them on - well, that was the plan, but guess what? As soon as I laid down I felt my eyes closing and I thought: I must pee in case I fall asleep (despite the noise my friends and the TV were making) and I was going to try for over 2 minutes because 1,57 was annoying me! I then thought, I'll go to the loo when my friend comes out - and that's the last thing I remember!
Incidentally, I've never wet my pants, I've never wet my bed, I have an exceedingly good pelvic floor, so when I'm in an unconcious state, I am confident my bladder will cope, it's never let me down.
But do remember, I never got to pee before falling asleep and I had at least 2 goldfish bowl glasses of vino inside me which was filtering through me on top of an already full bladder!

I thought my bladder was going to literally burst if I tried to stand

I kept twitching my bladder muscle while I was peeing to encourage it to keep goingThe next thing I remember was my boyfriend rousing me saying it was 7 o'clock and time to split, we were all going for a meal together. I was still in a trance, a stupor, I was a shit-faced mess! but I hasten to add that I wasn't the only one.
After about a minute of trying to come around and realise where I was, I was aware of this massive bulge in my tummy, then I remembered! I can honestly say that I have never, ever had my bladder so full and bulging. Normally, a comfortable and enjoyable hold comes up to my navel, I always feel my bladder sneakily to check it's progress, but this one, it was ridiculous, it was way up into my abdomen and nearly touching my ribs, it was enormous, it was a very, very scary feeling, I thought I was going to literally burst if I tried to stand - or even move! I was worried, I was peeed, I was incapacitated and I thought I was in need of a hospital to drain my dreadfully distended bladder. My back was killing me, the pressure on my kidneys I felt was almost life threatening. But somehow I had to get to that bathroom and just let it go. I asked someone to help me up and help me to the bathroom, I think I still had my eyes closed as I was still half asleep. I felt for my phone, I needed it, it was there.

I didn't want to have a sexy pee, I just wanted to get rid, I was worried that I might even die!
I very carefully actually lifted my jeans down over my huge bulging bladder, it felt really heavy and it was absolutely solid with pee, my entire lower abdomen was in pain, I was worried and I was proud, I wanted to show it off - all sorts, so I took a picture, a bladder selfie! Just look at it! I held on to the towel rail in the bathroom to steady me, my jeans and pants were down and I (very uncomfortably) sat on the loo seat and anxiously, I released my bladder muscle, it felt so good just to do that, but that's all that happened, not a sign of any pee, I turned on my phone as I nearly forgot I was going to record. I know sometimes I have to wait for the pee to come, but this time it was locked up, I was starting to cry, I felt so alone and I could almost hear my friends talking and the music channel was still on, so life outside the bathroom was normal! I was starting to wake up and to realise fully my situation. I needed to go to A&E!

I dare not touch my bulging, distended bladder, it felt paper thin it was so stretched, so I tried my sphincter, twitching it to stop and start an imaginary pee, it's an old trick I use, it sends the pee down the urethra in little spurts. I had my phone ready to record and finally, at last, I heard a few drops come out, so I kept twitching, it was working! I was so glad I'd found the key for my locked up bladder! I persisted as you will hear. Oh those first few drops were so good to hear, I was so worried that I'd done myself a permanent injury. I just sat there and let it come out as it wanted, not pushing or squeezing as I was frightened and my abdomen was so swollen and numb and so, so painful. I peed slowly for about 40 seconds and playing this back, I can hear that I actually did give it a little push, but it hurt me and after I did it, the pee fizzled out.

I felt some more pee was ready to come, I was so thankful

I'd been in the loo for about 5 minutes and I'd woken up completely, I still sat there doing the old 'stubborn bulging bladder' trick, the stop start method and after a couple of minutes I felt as if something was coming down the tube, so I switched my phone back on record and waited - I got another 30 seconds worth out, you'll hear that I stifled a yawn at the beginning of that recording! I kept twitching my bladder muscle while I was peeing to encourage it to keep going, but it didn't happen. While I was waiting to pee, one of my girl friends knocked on the bathroom door asking if I was alright, I just said that I'd got the squits! I didn't know what else to say!

After I heard her footsteps disappear I tried again to get some more pee out of me, I felt as if I'd done nothing to ease the discomfort and pain, it was hurting so bad, thing is, I badly wanted a drink! No Victoria, no! Then I felt some more pee was ready to come, I was so thankful, I turned on my phone right on cue and out came a thin stream - I was watching all the action, I love seeing my pee stream leave my body. I peed for about a minute this time, not being able to resist giving the flow a little push (about 20 seconds in). Slowly but surely my bladder was reducing in size and the pain was becoming less, but it was still hard to the touch, so my ordeal was far from over. I was disappointed when it faded out again, I was desperately trying to keep the pee flow going.

I felt around my bladder's bulging edges, it was down to my navel, my normal check point, so I was thinking that next time I start peeing it will be the last, I'm gonna 'go' for it! My friend came down to the bathroom door again and said she was making coffee, oooo, lovely! So, Victoria has a reward at the end of all this painful peeing saga. All I've got to do is pee like hell on the next wave. I soon felt it was coming again, I had a plan for my pee to start flowing, then about 20 seconds in (again) I'd try a gush or two. The first gush hurt to do but it got rid of a lot of pee and on the second gush, I managed to keep that gush going for about a half a minute, again, I got rid of masses of pee, I was feeling good and very confident, so I took a deep breath and pushed really hard for one more gush and I saw a huge powerful thick jet of silver wine leave me, it was spraying little twinkly starlets onto the toilet bowl, it was so good to watch.

That gorgeous portion of my huge pee lasted 1,45 secs and so I decided I'd leave whatever pee was left to do later. I'd done over three minutes of pee in 4 lots, my bladder had reduced in size and I could cope with the dregs until later, after all, I'd done (I guess) about 2 litres of pee (about a half a gallon!) and now I was 'half-full happy' and sooooo relieved, all my painful, patient peeing had sobered me up. Now I was so ready to re-join my friends and have my coffee!

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LOTS OF FREE PEE! (48 out-takes lasting 46 minutes)

Hi, it's me! I'm having a clear out of my failures - my inability to pee properly!!
My phone has loads of my peeing on it, peeing that for one reason or another doesn't make the grade, I'm quite hard on myself, I like quality.
There's a whole load of this 'junk' - and I don't want to thrown them all away. For example: ones that are too quiet, (Cascade will put all these in a zip file for me/us) there's my peeing that's too short where I thought that I'd got a load!
The microphone on my phone is very sensitive and it picks up my tummy gurgling (I hate that). Also, in my early days there was distortion where I held the microphone too close to my vagina. Oh yeah and when I record my pee at home, like an idiot I sometimes leave my bathroom window open, such a stupid girl I am - so there's traffic noises over a classic bit of peeing! Doh!
There's also an attack of the squits (which was totally unexpected). I get very disappointed when my bladder and I don't make the spec we're aiming for, like if I'm so looking forward to doing a power pee and I haven't been drinking the right stuff and my bladder won't cooperate, I can't power for toffee. Also when my pee won't hiss, why? and when I run out of pee just a few seconds short of my goal dammit.
Also my experiments which are too numerous to mention, but if you've read my pages and you've bought my stuff, you'll know what I mean. But my pee stream has a mind of its own, my biggest problem is when I power up for a gush and it just turns into a spray like a watering can and goes simply everywhere!
So there you are my faithful pee fans, you'll get this free pee set when you buy anything from my site, I think it's sensible to give things to those who appreciate my 'work' than throw it away and it's gone forever, don't you? If you've been one of my happy wanky customers and you want to recieve one, write to me, I will acknowledge you xx V

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