New peeing mp3 sound file from Victoria. The soothing sound of water, my natural pee flow will send you to sleep! My new female peeing sound file is, my NATURAL PEE FLOW (V12) as featured and described below.

Being serious now: if you have difficulty in dropping off to sleep, or trouble sleeping and you love the sound of water, then you could use the sound of a woman doing a soft pee, this is a sexy alternative to counting sheep! Honestly, the sound of my soft, calming, sexy peeing will lull you into a beautiful deep sleep. It's hydro hypno therapee!
When I say a 'natural pee stream' I mean without any effort or interference by me by pushing or squeezing etc. I love watching this one, watching the pee come out, the anticipation for the next gush or trickle is a killer and the feeling of my bladder contracting, going into auto emptying mode!

I just sit and enjoy watching mother nature's natural piss stream flow from my body

See how the pressure builds up all on its own without me forcing, I love how my bladder pushes out my peeMy plan is to drink loads of water so my bladder fills really full, really quickly. I fill up right to the brim, just to the point where my bladder starts to bulge a bit (I can't resist a lovely feel) and then I sit on the loo, put my phone nice and near my vagina so you can hear every drop of my piss, then I press record and I release my bladder muscle - that's all I have to do, then I just sit and enjoy watching mother nature's natural piss stream flow from my body as my bladder empties on it's own.
You can see by my little diagram that my bladder pushes from all directions on it's own. When I pee normally I squeeze it out because I like doing that, but this way is left to my brain (yes, I've got one) and my sphincter with no interference from me at all, even the drips at the end are left to drip on their own.
Sometimes there's so much pressure it comes shooting out at the beginning, (probably to get rid of the first build up?), then my naturally flowing piss stream either slows down or stops, then I can feel it contracting again and I suppose re-sizing itself and making it tight again? It's a great feeling and I honestly don't know what's going to happen next, I'm not controlling it at all and I'm virtually on the edge of my (toilet) seat watching for some more lovely pee to come.

Interesting fact: I didn't know my pee would hiss on it's own, but it does, the hissing sounds are so soft n' sexy, sleepy even, it's like someone putting their finger to their lips in a gesture to be quiet. This is why I suggested that this download could be considered 'water music' to be used as a sleep aid for lovers of women's peeing sounds? Imagine drifting off to sleep listening to my pissing! Such a bliss, Victoria's piss.
There's not a single one of these natural pee streams that I haven't watched come out, they've been the easiest to do and the most fascinating to hear and to watch, I really love it looking at the pee dripping and glistening. You can get this natural flow piss download for 3GBP and it's over 30 minutes long, one after the other, each pee is separated by my spoken "aaahh".

There's a PayPal button below where you can pay with your debit or credit card, billed to Cascade. My Natural Pee Stream download is 32 minutes long and is in mp3 format, you can hear a little 'taster' below. I'm sure you'll enjoy the pissy pleasure that my peeing sounds give you and you can also imagine me watching it come out with you! Love n' best pisses, V x

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