The sound of Victoria's urination available by download, listen to her pee!

Beautiful long & erotic urination sounds by a beautiful sexy girl.

Victoria lives in the UK, she's 31, tall, slim with long dark hair and you would definitely say that she's a very pretty girl! Her charm and personality is addictive, her smile is priceless.
She is in a very responsible job and that involves meeting (mostly) male clients either late afternoon or early evening. Victoria has a secret though, she adores weeing, she loves filling her lovely big bladder and making herself wait . . . . and wait . . . . until she just can't stand the pain and has to go and urinate and that's where her fun starts!

she loves to fill her bladder until she can't bear it any more

Her clients nearly always take to her, they find her charming, fun and good company, so naturally they buy her drinks and meals etc. But, what the clients don't know is that she loves to fill her bladder until she can't bear it any more and only then she will go to the Ladies' and she'll wee an absolute torrent, a deluge of hot wee, or she'll tease herself with a stop-start urination, Victoria is bursting to let it all go, but stopping & starting to improve her pelvic floor and her bladder holding power. She always records her weeing on her phone so, if she's pleased with the recording, she can upload these weeing classics and share them with you!

her urine is so sexy, it's so erotic & horny to listen to

Victoria urinates in different styles, mainly for her own personal peeing fun, she really enjoys her long weeing and that's why it's so sexy and so horny to listen to, she urinates with such professional, sexy, erotic skill.

She's always coming up with new ideas to satisfy her weeing curiosity, she's so cute!
She's so good at producing the girlie vaginal hiss, you know, that sexy female sound when they give a little push when urinating, when they're peeing a stream? It's a very erotic, sexy female sound - it's almost her trademark!
She loves urinating with power, (or power peeing), she loves to watch her urine rushing out of her body in a thick heavy stream, especially if she's in the bathroom standing over the bowl weeing, watching her powerful stream of urine frothing in the toilet water.

My Home

LOTS OF FREE WEE! (48 out-takes lasting 46 minutes)

Hi, it's me! I'm having a clear out of my failures - my inability to wee properly!! My phone has loads of my weeing sounds on it, weeing that for one reason or another doesn't make the grade, I'm quite hard on myself, I like quality. There's a whole load of this 'junk' - and I don't want to thrown them all away. For example: ones that are too quiet, (Cascade will put all these in a zip file for me/us) there's my weeing that's too short where I thought that I'd got a load! The microphone on my phone is very sensitive and it picks up my tummy gurgling (I hate that). Also, in my early days there was distortion where I held the microphone too close to my vagina. Oh yeah and when I record my wee at home, like an idiot I sometimes leave my bathroom window open, such a stupid girl I am - so there's traffic noises over a classic bit of weeing! Doh! There's also an attack of the squits (which was totally unexpected). I get very disappointed when my bladder and I don't make the spec we're aiming for, like if I'm so looking forward to doing a power wee and I haven't been drinking the right stuff and my bladder won't cooperate, I can't power for toffee. Also when my wee won't hiss, why? and when I run out of wee just a few seconds short of my goal dammit. Also my experiments which are too numerous to mention, but if you've read my pages and you've bought my stuff, you'll know what I mean. But my wee stream has a mind of its own, my biggest problem is when I power up for a gush and it just turns into a spray like a watering can and goes simply everywhere! So there you are my faithful wee fans, you'll get this free wee set when you buy anything from my site, I think it's sensible to give things to those who appreciate my 'work' than throw it away and it's gone forever, don't you? If you've been one of my happy wanky customers and you want to recieve one, write to me, I will acknowledge you xx V

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